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Sharing condolences & memories after tragic accident

On Monday 28 October Peter and Miranda Harris, co-founders of A Rocha, and Chris Naylor, Executive Director of A Rocha International, together with his wife Susanna, were involved in an horrific car accident in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Miranda, Chris and Susanna did not survive. Peter and the driver of the car are being treated at a local hospital and are in a stable condition. We await further news on their progress.

We know that this news comes as a profound and painful shock to everyone in the A Rocha family and many friends and supporters around the world. A brief press statement has been issued and shared on A Rocha International’s Facebook page. A more detailed announcement will be made in due course as we receive more information. In the meantime, you can read more in an article published by Christianity Today.

Please feel free to use the comments below to share your memories, condolences or other reflections. These will be relayed to the families. Please be assured that all comments are moderated before being published. You may also send any messages to [email protected] and we will ensure they are included. Above all, please hold the Harris and Naylor families and the A Rocha worldwide movement in your prayers.

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294 responses to “Sharing condolences & memories after tragic accident”

  1. Joy Mallouh says:

    Lebanon had a special place in the hearts of our beloved Chris and Susanna, as much as to their children whom we lift day and night in our prayers. We at Arocha Lebanon have a very strong bond with this family who lived in our country for 17 years, and founded the work of Arocha that prospered in the Ammiq wetland and witnessed to the beauty of the country and their dedication that was done whole heartedly in the Name of Jesus our Lord.
    I knew Chris and his family since year 2000 when he called on us to register Arocha Lebanon officially as a Lebanese society/organization. We often met in the Beqaa and in Beirut to discuss the progress and the future of our work and I have been a board member, later vice chairman and chairman since the beginning of the call to join the founding committee.
    How can I forget the time I spent with Chris when we travelled together to attend the forum that was in Kenya in 1987? We were roommates as we spent the night in Dubai, and at the safari, and later in the hotel where the forum took place. I remember his passion and wide knowledge of birds, and I often wanted to know how he was able to identify each kind of a bird from a distance. Chris was in love with nature, because he loved God very deeply. His insight and advice kept guiding us as Arocha Lebanon board, even after he and his family left to the UK. We were in continuous correspondence to keep the good work that he and Susanna started in our land that has been suffering from wars for the past 45 years.
    Susanna was Arocha’s accountant all through the years, and God blessed their ministry with funds that were donated to build the eco-restaurant in Aana.
    I remember Chris and Susanna saying that it was very hard for the kids to leave to the UK, for they felt more Lebanese than British, and all their friends were from Lebanon. However, God led their way where they had another task to serve Lebanon and the whole globe with the gifts that God had endowed them with.
    They both loved life, because they lived with pure hearts. Chris and Susanna, you have left a great legacy behind you and you will always be remembered for what you were, and your dedication to serve our country through your example in daily practice.
    As for you my dear Naylors, we at Arocha Lebanon are praying for you to receive continuous comfort from the Lord. We love you very much and we pray you would visit us in Lebanon in the near future.
    May the Lord bless us all as the Arocha family in Lebanon and worldwide and be as individual believers in Christ always prepared to hear the Lord’s call to join the church in heaven to be with Him forever.
    On behalf of Arocha Board and GA
    Beirut 30 October 2019

    • Andy & Sibylle Harrison says:

      Our hearts are broken and our spirits deeply wounded by this tragic news. We are with you in our prayers and thoughts and as we work on. With our fond love and deepest sympathy. Andy & Sibylle Harrison

    • Andrew and Lynda Petit says:

      We are deeply shaken and saddened by such a tragic loss. Our hearts go out to Peter and the two families and they continue constantly to be in our thoughts and prayers. We have known Miranda as a dear and beloved friend for over 47 years. She was most lovely, loving and lovable of people – a true saint.
      I read this prayer this morning and found it helpful:
      Blessed are you, Sovereign God,
      ruler and judge of all,
      to you be praise and glory for ever.
      In the darkness of this age that is passing away
      may the light of your presence which the saints enjoy
      surround our steps as we journey on.
      May we reflect your glory this day
      and so be made ready to see your face
      in the heavenly city where night shall be no more.
      Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

      With our love to all who are affected and united in their love for these two families, Andrew & Lynda Petit

    • Jim Houston says:

      Dear Peter.

      I was in tears when I heard of the terrible accident. But Now I am thankful to the Lord you are slowly recovering. You will continue to be in my daily prayers for your full recovery, and for your daily comfort over Miranda’s death. Now she is eternally in the Lord’s presence, while you remain temporally in the Lord’s presence. Only a thin membrane separates you from each other!
      So may the presence of the Lord, awake or asleep be with you all the time.

      Much love,

      Jim Houston

  2. Sincerest condolences at this most difficult time.
    We hold you in our prayers.

    • Gordon (& Mrs Joyce) Dykes says:

      Our sincerest sympathy to the families (and staff of A Rocha) sadly affected by the tragic accident that has just happened. May A Rocha be able to continue its splendid work.

  3. Joy Mallouh says:

    My dear brother Peter,
    I have been thinking of you for the past 24 hours and have been praying for your recovery. My wife and I will never forget your visit to Lebanon after the loss of our son in 2009. We have experienced your gentle spirit when you asked us to go together to a nearby restaurant to spend time together. Your words soothed our aching hearts.
    And dear Miranda, she used to spend time with me when I attended forums and she was always excited about what God is doing in her life and in the ministry of Arocha. I was always touched and encouraged.
    I know how much you are in pain for your great loss, as well as the loss of Chris and Susanna. I share with you the pain and I can feel what you are going through. May the Lord touch you deeply in your inner being and feel his continuous presence as you recover and join your family back home.
    We thank God for you and Miranda for being an instrument in God’s hands to care for his creation and to touch many hearts to follow your example. Miranda will always be remembered and we want to assure you that we love you very much.
    Joy Mallouh
    Chairman, Arocha Lebanon

  4. Alison Phelps says:

    Thank God for the prophetic vision and progress of A Rocha. Praying for the Lord’s wisdom, comfort,guidance and love as the families and wide A Rocha family process this tragic news.

  5. David Gould says:

    Heartfelt condolences.
    Trusting that Peter and the driver will make a full recovery.
    So grateful for all that the Harrises and Naylors have done to pioneer the creation care movement in many countries.

  6. Tom and Edite Wilson says:

    Dearest Peter, no words can describe our feelings at hearing the news. How can we make sense of what has happened? We cannot imagine what a loss it is to you, Joanna, Esther, Bethan, Jeremy, their spouses and children and all other relatives. It was our great privilege to have known her. The Lord called her to His presence when she was doing what she loved, to serve Him. All we can do is pray for your recovery and for you as a family, that the love that unites you will help you all to go through this very hard occasion. With love from Tom and Edite Wilson and family

  7. Caroline de Candia says:

    Très touchée par cette nouvelle, recevez mes sincères condoléances…Beaucoup de douceur autour de vous …Vous êtes au chaud de mes prières…

  8. Mick Hough says:

    Love and prayers from a shocked and saddened congregation at Holy Trinity Redhill Read blog here: https://mickhough.blogspot.com/2019/10/praying-when-words-fail.html

  9. Rachel Calvert says:

    The Naylor family, the Harris family and the whole A Rocha family are in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad time. Although I did not know them personally, like so many others,I and my family have been profoundly influenced by their life and service.

  10. Yves Quéromain says:

    Chris came in Abu Dhabi for an amazing presentation at Emirates Natural History Group
    We welcome him at home, all the family is chocked. Sincere condoleances. I will forward to ENHG

  11. Carwyn Graves says:

    I only met Miranda twice, but both meetings will never be forgotten. She was a warm-hearted, generous woman who took every opportunity to encourage me as a younger Christian. Her love for those whom she met was tangible, and Christ-like. Truly this was one through whom the Lord worked.
    I pray for great comfort for Peter and both families with this wrenching loss; that they would know that it is Miranda and the Naylors’ gentle heavenly Father that has called them home.

  12. Paul says:

    A Rocha has touched our lives through Peter’s writing and a beautiful stay with staff and fellow guests at Courmettes. Our condolences to the A Rocha family. May God’s comfort and strength be upon you.

    Arlington, Virginia

  13. Malcolm WHITE says:

    Since hearing the news yesterday you are continually in our thoughts and prayers. A deep, deep sadness. In his immense compassion may God have mercy on all your families, on all who mourn. As secretary to the A Rocha France board I was looking forward to meeting Chris Naylor with whom I had only had email contact and about whom I had obviously heard so much…

    Peter – our hearts go out to you. We will strive to be faithful in prayer as you face and go through all the battles that await you. Although I hardly knew Miranda she and you have been a constant inspiration and constant companions through your books (you, Peter, so often directly of course) as I’ve tried to witness to God’s work through A Rocha over the last twenty years. May the Holy Spirit translate all our pain and confused prayers into God’s effective and loving presence for you moment by moment. Malcolm and Dorothy White

  14. Carol Chambers says:

    This difficult news took me straight back in my memories to first meeting Peter and Miranda just before they set up A Rocha in Portugal. Such gentle, passionate and wise souls, who looked at you and listened as if you were the only person in the world. Their heart for the planet and conservation was so infectious and for about a decade through my college years and beyond, we wrote letters and I remember plenty of fun and laughter in those too.

    Today, I ache for the loss of dear Miranda and I pray for you, Peter, as you wrestle to recover in hospital along with the driver. My heartfelt love and deepest condolences are with you and with all your family and friends and those of your dear colleagues and companions, the Naylors. May the God Who brought you thus far remain with you and help you in everything you need as you face the days and months ahead. There has been a huge outpouring of love for you all online since the news broke and many more, I am sure, who have not written anything down. Know that you are loved so much and may that lift and support your hearts and bring you some light in the dark places. With all my love to you all xxx

  15. John and Monique Morgan says:

    We are both so saddened by this tragedy. Our condolences to all of Miranda and Peter’s family.

  16. Robert Peter Wareing-Jones says:

    From everyone in Jersey Channel Islands who loves and supports the work of A Rocha we send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our brother and sisters who have died in this tragic accident. We will continue to pray for Peter and the family and of course for the driver.

