Based in southern France (midway between the two French A Rocha centres) Chris works part-time helping to coordinate our joint Science and Conservation projects in the Mediterranean region. These currently involve A Rocha France, A Rocha Lebanon and A Rocha Portugal, but other potential projects exist. He has a BSc and Ph.D. in geology and has worked as a consultant exploration geologist for oil companies and as a university and college lecturer. Chris has however always been very much involved in environmental issues. He spent a total of eight years in Lebanon (1980–84, 1994–96) and during the second period was in part responsible for founding A Rocha Lebanon. In such spare time as he has, he likes to write both fiction and popular theology and has written a number of books with J. John including The Life: a portrait of Jesus.

31st August 2014 | Dave Bookless | 2 comments

Jeremiah – A bird’s eye view of the Middle East

Today’s Middle East is beset by tragedy: a litany of human suffering, migration and exile in a region of such beauty and cultural richness. Yet, the Middle East is also one of the great wildlife migration routes: millions of birds take this route to and fro each year. What insights can we gain from linking these two mass migrations, one human, sudden and involuntary, the other avian, regular and instinctive?