  17. Chris Walley says:

    Chris and Susanna Naylor
    It is profoundly sad but, in a strange way, gratifying to write this. Chris and Susanna’s lives were well lived for God and for his creation. What more – or better – could be said of any of us?
    We first met Chris and Susanna in the flat of John and Basma Chitham just above Beirut, I think, in October ’95. They had newly arrived as Christian workers in the Bekaa. As Alison and I were trying to do something in connection with the environment at the time and knew of A Rocha, when I heard Chris talk of his interest in nature, I asked him whether he knew of it. My recollection of his reply is that he knew no more than the name. That was soon to change!
    On Christmas Eve 1995, the Naylors came over and visited us in our apartment at the American University of Beirut. There was a lot of discussion about the environment and I think the word Aammiq was uttered for the first time between us. Our visitors’ book records his comment: “We look forward to finishing the conversation we started!”
    Over the next few years as the extraordinary Aammiq project evolved we became closely involved with both Chris and Susanna. Inevitably, I spend more time with Chris but I was well aware of Susanna’s role as mother, homemaker and patient host in the excitable, inquisitive and often frustrating village of Qabb Elias in the Bekaa. It’s worth pointing out that at the time, this was in an area of Lebanon that the British Embassy considered unsafe for UK citizens to visit, let alone permanently inhabit. Indeed, for the first few years of the work at Aammiq the northern limit of the wetland was marked by an ominous line of south-facing Syrian tanks and armoured vehicles. Chris and Susanna were, in every sense of the word, on the frontline.
    Although neither Chris nor Susanna would have claimed to be natural linguists, they worked and studied at Arabic to acquire a high level of the colloquial form and through it made many friends. Chris’s ability to get on with with landowners, hunters and the frequently volatile mixture of individuals in Qabb Elias, and to gracefully and gently placate the inevitable men with automatic weapons who frequented the Bekaa, was remarkable. I was with him in wading around the wetland, in long meetings with landowners and in frequent discussions with the beleaguered Ministry of Environment in Beirut and always came away impressed with his courage, wisdom and grace. In particular Chris and Susanna’s open integrity in a culture where there were always tremendous pressures to conform and compromise won them a great deal of respect – even if it was sometimes grudging. Their role in hosting any number of visitors, whether birders, or environmentalists or just the curious, in a far from easy area was also remarkable. Chris mentioned some of their labours in his book Postcards from the Middle East but as someone who was there, let me say that – with characteristic modesty – he underplayed what both he and Susanna did.
    Chris was a fine naturalist; he had a first-class scientific mind (I may be corrected but I think he had a First from Cambridge), a rich store of knowledge, boundless energy and a deep love for living things. He was not simply a good field ecologist; he had a profound desire to understand how everything from agricultural practice to subsurface water flow combined and connected to produce the wetland as it was and had been.
    You sometimes hear of naïve individuals blundering into appallingly complex situations and somehow, in spite of everything, sailing through. It cannot be said enough that this was not the case with Chris and Susanna. They knew what they were involved in, what the risks were and what challenges they faced. Theirs was a clear-eyed, intelligent and thoughtful commitment to Lebanon, to its people and to its natural riches. Superficially, Chris and Susanna seemed to be impermeable to the wearying frustrations, perpetual crises and profound tensions that characterised a Lebanon whose bitter civil war was recent history. Nevertheless, those of us who knew them, were aware that what they were doing came with a cost and that they were paying a price. Yet there was a profound and deep Christian sense of calling and a trust in Christ that kept them going through and above it all.
    Alison and I kept in touch after we left in 1998 and Chris, as ever ably supported by Susanna, continued to build friends and develop the work at Aammiq and indeed give A Rocha Lebanon a national presence. On their return to the UK, I was delighted to hear of his new role with A Rocha International and we continued to meet and communicate regularly.
    It is tempting to think of what Chris and Susanna could have achieved had they been granted length of years. It is better perhaps to celebrate what they achieved in the time that was given them. Out of a sense of Christian calling, Chris and Susanna chose to bury themselves in one of the most difficult places in the Middle East. What they achieved there however is astonishing. It was not just the preservation of Aammiq – how many people get to save a Ramsar site? – but the way that they touched so many lives, encouraged so many individuals and demonstrated to all that there is a consistency with being a committed Christian and caring for the environment.
    “We look forward to finishing the conversation we started!” Chris wrote 24 years ago. Indeed, we do!

  18. Janneke & Bert Roor says:

    As Dutch volunteers from A Rocha we are very, very shocked and touched by this great loss for the worldwide A Rocha Community and – of course – Peter, the families, friends and colleagues. May our Lord protect you in his mighty Hands during these days and in the coming times. Next Saturday we will remember them in a moment of silence and prayer when we will be involved in our National Day for Nature Protection.

  19. Maria de los Angeles La Torre Cuadros says:

    Much sadness for the departure of our great friends and say thank you for your love and constant accompaniment since the foundation to A Rocha Peru his teachings, courage, perseverance, deep love and empathy for the other, leadership and wisdom in difficult times and embrace has helped us grow and will be an inspiration forever for our work. Thank you Miranda and Chris for your hug and prayers for me and my family and ARPE thank you for always being there an eternal hug. My condolences to Chris and Sussanne’s family, Peter’s family and all of A Rocha’s family. Peter we pray for you and we are sure that God has a purpose beyond understanding for all of us. Sal.18:2

  20. Célia Costa says:

    Still don´t know what to say. It is hard for a Portuguese to find the right words in times like these. I wish I could hug every member of the Harris and Naylor´s family, so every feeling and emotion would find its proper place inside me. And, dearest, dearest Miranda: see you soon. Heaven is such a prettier place now!

  21. Mike Farley says:

    We believe profoundly in the resurrection hope in Christ and live this daily. God is good at all times. None of us are sheltered from troubles and tragedies. We lost some mighty good friends on Monday and pray vigorously for the families of Chris, Susanna and the Harris’. Chris and Susanna did write the gospel into the landscape, not only in the Lebanon but across the globe and the landscape of our lives. Their legacy is immense and the loss felt so keenly. We will miss those visits to Lincoln, the mealtimes together and phone call chats. However infrequent they were, they left and do leave an great and good impact in my with God life.

  22. Chas Foulds says:

    We are devastated. Is there practical help we can provide for Peter? Does the hospital have the resources needed to look after him? Or are there members of his family who need help to go and see him?
    What else might we be able to do?
    Please see that Peter knows we want to help and give him our love.
    Jon and Chas Foulds

  23. Mike Partridge says:

    I do not know where to begin; shock and profound sadness. Peter and Miranda were so gentle and kind to me during a summer at A Rocha many years ago. I have more to thank them for than they will ever know. My heartfelt prayers.

  24. David Norman says:

    I am shocked to hear this terrible news. Stay strong, Peter.

    David Norman (bird-ringer)

  25. Sarah Vandergugten says:

    Such sadness! Such beautiful people with an eternal perspective on our earthly sojourn. So thankful for all the work of A Rocha. May the Lord provide rich comfort to family and friends.

  26. Neal Dreyer says:

    Still in shock Peter just heard this awful news..Can hardly take it all in..praying for you Peter and your family and for the Naylor’s ..love and warm hugs Neal and Patience in Salisbury

  27. Martin de Wit says:

    We barely got to know them. They, the leaders of A Rocha International who came to visit us in Cape Town a few days before the fatal accident: Peter and Marinda Harris, Chris and Susanna Naylor. We were super-excited and eager to meet them. The ministry of creation care needs continuous support in a world of anger and an unwillingness to repent, to forgive and to reconcile.

    Yet, after just a few hours with them it felt as if we have known our visitors for years. We discovered that we are already known in Christ and that in Him we have a true and shared rock to stand on. Their clear witness to Christ permeated our discussions; we have a sure Christian hope in troubled times. The joys of being in Christ and working with him in the creation that He will save. “That is not our job”, Chris said. “It is Jesus’ job to save the earth!” “I cannot do my work without real Christian hope”, Peter added. A Rocha is a worldwide family. “It is in worship and community that we find each other and we follow Him”, Miranda said in her own much sweeter words. Founding stories are important. Build on that. Invest in the roots. Pray for the world, for Greta, for those who thrash God’s creation. Reach out and be a witness of God’s love shown to us in Christ. The discussions were rich and deeply rewarding.

    For Miranda, Chris and Susanna their earthly ministries have ended. God called them to have eternal joy with Him. Their mission on this earth is complete. Peter is still with us and we pray for his healing. God may still have other plans for him. Why this tragic accident should have happened is a question that lingers on all our lips. David asked that same question and sought his deliverance in God: “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance” (Ps 32:7).

    Lord, help us all to keep our trust in you, to seek protection and deliverance from you. May the lament coming from the depths of our souls come to be surrounded by songs of deliverance. Lord, have mercy on the Harris and Naylor families and the global weeping A Rocha family. Keep us all very close while we grief and may we continue to live the sure hope that you have set within and before us.

  28. John Smits says:

    What can I say…. it’s tragic. I remember the visit of Peter and Miranda in our home several yeard ago. What a lovely people!! I cannot find fitting words for this terrible loss of our beloved friends.

  29. Peter Scott says:

    That is such sad news. Will pray for Peter’s recovery.

  30. Peter & Jenny Scott says:

    So sorry to hear this news. We will be praying for Peter’s recovery and for the rest of the family.

  31. Rosi Lewis says:

    20 years ago nearly to the day my husband and I met the Naylor family in their home in the Bekaa valley, where they received us with so much grace. We only stayed for a few days, but as young christians they made a lifelong impression on us and we will never forget them and the godliness they modelled, as a couple, a family, and in their roles at A Rocha, as well as their love for Lebanon and the Lebanese people. It was a privilege to have met them, and we send our sincerest condolences to their children and family as well as to the Harris family. with love in Christ, Rosi and Tris Lewis

  32. Sarah Reaburn says:

    I’m heartbroken, as it seems many of us are. Susanna and Chris were good friends when we lived in Lebanon. They were such kind, interesting and interested people who lived their faith well. Sending love out to all who are grieving, but especially to Sam, Chloe and Josh.

  33. Fred Smith says:

    Dear Peter – I could not believe what I heard from Steve Beck and then when it was confirmed I was as stunned and grief stricken as everyone else around you . I know there are no words so I want you and your family to know you are in our prayers.

  34. Jo and Steve Gilpin says:

    This is a huge shock. Utterly devastating news, words can not express our feelings adequately. Sincere condolences to both families. You and Peter’s recovery are in our prayers. Jo and Steve Gilpin

  35. Paul Venton says:

    Dear Peter, meeting you and Miranda was a huge blessing to me. So it is hard to express right now just how deeply shocked and sad I feel for you, your family, and Chris and Susannah’s family too. Since meeting you, the work of A Rocha has been on my heart and my lips regularly since, and I was so grateful that you introduced me to Chris. He kindly gave me his book, which I recently enjoyed reading. And I am half way through yours, Kingfisher’s Fire – I have a story to tell you about that. What I want you to know is that you have been close in my thoughts over recent months and will be even more so now. Please accept my heartfelt condolences and know that you are surrounded by love and prayers.

  36. Pamela Copley says:

    I only met Chris a couple of times but heard of him often through other friends. He was so good at his work in explaining the gospel and applying it to our Lord’s creation. While I grieve I praise God for him and all he has done for the Lord and for people. They have touched the lives of all A Roche members. I am and will be praying for the families and friends of Chris, Susannah and Miranda and the whole A Roche family. Pamela

  37. Siphokazi says:

    I am in South Africa, Port Elizabeth and I saw the accident on Monday as we were also driving across the same bridge. We didn’t know who was involved but we prayed about them. I found out on Facebook yesterday, in tears I instantly phoned the people I was driving with to tell them and ask that we pray for the survivors, families, close friends and the A Rocha family as a whole. I had no idea of such an organisation until yesterday. I am deeply saddened and sending my heartfelt condolences and prayers to all.

    • Kerstin Hack says:

      A Rocha is indeed a wonderful ministry. And I have been blessed to know Susanna and Chris for 30+ years. I only know that there was a fatal accident on the bridge, but do not know what exactly happened. Would you be willing to share?

  38. JP says:

    Our deepest condolences to the Naylor and Harris family at this tragic loss. We mourn at the sudden and untimely passing. Through A Rocha, they have touched lives all around the world including the Southeast Asian region through their words and deeds, in speech or writing. We join the creation care community in praying for Peter and the driver’s recovery and the wisdom of the medical team in administering the necessary treatments. With deepest sympathy from the friends of A Rocha in Malaysia.

  39. Richard and Véronique Prior says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Harris and Naylor families and their friends after this tragic accident. We have fond memories of our time working for A Rocha Lebanon in 2005/6, Chris and Susanna made a great leadership team and I will always be grateful to Chris for giving me the opportunity to live my dream of working for the environment and for teaching me how to grow awareness of the importance of caring for God’s creation among the Lebanese people, especially the younger generation. Chris and Susanna were always kind and understanding to Véronique and me as we adjusted to life in the Beqaa valley and were a source of reassurance to all the A Rocha Lebanon team when the summer war broke out in July 2006 and we were all evacuated together on a Royal Navy warship. Their dedication to the cause of Creation Care in difficult and sometimes dangerous situations always shone through. We pray that God gives Sam, Chloë and Josh the strength to deal with their loss and we send them all our love.
    Rich and Véronique

  40. Fleur & Lucy Tibbitts says:

    We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident. We send out condolences to the Naylor family. We were lucky to know Susanna from Kitebrook, she tutor Lucy science and was her form teacher in year 8. I remember her smile and her dancing during wake n shake. RIP.

  41. Lulamile Kalipa says:

    The Kalipa family (family of the driver) wishes to express their heartfelt condolences to the Naylor and Harris families, their friends and colleagues. We have never met them but this tragedy has drawn us closure. we are with you in thought and wishing you comfort and peace. Also wishing Mr. Harris a speedy recovery. God bless

  42. Heather Coats says:

    I met Peter and Miranda twice at Cruzinha.The lovely, warm greeting given to me by Miranda will stay with me always. Such love and care were evidence of her love for the Lord. All I can do is send my condolences to Peter, her family and also to Chris and Suzanna’s family and pray for them all.

  43. Quentin & Joy Braddock says:

    Beyond the terrible shock and pain for all the families and close friends of both Naylors and Harrises,we are amongst the many who, more widely, have been touched by A Rocha, and the quality of the men and women this mission has attracted, with Miranda and Peter as pioneers. Memories of meeting you on some of your first exploratory visits to France coloured, warmly, by your single-mindedness and generosity. Peter saying of a pastor in Arles, whose theology he might not have shared, that he “preached his socks off”. Those who have left us have done something similar, and all are an inspiration to do likewise.

  44. June gumsley says:

    This is devastating news. I pray for the families with all my heart. And I pray for A Rocha to continue their wonderful work around the world.

  45. Jenny Heinink says:

    I am writing on behalf of St Luke’s Church, Cranham. Peter and Miranda were our link missionaries for many years. We are saddened and shocked to hear of their tragic accident. They have been lovely, gracious, giving, inspiring innovators. We have been blessed by their visits over the years. There are still many of us (including me) who look back to the early days when we first met them as Charlie, their brother-in-law was our curate and then vicar. They visited us frequently as they transitioned out of a conventional parish ministry and it was our privilege that they shared with us their vision to set up a bird sanctuary on the Algarve, a bold move in those days. The growth from this to the international organisation you are today has been inspirational to follow. We send our love and prayers to Peter and all the family- you are very much on our hearts. And also we pray for the family of A Rocha, for wisdom and strength for the days ahead.
    Revd.Jenny Heinink (Associate Vicar)

  46. Simn says:

    Dear family,

    I can hardly believe this. My sincere condoleances for this terrible loss to all family members, friends and A Rocha. Peter, what can I say? May God keep you and direct your heart into His love. Simon

  47. Marilyn Dyrbus says:

    What a tragic end to some reeal loving disciples of Christ, using their gifts to serve his Kingdom. i trust their legacy of quiet reflourish. with regrets, Marilynsearch, respect for local cultures and environment will

  48. I remember so many deep and genuine conversations with Miranda. Just a beautiful soul…evident from the moment one met her. This organization and its founders provided the world with such clear love of God and creation. Grateful to have know them and to have been a part of A Rocha

  49. Chris Raker says:

    We met Peter and Miranda just this last spring at L’Abri in Massachusetts. Every now and then you meet people who exemplify what a Christian should look like. Peter and Miranda were these.

  50. Oduor Brian says:

    We join hands in praying for the survivors as we mourn this huge loss of the two families, may the families of the deceased find strength to soldier on. Receive my sincere condolences

  51. Francesco Raeli says:

    Dear Jeremy,
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss.
    With sincere sympathy for you and your family,

  52. Ruben Corripio-Dieppe says:

    So sorry to hear about the tragic accident. I found Peter Harris’ talk at school very inspirational. I am praying for the family and friends close to them now.

  53. Steve Weaver says:

    Dear Peter, I am praying for your full recovery. Ek is baie hartseer! Chris was a good friend and I had the honor of hosting him at my home in South Africa. Special condolences and prayers go to to his and Susanna’s son. I will never forget the times in Holland or France either. I am so very sad but heaven is rejoicing.

  54. Paul & Agnès Sanders says:

    As is the case for everyone, we are stunned and saddened by this incredible loss. Our contact with the Naylor family came as our families enjoyed fellowship together at All Saints International Congregation in Beirut. Sam and Chloe were baptised at the same time as our daughter, Lucile. They were gifted, winsome and just enjoyable to be with, and had an amazing heart for the Lord and His work in Lebanon and of course beyond. We haven’t seen them since they moved back to the UK, but our daughter was just chatting with Susanna on FB about two weeks ago. May God’s tailor-made grace fill the hearts and entire beings of the children, at a time when words fail us and so many others I’m sure, when we try to express our feelings in these circumstances.

  55. Elyse Durham says:

    I interviewed Chris for Christianity Today last year, and I had never met someone who believed so fervently in the hope of the Gospel. “This whole world is going to be redeemed, and it’s going to thrive, and that’s God’s work,” he told me.

    Chris believed so much in the work that he did, and in the sacredness of creation and our charge to care for it. “Everywhere we walk is holy ground,” he told me, “and all things will be reconciled in Christ. All things.”

    Praying fervently for all affected by this deep and profound and tragic loss.

  56. Dear Murray,

    I am horrified and deeply disturbed by the deaths of three very special people and the injury of Peter. We send our condolences to their families, all in the A Rocha family and all who are striving to care for and protect God’s world.

    We have all been deeply worried by contemporary trends with wildfires in the Americas and Africa, with increasing extinctions and the continuing reliance on fossil fuels. It is tragic that such wonderful people should be taken from us in such a sudden and tragic way.

    I pray that their passing will encourage all people of faith to take on our responsibility to care for God’s wonderful creation.

    Geoff Davies

  57. Sam Dawson says:

    Peter & Miranda have had a deep impact on my life already, it is because of the story of A Rocha Peter wrote in Kingfisher’s Fire that I developed a passion for caring for God’s creation. I am now working for A Rocha UK as an intern & would not be here had I not read of Peter & Miranda’s deep passion and conviction to care for nature. I met both Peter & Miranda briefly at UCCF’s Forum 2019 and was struck by their kindness, peace & humility. Condolences & prayers for the families & that Peter recovers.

  58. Eduardo Sasso says:

    Dear Peter,
    Words don’t suffice sometimes.. I wish you times of rest and comfort as you walk through this valley.
    Yours in prayer and in hope,

  59. Julie-Anne Brace says:

    My prayers and condolences go out to the families. I have fond memories of times with Chris and Susanna and their children, in Lebanon. It was wonderful to see the work in the Beqaa and to enjoy spiritual and social times together. I remember my wonderful visit to Cyprus with them. Their love of God permeated all they did to protect His wonderful wildlife.

    It was with profound sadness that I received this news. I pray God’s richest comfort for the Naylor children.

    Lots of love,

  60. Sheryl Haw says:

    On behalf of Micah Global we send our deepest sympathy to our A Rocha family. We weep with the family and friends of Chris and Susanne, and Miranda. We acknowledge the amazing testimonies of lives lived in obedience to God, witnessing to his love for all of his creation.

  61. Nick Hodgetts says:

    This awful news is difficult to process, but my deep deep condolences to you Peter and all the bereaved of Miranda, Chris and Susanna. With all the A Rocha family we (Skye Bible Church) pray for you and ask for Christ’s comfort and healing in the terrible sadness.

  62. A Rocha Peru Board and Team says:

    A Rocha Peru are deeply shocked and saddened by this tragedy, and are one in spirit with A Rocha family and friends around the world in our shared grief and pain.

    To whom else do we go, but to God, “our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of trouble”. As the psalmist continues, “Therefore we will not fear…” (Psalm 46: 1).

    We pray with unyielding faith and confidence for our dear brother Peter, for all members of the Harris and Naylor families, for the driver Thando Kalipo and his family, for every member of A Rocha International and A Rocha South Africa, and for all A Rocha family and friends worldwide. May God be our “refuge and strength” now and always.

    Until we meet again in glory, we will miss and remember our dear brother and sisters – Chris, Susanna and Miranda – with such great love, and treasure memories of good times here in Peru, at the Forums, and in other places where our paths were blessed to cross.

    We will miss and remember Miranda’s beaming light, her effervesing joy, and her abounding love and goodness, which overflowed from the Holy Spirit residing within her.

    We will miss and remember Chris’s most gentle and gracious spirit, his humility and wisdom in leadership, and his fervent love and passion for God’s creation, especially the voiceless kind.

    Though we did not have the privilege of meeting Susanna, we draw great inspiration from her Godly service, obedience and love, which richly blessed A Rocha, in Lebanon and beyond.

    How beautifully they were each made, and used as His instruments for His glory and honour!

    Their legacies live on, and though they are each utterly irreplaceable, we will continue the calling Chris so splendidly described “to write the gospel in the landscape.”

    We extend our deepest condolences to those they loved the most; Peter, their children and grandchildren. God bless and comfort you all.


    Très cher Peter, nous sommes bouleversés. Que le Seigneur soit à tes côtés.
    Avec Miranda vous avez été tellement merveilleux de de gentillesse, d’affection profonde et de sagesse bienfaisante à notre égard comme à l’égard de toutes les personnes que vous avez rencontrées.
    En communion avec toi, tes proches, et les proches de Chris et Susanna.
    Martine et Jean-Pierre CHARLEMAGNE

  64. Willem Scheres says:

    At Cruzinha and at Les Tourades I met many times Peter and Miranda and I remember their hopitability. In Lebanon I met Chris and Susanne Naylor, also very dedicated leaders of the A Rocha Family.My heartfelt condolences to Peter and their children and to the children of Chris and Susanna.Peter may you have a great recovery as well as physically and spiritually after this terrible accident and the loss of Miranda.Yours in prayer and hope.

  65. Penny Marsh says:

    Oh Miranda! My very dear friend of 26 years and prayer partner for much of that time. I started to put down in words all the many and varied ways that she has enriched my life and the lives of everyone in her orbit with her love and compassion, her laughter, creativity, vulnerability and courage, generous hospitality, godly wisdom and concern for the downtrodden and downhearted … but there was too much to say and too many precious memories … and, oh, too many tears.

    So, all I am able to say for the moment is that I am so thankful to God for the gift of her friendship, prayers and godly counsel as we walked alongside each other in the trials and joys of life. She no longer needs my prayers, as for her those trials have ended and pure joy has begun. I do know, however, what she would ask of me now – to pray for her beloved Peter and the family, and never forgetting also the Naylor children as they all go through this heartbreak and loss. So I will do that, dear Harris family and Naylor children, I will pray to our all wise and all loving God that he, the God of ALL comfort will comfort you in all your troubles. This will be my constant prayer.

  66. Nurya Love Parish says:

    This is a loss felt around the globe, by people who knew them well and for those who knew them not at all. Because of Christ I trust in the end all is well. For now I mourn this devastating news. May God comfort all who grieve and lead A Rocha ever forward.

  67. Ann Stuart says:

    Miranda, Chris, Susanna. Each one has touched our hearts and impacted our lives. And we read here of so many lives touched. Our hearts go out to the Harris and Naylor families. Your loss is indescribable. Our prayers are with you all and with the world wide A Rocha family

  68. Emmanuella kyeremaa says:

    It is indeed a sad news for us on earth and great news for those in heaven!
    I had the opportunity to meet Peter, Chris and Miranda in 2013 at one of the A Rocha Trustee meetings in Ghana. It was where I experienced Miranda’s warm and motherly love. It was a busy day for A Rocha Ghana team; preparing for the Trustees meeting and a conference as well and as a result, I had not eating the whole day and was hungry too. Miranda walked to me and said in a sweet, humble, gentle voice; “…you have been busy, have you got something to eat the whole day…?” and offered me some pastries. Interestingly, I don’t remember how I responded her; what I do remember was, my soul yearned for that concern, that comfort and God touched her heart to offer it. This is a memory I will carry forever about her and replicate it for others too.
    I believe God has seen how hard Chris, Susanna and Miranda had worked and had called them home to rest! To Peter and the driver, I wish you speedy recovery and may the good Lord give you the strength to pull through these difficult times.

  69. Laura says:

    Love and prayers from Salisbury for the Naylor and Harris families…
    All of you at A Rocha…
    and the people around the world whose lives have been touched by these amazing people.

    The first time I met Miranda within minutes I felt like she was my mother/sister without really knowing why… And then it dawned on me that she too had big faith, not just in God, but in people and our ability to help. We’d share this moment of humanity, this is how it is or could be… And then she was like, hey thanks, nice to have met you, see you again soon…and so it was for many years…with each meeting divulging a little bit more about our differing lives and causes.

    I couldn’t believe it when, for all of the wrong reasons, I saw her shining smile online today, but to now read about exactly what she was involved in is so inspirational. I knew a bit, but not the full story. I wish the Earth would have had the benefit of her presence longer…oh how she will be missed…

    A true trailblazer and pioneer,
    She was never boastful or ostentatious about her travels and doings.
    So gracious and kind, every time.
    As a very emotional person, I can’t stop crying this evening, but am remembering her grace and wisdom. We already miss you immensely Miranda.

    I can almost hear her saying something like “go forth and do good within your means” or something similar, but I’m pretty sure she would have said it better.

    You hang in there Peter, we are all praying for your recovery.
    Let us know if anything can be done here to help with a service or memorial.

    Praying with you all and for a message to carry on the good work she helped start!
    Continue to blaze the trails….With Miranda on your shoulder as an angel now…. Or following you, watching your back 🙂
    Big hugs xxoo

  70. Rikk and Katie Watts (Prof of NT, Alphacrucis College; Research Professor, Regent College. says:

    Words fail; but precious in the Lord’s eyes is the death of his faithful ones. We first met Peter and Miranda, through Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson, at Regent College back in the late 90s. Being relatively new to the idea that creation was God’s temple and to be honoured as such, to find lovers of Jesus who were deeply focussed on incarnating this truth was life-changing for us. Since then we’ve been blessed with deep conversations, shared conferences at Regent and with A Rocha (Les Courmettes and Lisbon), and a whole new community of friends around the world, including the ever gracious Chris. As many on this blog have borne witness, these good godly people simply radiated the transforming love of Christ for all of his creation. Dear brother, may God speed your recovery, and hold you, your children, and the Naylor family in his safe keeping. We grieve deeply, but in the sure and certain hope of being reunited under those bright wings. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  71. Richard Storey says:

    Chris, you have been one of the really significant people in my life. When we worked together in A Rocha Lebanon for two years, you managed to be at once my boss, big brother and friend. I remember your calmness in situations that were far from calm, your patience with people who let you down, and your perseverance on a road that was more difficult and dangerous than ordinary people would manage. The way you guided a family and a team of foreigners through all this are still a marvel to me. And the integrity, love and trust in God you kept throughout have remained with me in the 15 years since I left Lebanon. When I read your book Postcards from the Middle East I saw even more of how you had embraced this complex part of God’s world with the spirit He gave you. Since I left the Lebanon team, you’ve continued to be a very special friend, and one of my heroes as you used those same qualities to lead a global movement.

    Susanna, I remember the many conversations we had in your home in Beirut. You didn’t seek the limelight, but the personal sacrifices you made, and the wisdom, love and strength you brought to the Naylor team were essential. Your home was always a place of love and laughter, and I always enjoyed being with you, Chris, Sam, Chloe and Josh.

    Miranda, you seem to carry with you an almost tangible presence of God’s grace, love and peace. To me that always meant encouragement and reassurance, and a new desire to keep pursuing God. I’ll never forget the wonderful impression you made on our little daughter Alana when you spent an evening with us in New Zealand, and her excitement in getting a handwritten postcard from you afterwards. Although you must have hundreds of friends around the world, you always made us feel like we were special friends to you.

    To Peter, Joanna, Esther, Bethan, Jeremy, Sam, Chloe and Josh, our hearts are with you as you mourn for your loved ones. They have been a real presence of God in our lives and in our world, and with you we look forward to being reunited with them in God’s new world.

    Richard Storey

  72. Shanta Manohar says:

    It is a sad movement for everyone involved in conservation. Their contribution to the protection of nature will be remembered forever. May God give them the strength to bear the loss to all dear and near once

  73. Willem says:

    Dear Peter and families, it is difficult to find words for this deep tragic accident. Our prayers are with you to give you strength, hope and faith to continue your path. Willem

  74. Kailean says:

    Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants (Psl 116:15 ). These are the people who have fought the good fight for God’s creation until death…people who gave me insights and taught me about God’s wonderful world and helped re-shape my thinking. People who have broadened the way I see gospel #much loved leaders and excellent role models. I am deeply honored and blessed to have known them. They will always live inside of me. Beautiful Souls, rest in peace!

  75. Nathanaël Valiton says:

    Toute mon affection et mes sincères condoléances aux familles Harris et Naylor.
    Je prie que l’Esprit de consolation règne dans vos coeurs et que Dieu vous renouvelle en ces moments difficiles. Toute la famille d’A Rocha Suisse est profondément attristée par cette nouvelle et prie pour vous.

  76. Andrew Farrer says:

    I have known Peter and Miranda since they joined Crosslinks in 1983. I was the Finance Secretary of Crosslinks and so them every time they came to the office in South London. I admired them and thought a lot of them and the work they started with Arocha. My prayers go out for Peter’s recovery, their family and also Chloe only daughter of the Naylors. Also for Miranda’s sister Anita Cleverly. Romans 8:26 to 39 Message version.

  77. Michael Cassidy says:

    My wife,Carol and I , on behalf of African Enterprise world wide send our deepest condolences to Peter,the Harris and Naylor families and the A Roche community everywhere.We are devastated with you all over the huge tragedy which has befallen you.Please be assured of our prayers and love
    MICHAEL CASSSIDY (Founder of African Enterprise)

  78. Peter & Mary Williams says:

    My memories of Peter and Miranda are mainly from the time Peter was a student at Trinity College, Bristol where I was a tutor at the time. Peter and Miranda stood out because of their gifts of leadership, of intellect, of creative flair, of style, of relaxed good humour, of generosity of spirit and of spiritual wisdom and vision. Their joint gifts have subsequently borne much fruit in the Lord’s service. Mary and I are joining in the prayers of so many others for Peter’s full recovery and that he will know the Lord’s presence and the reality of our Christian hope in the face of such a tragic loss (John 11: 35).

  79. Zannah Kearns says:

    We are praying for you all, and are so sorry for your loss. May God comfort you & give you strength.

  80. Bill and Dorcas Reimer says:

    Dear Peter and families,
    We deeply grieve with you. Prayers go up every morning for you in the little Regent College prayer chapel and throughout the day.
    Our love to you.

  81. Maxine Badrock says:

    We have a lovely memory of meeting Peter and Miranda at Cruzinha when on holiday in Portugal. We were visiting Colin Jackson who was working there – many years ago. All the children were there aged 12 down to 5. Following that I have been privileged to receive Miranda’s unique letters and email updates from Peter – both for prayer. We have had contact through the years sadly not enough. Jo Swinney has come to our church as a speaker, and very good she is too. The news of the accident and loss has been a huge shock and sorrow to us. Our hearts are heavy for the close friends and family and A Rocha. I am comforted to think of Miranda with our Lord. Our prayers for all affected will keep going. We are on a tour of the Holy Land at the moment so opportunities for prayer have been frequent.

  82. Nicole Pelletier says:

    Très attristés par la terrible nouvelle nous présentons nos très sincères condoléances à toutes les familles touchées par cette épreuve .
    Que le Seigneur vous accompagne de Sa grâce, de Sa paix et de Son Amour .
    Nous pensons aussi particulièrement à toi Peter. Nous prions le Seigneur pour qu’il te donne Sa force et Son aide .
    Qu’il te rende au centuple tout l’Amour que vous avez donné avec Miranda à tous ceux qui vous entourent .
    Avec toute notre affection fraternelle
    Nicole et Jean Michel ( parents de Priscille )

  83. nohoune leye says:

    depuis le Sénégal je m’associe au deuil

  84. Nancy Sleeth says:

    “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.”

    There is perhaps no couple in the world that Matthew and I identify with more than Peter and Miranda. What a tragic loss for A Rocha and the world. We are grateful for all that these two couples have done to care for God’s creation. Their work is everlasting, and their impact eternal. May the Lord give comfort to all who grieve, and especially to their beautiful families. Love, Nancy and Matthew

  85. Roy Messenger says:

    Dear Peter
    Roy from the Italian job here. I am so shocked and saddened by this news. I remember your with a lot ways with a smile and you your wife which always came in my airstream in pewsey. I remember you both so much looking forward to your trip with so much enthusiasm and full of life. Many people come through my place but you both brought me so much happiness and joy. She will never by forgotten by myself. Will so miss her

  86. Gínia Cezar Bontempo says:

    As coisas que ficam perto de nós, no nosso cantinho, sempre têm um significado especial. Na minha mesa de trabalho tem uma caneca da A Rocha Brasil. Ela me faz lembrar de um livro, de uma história, de um casal, da fundação da organização ambientalista cristã A Rocha em Portugal e muito tempo depois no Brasil.
    Uma organização feita de pessoas para pessoas. Pessoas acolhedoras. Pessoas que acreditam no “partir do pão”. Nesta semana, os corações de muitas pessoas, um dia acolhidas pelas pessoas da A Rocha, ficaram partidos. Aquela dor no coração que desce para o estômago que fica contraído… Choramos com a grande família A Rocha as mortes de Miranda, Chris e Suzanna. Choramos com os filhos dos casais. Choramos com os amigos íntimos. Choramos com os jovens espalhados pelas muitas A Rocha mundo a fora, cheios de entusiasmo sofrendo este baque… Mas o choro nos lembra da esperança que resiste à morte. E nos traz gratidão. Gratidão pelos sorrisos largos de Miranda. Gratidão pelas muitas habilidades do Chris frente à A Rocha Internacional. Gratidão pelos filhos que viveram as muitas aventuras com seus pais, países afora. Gratidão pelo Peter que resiste.
    E seguimos em oração a Deus, pedindo que o Espírito Santo traga consolo a todos da grande família A Rocha. E que Peter tenha uma recuperação completa e integral!

  87. Receive our deep condolences. You did not live or die in vain! They were promoted and are today in the Garden of God! God wanted green, man wanted darkness, but you made a difference, you announced the Kingdom of God with the beauty of Christ in an integral and complete way! See you soon brave warriors!
    Estevao Chiappetta
    Church of God
    Recife – Brazil

  88. Ruth and Stanley Martin says:

    Dear Peter, We send our deepest condolences to you and your family, and to the Naylor family, in your grief. You are continuously in our thoughts and prayers. With much love, Ruth and Stanley Martin

  89. Jocelyn Paas says:

    I have been deeply inspired by A Rocha. Although I have not met Peter and Miranda, I have listened to a presentation they gave hundreds of times.I thank God for their vision and prophetic voice.
    I am so sorry for the loss for their families, the A Rocha community and our society.

  90. Rosie Perera says:

    Dear Peter,

    I am heartbroken about Miranda. Such an incalculable loss. What a gift it has been to have known her and called her my friend.

    I had just had a dream about you two the night before her death, that I was visiting you at your house. And the day of your accident, I was looking up an old email of yours (Peter) to remember the name of a bird species that you helped me with. It seems the Holy Spirit was bringing you to my mind for a reason, though I wouldn’t know for another 24 hours why.

    You two have been such dear friends and role models to me and so many others in the Regent community. Your work in creation care has and will continue to have incredible ripple effects throughout the world. I pray that it will continue to shine all the more brightly in the wake of this tragedy.

    Praying for your full recovery and for comfort in your grief, and the same for your family and the family of the Naylors.

    Sending much love.

  91. I am praying for you and your family knowing that His loving arms are around you.

  92. So sad of the sudden accident that separated a great character within a moment that contributed a lot for God’s Mission. We are so grieved of the lost. Our deepest condolences for the bereaved family members. May God comfort them all. Let’s continue carry forward the vision with immense ambition.

  93. David Melville says:

    I remember Peter and Miranda visited Minet Country Park during a time of transition and uncertainty which is not unusual in Christian conservation in my experience. After some social/ networking they took a few questions the detail if which escapes me but their responses I have never forgotten ad they were so encouraging from Miranda’s gentle smile to Peters words to keep on keeping on for the next generation are paramount in protecting these places. I also have been inspired as many others have by his two books Bright Wings and Kingfishers Fire especially the story about the Kingfishers flying under the bridge, helping with a persons problems by distracting them at that moment ( which may have been the subject of the question?).

    Chris Naylor I had the pleasure of working with on a more permanent basis as an acting CEO for ARUK during an interregnum and we also shared physical space of having offices close together in Southall as the Education room was next to the library where he was based. During work and early morning prayers I got to know this gentle family man who had a heart for the Lord and love of nature in everything he did. As little as a couple of weeks ago we were still corresponding on a mutual interest and I found him as warm in friendship and as encouraging as ever which he seemed to have in abundance and for this reason he will be so badly missed RIP.

  94. As coordinator/fundraiser Climate Stewards Netherlands and volunteers A Rocha Netherlands, we are shocked by this fatal accident. Since 2012 we have spoken with Miranda, Peter and Chris about the A Rocha organization and the usefulness and necessity of the Climate Stewards portfolio. We will continue to remember Chris, Susanna and Miranda as people with a great love for everything on God’s earth. We hope and pray for Peter’s well recovery. Our warmest condolences to their family, friends, especially children and grandchildren and all members of the A Rocha family.

  95. I can’t begin to describe the shock of learning about this terrible loss. A Rocha has lost its mother as well as three beautiful, kind, gentle Christian souls. After a week of prayer and reflection I have come to this question. What would they want us to do with our grief. The answer that comes back is carry and reflect this grief at the loss of dear friends into our grief at the extinction of God’s creation. To inspire souls around the world to protect creation, as they did, is the most meaningful tribute. I am convinced that a strong, growing, flourishing A Rocha family supporting each other in prayer as we pray especially now for Peter, is the good that must rise out of this tragedy. In the name of Christ and to the glory of God.

  96. Martin and Di Mitchell says:

    We have been with A Rocha since the very early days and have always been inspired and encouraged by Peter and Miranda and their work. It encouraged us to have a Biblical view of God’s care for His creation and to get fully involved ourselves. We have had a great respect for Chris too and were very pleased when he became CEO.
    This accident has come as a huge shock.
    We are praying very much for all the families. May they know the Lord upholding them.

  97. gordon kubanek says:

    All that comes to my mind is
    being with God now
    and lots of hugs

  98. Raquel da Costa says:

    It was really a shock to me knowing about the accident. I am praying for Peter’s life and family and friends all over the world. They have touched so many life’s. I am Portuguese and we meet in Portugal. They had a big impact in my Christian life and walk with God. Miranda has gone but will never be forgotten. Thanks be to God for a fantastic couple Peter and Miranda.

  99. Cathy Tillotson says:

    Still in shock at this news but want close family and friends to know that my time at Cruzinha with Peter, Miranda, Esther and Beth were truly times of encouragement and blessing for me. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jo or Jeremy, but could see the love of family that you modelled to all who came within your circle. I remember going shopping for bread with Miranda in Portimao and I shared my heart for animal welfare with her. She encouraged me to go for it. At the time it felt as if I was going out on a limb, just like her and Peter did when they first thought of Arocha. All the arguments that they encountered with people saying that we should concentrate on humans and leave the environment/animals to the secular world. Well since that time God has lead me to 27years in the animal welfare /conservation field, always as the only Christian within the organisation I was serving. It is the pioneering bravery of Peter and Miranda and the others I met at the very beginnings of Arocha that have modelled a path for me in what I believe is my calling. Thanks to being in the house group of Peters sister, way back in 1985, when I had just become a Christian and graduated in zoology, I have had the courage to follow my heart. Thankyou dear Miranda, from the bottom of my heart, for your gentle yet strong encouragement of me to follow what I believed was the call on my life. My heart is aching right now, but even more my prayers for all of you close to these wonderful human beings, that you would especially know His love and comfort at this awful time and that healing will come to all who have been touched by this trajedy. May God give us his peace and healing and help us to support one another in this time of grief. All my love Cathy

  100. Pam Simpson says:

    I have no words to describe the shock and sense of loss that I have felt since hearing this news. I met Peter and Miranda on numerous occasions and enjoyed their warm and generous hospitality while they were living in France and I was volunteering at Les Tourades. Chris I met once or twice. The hole these three will leave in the A Rocha family will be enormous. My prayers are with you, Peter, and with the two families and all who are mourning with them.

  101. Sylvia Pemberton says:

    Dearest Peter,
    Words cannot express my feelings adequately- I was so shocked and saddened to hear of the accident. You and Miranda have always held a special place in my heart and I thank God for both of you and your love for God which was infectious.
    Bartlett Court and Bristol seem a long time ago, but memories of times there as neighbours remain fresh in my mind. You were such a special couple and we valued your friendship. Visiting you at Cruinha was also a joy-something Sarah, Helen and I still talk about.
    My thoughts, prayers and love go out to you at this time, and also to Jo, Esther,Jem and Beth. I pray that God would heal and comfort you and all your family.
    With much love, Sylvia

  102. Jennifer Adhika says:

    I only met Peter and Miranda once, when they visited A Rocha Canada in Surrey BC while I was an intern in conservation in the Fall 2014. I was humbled to be in their presence as we went out for an early morning bird watching walk. I specifically remember Peter’s excitement when we came across a beautiful Varied Trush. Both Peter and Miranda were gentle and kind spirits, so devoted to and passionate about their faith and the environment. I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news of this terrible car crash. My prayers are with Peter for complete healing from this traumatic experience – physically, emotionally and spiritually. My prayers also go out for the Harris and Naylor families during this time of mourning and great loss. May God our Heavenly Father, great Healer and Comforter be near to you all.

  103. Peter Mogan says:

    To Peter and all of the Harris children and grandchildren.

    It was in the mid 90s that Suzanne and I first met you, Peter, and Miranda, and your four children, as you came to teach a class I co-led with Loren Wilkinson. Almost immediately, we connected with your warmth, passion and graciousness. That led to a relationship which included precious times both at home in Canada and in Europe as we spent time together in Fontvielle, Cruzina and Cassis. Indeed, we had the tremendous privilege of accompanying you and Miranda to Cruzina in your first visit back after years away to allow transition to new leadership. Along the way, you and Miranda taught me to see God’s creation through new eyes and you introduced Suzanne and I to the amazing global A Rocha community.

    How heart-broken we are to lose Miranda so soon. Peter, we pray for your healing – of body and heart. May you know God’s tender (severe) mercy in the days, weeks and months ahead.

    We have said of Miranda when we describe her to friends that she exemplified hospitality in her very personhood. One favourite memory was very early in our relationship when I arrived late for the Regent course we were leading together and sat down at a desk. I was having a very difficult and painful day. Incredibly, Miranda got up from her seat, quietly made her way around the room to my desk and gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. I felt loved and my dampened spirit was lifted. That, indeed, is such a wonderful example of God’s hospitality. Many more such stories followed.

    So, Miranda, as you go home to be with our Lord, may you experience the fellowship of the ultimate giver of hospitality, forever. We will miss you so much.

    Much love,

    Peter (and Suzanne)

  104. Liz & Tony Hodgson says:

    From the west coast of Canada, we send our love and prayers. A Rocha has helped in big ways and small to heal the world God created, and that blessing will last for generations. Lean on those everlasting arms…

  105. Fi Moore says:

    At 19 years old I was given the opportunity to Nanny for Miranda and Peter at A Rocha Portugal not long after they started and as Beth was born. Miranda was one of the most beautiful and inspirational women I was privileged to spend time with as a teenager and she, along with her sister Anita, greatly influenced me as a wife, mother and Christian. Like everyone else I am so shocked and deeply saddened and my heart and prayers go out to Peter and the wider family at this time. Now at 54 her influence still lives in me as I know it does for so many others around the world. What a wonderful legacy to leave. I treasure the framed writing and drawing of Matthew Henry on Genesis 2:21-25 she gave us for our wedding. Thank you and miss you. x

  106. Like so many others I am devastated by this news. We had the joy of hosting A Rocha at L’Eau Vive Provence and their visits joyful and memorable. Above and beyond their passion for the cause Peter and Miranda were inspirational in their warmth and friendship. My holidays in their home in Fontvieille were a huge blessing. Your friends from Ventabren send their love prayers and condolences to both families.

  107. John Bimson says:

    Peter and Miranda were an inspiration when Maya and I stayed at Cruzinha in 1993, and A Rocha’s growth since those early days has been such an encouragement to all who care about God’s world. It is difficult to know how to respond to such a shocking loss. Our prayers are with the Harris and Naylor families, and with you, Peter, for a full recovery – for peace and strength and for the reality of the Christian hope to be with you.

  108. Rob and Sue Martin says:

    Dear Peter, Jo, Esther, Jem and Beth. We send you so much love. Be assured of our prayers. We started with you at Crosslinks about the same time and our children were friends at Monkton. God be with you all at this terribly sad time. We pray too for Chloe.
    Rob and Sue Martin

  109. Christine says:

    Dear Peter and family,

    Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family including the Naylor family.
    I do not know you personally but I am a regular volunteer at A Rocha Portugal since last June.

    A sense of Hopelessness and deep sadness came upon me when I heard of your tragic news. But Marcial and his caring Team were able to reassure me of God’s love and support. Your beautiful wife left a wonderful legacy in Cruzinha.

    Beyond the conservation and community that A Rocha offers, it is from my humble experience, a place of HOPE, LOVE and above all FAITH (not matter what one believes in), not to forget LAUGHTER.
    Marcial regularly shares heart warming stories of your time in Portugal.

    My prayer is one of healing for you and your loving family. May God give you the courage and strength to get through this difficult time in your lives.

    I like to believe that even though three beautiful SOULS are sadly not with us, somewhere above in the Heavens, three STARS shine brighter than ever.

  110. Dear Peter and Harris extended family and Naylor family, please accept my heart felt condolences and be assured of my prayers as you walk through this dark valley. We are grieving with you over this terrible loss, lamenting before God our Father.
    Peter and Miranda have been unwavering in their support of me and my work and I cannot describe how shocked and saddened I am. Gisela (Kreglinger)

  111. Theo & Maureen Roberts & family says:

    Our love and prayers for you all from Theo & Maureen Roberts & family

  112. Ruth Thomas (Batty) says:

    My thoughts are with you all. I keep thinking of the photos I have from 1983 of our two families on the beach in Armação de Pera.

  113. Sue Jelfs says:

    I first met Peter and Miranda at All Nations Christian College in 1995 when they spent a Sabbatical term with the College community and they were a part of our tutorial/worship group so we got to know them really well. It was their suggestion that I explore working with Dave and Anne Bookless in Southall as a community worker at St George’s where Dave at the time was the Vicar ‘You’ll get on well ‘ they said. That was my introduction to ARocha and also the beginning of friendship with both couples.
    It has been a huge joy to know Peter and Miranda and they took such a prayerful interest in the cross cultural work I’ve been involved in – and it’s been wonderful to spend time with them in Devizes, sitting by the fire and enjoying good coffee or a glass of wine – and although I didn’t see them frequently it always felt as if it was five minutes since the last time. Their gift of hospitality and friendship was wonderful . I can’t believe Miranda is no longer with us and my deep sympathy and prayers are with you Peter, for solace and healing; and indeed with the whole family and those of Chris and Susannah, who I didn’t know personally but of course knew of and appreciated his writing.

  114. Sally Shaw says:

    I remember Chris staying with us in Adelaide in 2015. His banoculars never left his neck, he reguarly stop to study our amazing birds. He was also keen to see a koala, and then one morning, there was a large one in the gum tree outside of his window. He was so excited and thrilled.His love for God’s creation was truely inspiring. His loss is so great for so all. Praying especially for his dear family.
    Miranda’s ability to make you feel special and loved was truely remarkable. Even at breakfast time she had time for me. This I find amazing when I know she reguarly meets people all round the world and yet still has the time to take an interest in each person she mets. She was Peter’s extraordinary co-partner, humble,loving and beautiful.I loved all the pretty scarfs she’d wear. A Rocha’s foundations have been built on Miranda and Peter’s deep and Godly faith. Oh she will be soooo missed. Praying for Peter and their dear family.

  115. Yvonne Lyon says:

    Devastated by this news. So grateful for the short but incredibly inspirational time I spent with Peter and Miranda. Felt so connected to Miranda after a short walk together with her in her garden, as monarch butterflies caught our attention. Will never forget that special moment. Much love and prayers to everyone. X

  116. I’m grieved over this accident and doubly thankful for what A Rocha does.

  117. Jere Schade & Brenda Hendrickson says:

    Dear Jeremy, Bethany, Esther and Jo,
    From the time we met you when you were little children in 1996 at Au Sable in Michigan until now, we have kept up with your comings and goings through your parents, especially your dad when he visited us often in the fall to band hawks with Jere here in Pennsylvania. We are holding you four and your families up in prayer many times every day ever since we heard of Monday’s tragedy. We pray God will keep his promise from Psalm 34:18
    “God is close to the broken-hearted and heals those who are crushed in spirit.”
    May you know His special love for you as you grieve.
    Your mother’s lovely letters to us, her words of encouragement and love through the years are a treasure to us as we grieve with you.
    Jere has written a short note below for Peter. Please share it with him when you feel he is ready.

    Dear Peter,
    While I bow my heart to God’s sovereignty, I cannot even begin to understand why this unimaginable tragedy has come upon your family. In all my experiences of loss and work as a hospital chaplain, I have never lived through anything that has broken me as has your suffering. My dearest friend Peter, I am struggling mightily to understand why you have been left without your greatest friend on this earth. I believe it is somehow in God’s severe mercy, that you are the gift of grace placed in the lives of your children at this juncture. You have been, are, and will be their comfort. As you would tell me, “Bon courage!”…for them and all of us who love you and need you in our lives.
    Jere Schade

  118. Albert Saba Nsabiyumva says:

    I am praying for you to get through this time with the peace that comes from the knowledge that God loves Miranda, Chris and Susanna and that He will take care of you, Peter, and A Rocha.

  119. It is indeed a sad news for us on earth and great news for those in heaven!
    I had the opportunity to meet Peter, Chris and Miranda in 2015 at one of the A Rocha event in BC. It was where I experienced Miranda’s warm and motherly love. It was a busy day for A Rocha team of Canada. I have lost my friends..Not only friends but look like a Family members. I never forget them and their words what they spoke to me during the Event. please pass my special condolence to their family members..I love them all.

  120. Buz & Jean says:

    Dear Peter, Jeremy & family,
    We are so saddened to learn of the awful news of the tragic accident, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of your wonderful wife and mother Marind, you are in our thoughts and prayers during this very sad time.
    Buz & Jeannie Howson.

  121. KERSTIN HACK says:

    On my blog I wrote what the 30 + years of friendship to Susanna and Chris meant for me. // https://kerstinhack.de/allgemein/susanna-and-chris-naylor-saying-good-bye/
    Words cannot describe what I am feeling – yet I do need words to describe my emotions.

    Susanna was a good friend. I hesitate to write the word „was“. In spite of all the tears the news that she, her husband Chris and their friend and collegue Melinda Harris died in devstating car crash a few days ago.

    News hit me while I was on my way to the airport for a long awaited break and sabbatical. Since then tears and memories came flooding. I met Susanna when I was 18 – making her my 4th oldest friend. There are only 3 friends that I have known longer than her.

    We both worked at a Christian Summer Camp for international students in Cambridge, providing opportunities for fun and talk. It was Susanna who told me about Wycliffe Bible translators / Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) who analyze languages that very often do not even have a written form and then translate the scriptures for these people. Susanna herself was the daughter of two SILers, John and Cathleen Callow, who lived and worked in Ghana.

    Childhood and youth

    That is where she and her 3 sisters Lois, Rhoda and Naemi (hope the spelling is correct) grew up – I remember her telling me stories of how their mom used the bathrooms in the SIL Center to wash all of their hair at once – each daughers head in a different sink – you have to be efficient with 4 girls.

    Susann telling me about Wycliffe changed my life. Being interested in other cultures, the gospel and communication I wondered if this would be a career path for me. It later turned out that it was not. I lacked the analytical, almost mathematical skills that you need to dissect an unknown language.

    However I spent one year working as a volunteer with a bunch of other young folks from all over Europe at the Wycliffe Center in Horsleys Green. We cooked for the people in training and joked that surviving out training was part of their overseas training. There was the famous Tuesday soup and all the fun and laughter of young people sharing life together.

    But it was also stressful if you are not used to being around people constantly. After a few weeks I felt exhausted and unhappy. Susanna invited me to their family home near Oxford. We went for walks, drank endless cups of tea and her dad John shared how the words of the Apostle Paul about his sick co-worker Epaphroditus touched him. After this weekend of friendship and family time I returned refreshed and renewed.

    We stayed in touch. Mostly through classical letters on paper. Susannas handwriting was small, almost a bid edgy, in some ways it looked like Aramaic.

    And here letters were rich. We both did not stay with superficial things, but shared about what mattered most to us. Susanna wrote about

    Times when family members struggled in their health, releationships or faith
    Her prolonged illness and the hardship and pain of having to give up her beloved subject of medicine due to medical issues.
    Her choice to pursue teaching as a career.
    And then…Chris came along

    And then there was this letter where she described this young man she had met and who took her icescating one day. She was wondering if there was more…There was…and after a while I received the invitation to their wedding.

    Susanna was one of the most beautiful brides I ever saw – her delicate features seemed even more beautiful in a simple, but elegant dress and behind a veil. And Chris and his family seemed to be a lot of fun. His best man and brother told stories of how even as young boy he had a lot of love for animals and research – using his mothers cooking pots to boil and preserve them.

    Chris took it with humour as they told how as a young boy he was sent to the shop to buy some elbow grease…

    Early years in the Middle East

    A few years later they headed out for their live together, choosing to serve God in the Middle East as teachers. I had the privilege to visit them in Jordan where they attended Arab language school. We visited historic sites like Jerash, for the first time since Sam and Chloe was born Susanna left them with Chris as the two of us headed for two days of sightseeing in Petra and snorkling Aquaba in public bus – quite an adventure.

    But most of our time was spend sharing, eating the great food Susanna cooked and deep talks – about the insecurities many women in the Middle East face. Just before I came there had been several cases of successful or attempted sexual assaults on women in Susannas circle of friends at and this deeply affected and also frightened her.

    Yet she choose love over fear as they both continued to work and serve in the area as teachers in Kuwait. Their lives were spared as they were on holiday when Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Army invaded Kuwait. But they lost all of their belongings. “They even took the light bulbs. The only thing that was left was one picture of my niece that was found in one corner of our flat.” For her one of the most painful losses was the loss of her wedding album. I gave her the pictures I had taken at their wedding, but then it was a miracle and answer to prayer that one day a parcel arrived at their doorstep that had no sender on it, but it did contain their wedding album – a big treasure for her.

    They chose Lincoln as a base to rebuild their lives and I happened to be with them as the british government decided that the British Citizens who lost all of their possessions and their savings on Kuwait Bank accounts in the invasion –at least did not have to pay taxes. That was a huge relief to them and a sign of Gods provision in the midst of the crisis. We celebrated with a wonderful big meal. What a joy!


    And they headed out again. To Lebanon with A Rocha an environmental charity, aiming to serve God by protecting his creation. We stayed in touch, shared life enjoying newer technologies like Emails to keep each other updated in newsletters.

    In those years always said “I will come to visit you one day!” But as life was busy this one day never came – until I got one Email from Susanna: “We decided to return to England.” Yikes. “Can I maybe come to visit you in May?” “That is only three weeks before we leave, but you are the kind of person I can be at ease with – even in the midst of packing up my life!”

    So I was with them – sharing and reflecting on the years that lay behind them. Years of a fruitful life, restoring the almost destroyed Amique Marsh, a home for wildlife and birds but also a place where Muslims and Christians could meet and interact.

    Susanna also shared about the hard times. How it had shattered her, when Prime Minister Hariri was murded – just minutes after she had seen him pass by the crossroads where she stood with her car. The power of the explosion that blew up his car was so strong that it blew out windows hundreds of meters away. But worse than that was living through the Israeli-Lebanese war, with heavy fighting going on in their neighbourhood. Leaving them stuck inside with none of the needed medicine – in the end Sam risked his life to go to the pharmacy. The gunwholes from the fights were still visible on their balcony and so were some of the scars the trauma left on their souls.

    I was with them as they said good buys to people and places, but also in some ways to the close knit family life they had enjoyed. Soon Sam and Chloe would pursue their own career while Josh would finish his last years of school.


    Their willingness to rebuild their lives after losses was what impressed me most with Susanna and Chris. They did experience heavy losses of health, career paths, possessions, security and home, but did not become bitter, but grieved. And then chose to keep on trusting God and rebuild.

    Chris accepted the position of CEO of A Rocha and Susanna worked as a teacher again. When I met her in England a while after they resettled. During a good meal she spoke about the difficult heavy times when Chris´ live was very much in danger due to his heart condition. He had once written to me that one of the things he had enjoyed most during the times of recovery was watching animals life on Webcam. Whenever I feel really stressed I now go to Africam to watch some elephants drinking or flapping their ears.

    She also told me how her aging parents were still holding bible studies in their home and how grateful she was that her kids were doing well… Chloe in Nursing and Sam and Josh in their studies – she was deeply thankful that returning to England had given Josh the stability he needed to recover from the war traumas of Lebanon.

    After the meal and watching the peacocks on the terrace of the restaurant we took time to stroll through Oxford. Susanna showed me the grounds of her former college. That was the last time we met on this earth. We ended our friendship where it had begun: In a beautiful old university town in England. Sharing life and faith.

    It so hurts, to loose you, Susanna and Chris, but I am thankful for all the years we had together. I know that you now are in a place with no more insecurities and losses. I imagine heaven as a place where you, Susanna, can do medical work…cooperating with God and the Angels to bring healing to people on earth and as a place where you, Chris, can admire all the birds and wildlife of the universe. I trust you will love that. However you are missed on earth. See you soon!

    My heart goes out to Sam, Chole and Josh a lot these days and to Susannas parents, sisters and other relatives that I know so well from her stories and also Chris´ family. Grieving their unspeakable loss and praying for comfort.

  122. Martin Tanui says:

    Miranda, Chris and Susanna may you rest in eternal peace. Though I did not know you personally the work you were doing is dear to me. As a catholic priest, I prayed for you yesterday – All Souls Day.
    Peter and the driver get well soon. I prayed for you in today’s Sunday Mass. May you recover quickly so that you may do the work of being ‘stewards’ of God’s creation.

  123. Nicky Bull says:

    I can only imagine what the staff and friends at A Rocha are going through by thinking what it would be like to lose three key members of my church family – and the sense of loss and devastation must be truly awful. But we have an everlasting hope and every reason to press on and persevere in the work that these key A Rocha people were engaged with. God bless

  124. Lucy Lane Fox says:

    The immensity of this tragedy leaves me lost for words. Praying that Peter Harris will make a good recovery. Lifting in prayer all the children and loved ones affected. Thinking of A Rocha. My heartfelt condolences to Anita Cleverly for the loss of heresearch beautiful sister

  125. Ben Knighton says:

    Dear Peter,
    What a tragedy! One is tempted towards speechlesssness, but for the record:
    I am glad you came through OCMS not long ago, and was able to reminisce of the BCMS camp at Keswick in 1986. I had married six weeks earlier and one of you had just been diagnosed with cancer, so you apologized over 30 years later for being stand-offish! How you persuaded BCMS to embark on ecological mission before its time was a wonder to behold. Last year I examined a Kenya thesis in Norway on ecotheology!

  126. Keegan Gan says:

    My sincere condolences to you Peter, for your loss. I still have fond memories of the walk around Bishan Park when you and Miranda visited Singapore. God be with you and your family through this trying period.

  127. Michael and Jane Cowan says:

    News of the terrible accident has distressed and bewildered us hugely and we find the thought of you, dear Peter, without your wonderful wife and team mate, almost unbearable. But it seems you were brought out of that wreckage alive, by the hand of God, to be given the best care available. Now, we are praying earnestly for a full recovery so that you can get back to those Pembrokeshire cliffs we share a love for….and whatever else the Lord has in mind for you. Meanwhile, may you ‘take refuge in the shadow of His wings’ (Psalm 57 was sermon topic this morning at Holy Trinity, Redhill, where we grieved and prayed).

    We were so privileged to be in the right place, at the right time, in June 2006, when Miranda was taken ill at Gatwick. Those days of opening our home to you (and briefly to Beth) led to a deeper friendship and treasured memories of times together since. We echo every thought that has been expressed from round the world about how special Miranda was – she lived with one foot in heaven and one on earth (sharing her humanity and showing us Jesus).

    Our hearts ache for her family and for the Naylor children, all of whom have sacrificed so much over the years to allow us and Arocha to be blessed by their parents.

    Que Deus continue a abencoar a obra de
    A Rocha no futuro

  128. Agnes Ibanda says:

    I’m deeply wounded since i heard about this tragedy and i can’t imagine right now which words could be able to comfort these families.

    May God Himself surround all those affectet with his loving arms.
    LCCN Goma/DRC
    In Madagascar for mission work

  129. Laura Gill says:

    Wanting to share a treasured memory of sitting with Miranda in and around the “Worth Saving” Creation Care initiative in the UK 3-4 years ago. She spoke of the round table in the Portugal house, and its ongoing meaning for her.
    She also gave me a CD, the first album of a young Canadian singer-songwriter, who she was championing. I will play that music with even greater gratitude now, and remember her with love.

  130. Alan Ritchie says:

    Our love and thoughts are with the Harris family at this sad time. We grieve with you, trying to trust our Heavenly Father.
    Peter & Miranda have been very special to us since we shared the birth of A Rocha in 1983. We continue to pray for you & the Trustees.

    Alan & Kerry Ritchie

  131. Antje Walker says:

    What an unthinkable tragedy.
    Peter and Miranda spoke at our church only a few weeks ago and I was deeply touched by their vision, courage and faith as well as the love, warmth and gentleness which radiated from them.
    One of our daughters was fortunate enough to do an internship with A Rocha in Canada which was truly inspirational and a huge blessing. She also had the privilege of meeting Peter and Miranda on her first few days there.
    My heart aches with deep sadness and my thoughts and prayers keep returning to Peter and the family well as the Naylor’s family and all at A Rocha. Our love and prayers are with you.

    Thank you to A Rocha for publishing this blog page. It brings comfort and hope in the pain, being reminded that in Jesus we have hope beyond death and that Miranda, Chris and Susanna are now home with their loving heavenly father.

  132. Christine Kristof says:

    Je n’ai pas eu la chance de vous connaitre, mais votre oeuvre pour la Création parle de ce qui animait vos cœurs. Gratitude vous soit rendue là où vous êtes! Dieu avait-il besoin d’âmes ferventes à ces côtés pour conclure votre mission sur terre aussi abruptement? Seule la douleur pour les proches demeure pour lors. Force et courage à Peter! que son lien avec ses amis dans l’invisible lui procure la certitude que rien, sur un certain plan, n’est fini. Toutes mes condoléances pour leurs familles et leurs amis!

  133. Lucas Blom says:

    Wij zijn erg geschrokken toen we het bericht lazen van de omgekomen Directieleden van A Rocha. Wij bidden God voor troost en bemoediging voor de achtergebleven families, vrienden en collega`s.
    Lucas en Erica Blom.

  134. Lucas Blom says:

    All the best with Peter Harris. We`ll pray for him . God will be close with him. Bon courage.

    Lucas Erica Blom.

  135. Maureen Rendell says:

    I have followed and prayed for you, Miranda and the work of A Rocha ever since you came to St. Paul’s Church, Tiverton to tell us about starting up in Portugal all those years ago. I am so shocked and saddened to hear this devastating news and pray that the Lord will comfort and encourage you, and your family, as you recover. I will hold you and the Naylor family in my heart and my prayers.

  136. John Mustol says:

    A grievous loss. My prayers are with you all. God be with you.

  137. Lydia van Rooyen (South Africa) says:

    It was just days before the tragic accident that Miranda and Peter came (out of their way) to visit me. We instantly hugged and rejoiced, and the 10 years just fell away. As founder member of A Rocha South Africa and organizer of the Inauguration in Stellenbosch I immediately recognized Peter and Miranda as family in Christ. Our hearts were and always will be touched by the true love shining from Miranda and Peter. Her parting words to me were, we are truly one family in Christ.
    Peter, I don’t have words.. may God carry you and your children in this terrible time of grief and mourning. The same to the family of Chris and Susanna. We are lifting you in prayers and will keep you in our hearts forever.

  138. Miranda had time for people. She would email or jump on a Skype call, amongst all the time pressures on her, and enquire about my family and me. It was a very special trait of hers. The few times we met, she treated me as so important and special. It always amazed me, and made me feel special. During their visit to A Rocha Australia in late 2016 for our annual conference, we took Peter and Miranda for a bushwalk in a National Park. She and I sat near a cliff talking about our faith and hope, and marvelled at the sight, watching a waterfall, and sitting quietly watching as a lyrebird fed its chick. She loved the wildlife and forest, and it gave me great joy to show it to her.

    Chris was there when AR Australia formally began. He guided us through the many decisions we had to make in a hurry, and was encouraging and enthusiastic (whilst we were more worried and overwhelmed). He marvelled at a kookaburra feeding from his hand, and welcomed people into the AR family. I did not know Susanna, but remember Chris talking so fondly about her and their kids. He smiled the most when he talked about his family.

    The A Rocha Australia directors have felt the tragedy very deeply. It hurts so deeply.

    We pray for Peter. None of us would be involved in Creation care if not for Peter and Miranda.

    I thought of this passage when I recoiled at the tragedy of the accident and their deaths:
    Isaiah 57
    1 The righteous perish,
    and no one takes it to heart;
    the devout are taken away,
    and no one understands
    that the righteous are taken away
    to be spared from evil.
    2 Those who walk uprightly
    enter into peace;
    they find rest as they lie in death.

    This gave me great comfort, amongst the grief. The Lord has his plans, and loves his servants.

    And I wrote this to help me hold together my intense grief, the ‘whys’, and also the promises of God and the hope we all have in Christ.

    *When I heard the news*

    Cruel news, unfair!
    words hurt to read.

    Tragedy, so wrong,
    the Fall haunts still.

    Why them? Oh Lord,
    of all, why them?

    I sought your peace,
    And found hard tears.

    Heart aches, knees scream,
    hands reach to you.

    How to go on?
    Trusting God’s love.

    We wait, we hope,
    You will return.

    Death’s sting rules not,
    They, we, shall rise.

    Yield, breaking heart,
    my pain to You.

    Come, Lord Jesus,
    Renew all things.

  139. David Bakewell says:

    Dear A Rocha family, we are grieving with you and praying for you as you go through this dark time.

    We did not have the privilege of knowing Chris and Susanna personally, but Peter and Miranda have been long-time friends and inspirations. Although we only got to be with Peter and Miranda in small and occasional doses in their visits to our part of the world, we feel as though their impact on us as a family has been immense and of lasting value. Much has been said already of Miranda, all of which we resonate with – deeply spiritual, selfless, Christlike, full of grace, passion and compassion – it is so hard to imagine her gone. We don’t grieve for her of course, but will be praying for Peter, the children and family, and the wider family of brothers and sisters around the world who are still here, that we would keep going, keep serving, keep loving, with grateful hearts for having known her.

  140. Jane and Steve Hill, Ashley, Laurie and Bryony says:

    Dearest Peter, Jo, Estie, Jem, Beth and families, we weep with you on the tragic loss of your wonderful Miranda, loving, compassionate, caring, supremely gifted wife, mother and grandmother, worker for God, A Rocha, the environment and God’s wonderful creation, and above all His disciple and Saint. Words cannot express our supreme sadness for your loss of Miranda and of your good friends of so many years, Chris and Susanna, who have also been so instrumental in the work of A Rocha. We are praying for you all, in your loss and grief, that God will surround you with His everlasting arms and bring you healing and recovery, Peter. We send heartfelt thanks for all you and Miranda have meant to us and done for us and our family over the years. With much love and many prayers from us all.

  141. Arnold & Ruth says:

    Dear A Rocha Family,
    We have been inspired by all that A Rocha does. It is difficult to know how to express the upset we feel at these tragic losses.

    This morning we read Ps 56 v8.

    “You keep track of all my sorrows.
    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
    You have recorded each one in your book.” NLTse

    “You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights,
    Each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.” MSG

  142. Ness Kibble says:

    We are Miranda and Peter’s next door neighbours and we have just returned from holiday to the terrible news. Miranda was one of those people you couldn’t help but adore! Warm, gracious, kind, interesting and interested in all around her. We can’t quite believe we will never get to see her again. We never did get that date in the diary for a glass of wine and a catch up!
    I hope that it may be of some comfort to you to know that on the terrible day of the accident, we were in the Parrog in Pembrokeshire and the most incredible rainbow shone over the bay for hours on end. I like to think it was a little bit of Miranda coming home. I took a photo and hopefully when we get Peter home next to us he will be able to take some strength from it. You have our email address now, so please, please do let us know if there is anything we can do to help at your parent’s house. Please also send all of our love and strength to Peter so that he can get well and come home. I would also be grateful if you could pass our condolences to the family of Chris & Susanna. It sounds to me that they were of the same character as Miranda and their loss will be deeply felt by their family and friends. Sending love.

  143. Miles Giljam says:

    My condolences to the Harris and Naylor families and all involved in Arocha around the globe.

    It was such a privilege to meet Peter and Miranda during their trip to South Africa. The vision they were given by God and the faithfulness with which they have lived it was so inspiring. Even the short time with them their humanity and love for us, as well as creation, was very evident.

    Miranda, Chris and Susanna will be hugely missed. I pray that their Godly vision will increase through those of us left behind.

    My prayers are also with Peter and the driver as they recover.

    In Christ

  144. Tony & Norma Ellison says:

    We have known Peter & Miranda for many years since they worshiped at All Saints’ Church at Liverpool,England. We also shared their monthly prayer news from Peter. We saw them last when we spent a week with the team at Les Courmettes, Arocha France, a few tears ago. We have always prayed for their work. Our prayers now are for recovery for the injured and God’s comfort and peace for their family and also for the Naylor family. The news is heartbreaking but they leave a lasting legacy and testament to their care and love for God’s wonderful creation. May they rest in peace and share His Glory.

  145. David Hughes says:

    Such a sad and tragic loss to the Naylor and Harris families and to the whole of the A Rocha family. We are all diminished by this accident. We pray for God’s blessing and healing on Peter and all the families that have been so tragically hurt.

  146. Koos Mostert says:

    Our warmest condolences to all the families, friends, especially children and grandchildren and all members of the A Rocha family.May the God of this world be with you and embrass you in these heavy times

  147. adrine Musiime says:

    My condolences to the Naylor and Harris families and the global A Rocha family
    I am deeply hurt by the loss of our dear ones Chris, Susanna and Miranda. And surely we miss you!
    I would not be working with A Rocha if Peter and Miranda had not thought of starting this work of creation care. My prayers are to Peter and the driver to get well.
    With love, Adrine Musiime

  148. Maggie Le-Roy says:

    I am trying to take in the details of this tragic accident and the enormous loss that it has brought to God’s world. I remember living in Lebanon and meeting Chris and Susanna regularly during their time working at the school and then helping facilitate their shift to working with A Rocha. Chris used to enthuse about his bird watching in the Beka’a, out of which grew the A Rocha project – a special gift to Lebanon and one which inspired so many young people to get in touch with God through creation. I remember being in tears watching an early presentation that Chris put together of his photos illustrating one of the Psalms and the greatness of God.
    I pray that the footsteps and legacies which Chris and Susanna have left behind, will inspire the legacies of tomorrow. This also comes with my heartfelt love, condolences and prayers for Peter, Sam, Chloe and Josh particularly. May you know our creator God and friend especially close to you at this very sad time.
    Maggie Le-Roy

  149. Phiippe Fromont says:

    Chers Amis d’A Rocha,

    C’est avec stupéfaction et tristesse que nous apprenons cette terrible nouvelle. Nous pensons aux familles endeuillées. Nous prions que Dieu les porte, les console et soutienne leur foi.
    Toute la communauté EPUdF de Cannes (France) se joint à moi.

    Avec toute notre sympathie,
    Pasteur Philippe Fromont

  150. David Beazley says:

    Deepest sympathy, love and prayers.

  151. Michael Smith says:

    Deeply saddened to hear this news. My heart and prayers with theIr families and loved ones. “Underneath are the everlasting arms.”

  152. Arthur Pemberton says:

    Peter, I have been waiting for this deep ache in my heart to subside so that I can write lucidly. But it hasn’t so here I go.
    It is 30 years since we shared a landing, our hopes for the future and for my part, our family lives, in Bristol and then subsequently as time and responsibilities allowed. I never forgot a moment of it and it is precious to me.
    I have quietly followed the two of you over the years, watched you on YouTube, and via the website and rejoiced as your clear and prophetic vision has unfolded and grown to where it is today.
    You and Miranda have always been in my prayers Peter.
    Now I find myself bewildered that your dear Miranda has been taken. I can see her now, enthusiastic, full of generosity, love and loveliness her eyes shining with passion. You always used to say “God’s purposes are many fold”. And I guess that will have to do. For her, now, she is enfolded in the love that she so enthusiastically sought to point us to.
    All I can say is that my heart goes out to you all; that I promise not to stop remembering you, (and now I have the Naylor family to pray for, although I never knew them of course). I cannot think that I can be useful, but if there is anything within my power, please ask.
    With all my love to you all. Arthur Pemberton.

  153. Peter and Anita Sturgess says:

    Peter and I want to say how very shocked and saddened we were to hear the news of the tragic accident.
    Our heart goes out to you Peter and all the Harris family. We are praying for your full recovery and also a very real sense of the Lord’s comfort and presence in the days ahead.
    We have many fond memories of Miranda, what a wonderful, godly lady she was and what an example to us all. She will be sorely missed.We thank God for her life.

    We didn’t know the Naylors but we are also praying for their family on the loss of Chris and Susanna. We thank God for them.

    We know this news has affected many A Rocha friends and we join you in praying for the Lord’s help and strength as we all come to terms with the loss of our Christian brother and sisters.
    with our deepest sympathy and Christian love.

  154. Paula Banza says:

    Never the portuguese word “saudade” was so meaningful… Vou ter tantas saudades tuas Miranda! I will miss you Chris and Susanna…
    At the same time I´m so honoured and grateful to have shared so many and special moments with you Miranda and, not so many but still very special with Chris and Susanna. Your lives were really “worth living”! My love goes to Peter, Jo, Estie,Jem and Beth and their families; and Sam, Chloe and Josh. May the God of all Heavens and Earth conforts you.

  155. Brita Colero says:

    Dear Harris and Naylor Families,

    We mourn with you over this loss and our prayers are with you for your grief and Peter’s recovery. I have long followed Arocha and have been inspired to keep the faith with others who appreciate God’s heart for His creation.

    We trust the Lord to be with you in this time,

    Brita and Sandy Colero (Lake Country, BC, Canada)

  156. Dear Peter, Marcia and I were so saddened to hear the news of your tragic accident and the loss of your beautiful Miranda, and your dear friends Chris and Susanna. We both have many fond memories of you and Miranda, your wisdom, your kindness, your compassion. Our condolences to you and all your family members, as well as to the Naylor family. love, Harvey McKinnon and Marcia Thomson

  157. Our deepest condolences go out to the Harris and Naylor families, at this time of sadness. Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are many. We wish Peter a full recovery, and to know he is on the minds of many concerned people, who are touched by the legacy of A Rocha and the good work being done.

  158. Colleen Cruickshank says:

    This news leaves all of us so very sad, heartbroken for the families of the Naylors and Harrises, and most especially for Peter. Their collective work generated such positive ripples in the world.

    While I did not know the Naylors personally, I have precious memories of my little time with the Harrises. To have lost Miranda – sweet, gracious and loving Miranda – makes my heart ache.

    Fervent prayers and blessings in this difficult moment.

  159. Les Batty says:

    It was such a shock to hear the news and both Carolyn and I send our condolences to Peter, Jo, Jeremy, Esther, Beth and everyone in the Harris and Naylor families.
    I didn’t personally know Chris and Susanna but my memories of Miranda go back, of course, to those early days in Portugal. I remember her cheerful, warm and hospitable nature and the times we spent together as families, and I treasure the lovely tribute to Wendy that she wrote for A Rocha News after Wendy’s death in 2001. Although the A Rocha adventure eventually took us in different directions, it was always good to meet up together from time to time and I still remember the last conversation I had with Miranda which was at one of A Rocha’s 30th anniversary celebrations.
    So we pray for God’s healing touch, that Peter will soon recover from his injuries and that all may know God’s presence and comfort at this tragic time.

  160. David and Betty Payne says:

    Our dearest brother and friend Peter

    We struggle to find words to express our sympathy, love and prayers for God’s healing for you at this time.

    The shock waves of the tragic accident in South Africa which has claimed the lives of the dearest people – Miranda, Chris and Susanna – are being felt in every corner of the world.

    We thirst for the comfort of God’s word for you and the whole family – yours, the Naylors and A Rocha. We know that God’s unquenchable, self-giving love is valid for all time. What is unshakeable will remain – the power and love of Jesus is the way of hope and resurrection life which they are now experiencing and is what God has prepared for those who love him. “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” So we pray that the suffering, so real and deeply felt, may somehow be taken up into God’s purposes and that his love might extend yet further and creation be healed.

    This accident has brought back so many memories of the joy and enormous privilege of being partners with you in A Rocha. We remember being so excited by the vision that inspired the work of A Rocha right from the beginning in 1983. We will always treasure the memories of Miranda – her beauty, creativity, passion for community life, her warm generous hospitality and imaginative ways of making someone feel special, her sense of humour, her language skills and her precious cards and letters (Betty has kept many.) They so often brought to life words from the Psalms.

    We have continued to follow the lives of Jo, Estie, Jem and Beth and their families and your wonderful grandchildren. We eagerly found news of them in Miranda’s Christmas letter. We have continued to pray for them all throughout the years and never more than now.

    Our thoughts and prayers are also full of anguish and yet of longing for God’s love and mercy to prevail for Sam, Chloe and Josh. We remember them as youngsters and were always deeply inspired by the way the whole Naylor family came through together in times of difficulty. We give thanks for the love they all shared for the country and people of Lebanon and for Chris’ wise, humble leadership of A Rocha. Not long ago we chanced to attend a service at Chris and Susanna’s home church in Burford, not realising that this was where they belonged. Their influence, Biblical understanding and respect for God’s creation was clearly visible all around us. We were amazed and delighted to meet them there. As we pray now for their bereaved family the tears come and yet we are completely sure that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Thanks be to God.

    With all our love, David and Betty

  161. KJ Brey says:

    So sorry to hear of this tragedy. Our condolences to the A Rocha family. I pray YHWH’s comfort and strength surround you all at this difficult time. In Messiah’s holy name. With our deepest sympathy, your sister in Christ, KJ Brey

  162. Mark Stavers says:

    I got to know Chris with A Rocha based in the same office in Oxford. He was always such a gentle man who was great around the office. I learnt from him when we talked about matters of mutual interest – he was generous with his expertise. We love A Rocha and all the staff and will miss him greatly and grieve with you all.

  163. This is tragic news for the churches’ environmental witness.
    Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers are with the families directly affected and with all our A Rocha friends here and overseas.
    As a key partner in the wider Christian environmental movement, we have asked our 470 Eco-Congregations across Scotland to pray at this time for everyone involved, remembering the inspiring lives of Miranda, Chris and Susanna, bearing witness in our world to the God of all creation.
    Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.
    May they rest in peace. Amen.

  164. Tama Ward Balisky says:

    Miranda once said to me, at a time of great personal loss in my own life, “While God does not cause suffering, perhaps God trusts us with the suffering that comes to us.” We were walking through the dune wild-rye and large-headed sedge along the north arm of the Fraser River on Iona Island (British Columbia). Peter and Loren were off tracking down some migratory shorebird. It was the most empowering thing said to me after my loss. It enabled me to step into my grief rather than to be swallowed up by it. Miranda was a beautiful pastor who expanded the terrain of many hearts, mine included.
    My love and prayers go out to Peter and Jeremy and to all in the Harris, Naylor and A Rocha family.

  165. Samuel Y. Chiu says:

    In memory of dear friends, colleagues, mentors…

    It’s been almost a week since knowing the tragic death of my friends and colleagues at A Rocha International Miranda Harris, Chris Naylor and his wife Susanna in a horrific car accident during a project visit in South Africa. Peter Harris (husband of Miranda), who survives the crash but sustains severe injuries, is still in ICU, now slowly coming out of the “induced coma” initially administered for his healing. I cannot help but have the mental pictures of various scenes I was with them in the last several years kept looping in my mind. Meanwhile, many colleagues and friends literally around the world have shared on social media their memories with these two godly, faithful and gentle couples. Some had brief encounters but deeply touched by them, while many others had years of friendship and comradeship with them in many countries.

    I still cannot find the right words to describe my feelings… I guess the following, as well as the photo and video posted here, might help me to unpack them a little…

    I first met Miranda at Regent College back in 2008, where the Harrises were teaching a summer course on creation care, one of the first I took in similar nature. Partly because of their extraordinary characters and passions demonstrated, I joined A Rocha Canada team a few years later. Not long afterwards Peter shared with me his desire and vision reaching out to the Chinese speaking regions, and asked me if I would like to help. And then I met Chris for the first time, at an A Rocha International global conference in the Netherlands. This began my journey with them up-close.

    Miranda was the most gentle and caring soul I have ever met. Many have shared about her profound impacts on them, even in brief encounters, not to mention those who have been befriended with her for years, even decades. For me, she was not just a colleague and friend, but a mentor, from whom I saw how Christ-likeness would be in our modern days.

    Besides the annual A Rocha International team gatherings and the AR International Forum once in every couple of years, I met the Harrises by travelling with them to Hong Kong a few times and Malaysia once several years back. Throughout these trips, I have observed how Miranda approached and received people passionately and caringly, even under long haul travel fatigues and “strange” cultural settings. She was a very attentive and patient listener, giving much needed time and space to capture what we told her about our well-being, our family and particular situations… This was not just in conversations, brief or prolonged, but in all those small things she demonstrated her deep care for people.

    Peter and Miranda did not just co-found the organization called A Rocha, but also shaped the culture and ethos of this now-global family. I was deeply impressed when Miranda recalled a couple of years ago, not verbatim here, that back in the very early days of A Rocha in Cruzinha (the first A Rocha field study centre, still in operation), they were very tight in finance, with scattering supports from time to time. One day they received an amount of 400 British Pounds from a supporter in UK; while they were wondering if they should spend the money on food or equipment, she decided to use half of the amount to purchase a large wooden dining table (which is still in use at Cruzinha today). For her, having meals together either after a long day of field works as a team (staff, volunteers, interns, etc.) or hosting visiting guests should be the key of the A Rocha’s experience and community. This legacy can be seen in many A Rocha’s presence around the world.

    There are tons of things I could recall my memories with Miranda. But I think I will leave them here now.

    She will be deeply missed.

    And my prayers for Peter on his journey of recovering from the physical injuries, and from the deep wounds of losing Miranda, his life-long companion and comrade and partner and… And for their four adult children and grandkids… May the Lord have mercy!

    Chris Naylor was my direct line-manager in the first couple years of my services at the A Rocha International team. He was very gracious and gentle in my induction to the larger organization of the A Rocha global works. In our conversations I could see his deep passion and experience, while trying very hard to steering the “mid-sized” ship of A Rocha global programs in its third decade and beyond, also in midst of a very stormy sea, financially and circumstantially speaking.

    Chris was very “instrumental” for the works in East Asia, which I have been helping to coordinate. Back in the end of 2013, he travelled with me to Hong Kong and Taiwan, trying to understand the situations and prospects there. Because of his presence there and his wisdom in establishing and fostering partnerships, we could finalize the partnering agreement with the Campus Evangelical Press (校園書房出版社) in Taiwan, with the publication of the now-widely used Chinese edition of the book “Planetwise: Dare to Care for God’s World” (Chinese title: 《耶穌的環保學》) one and a half year later. I learned a great deal from Chris, not just in project management but also his gentleness in handling stressful situations…

    When I received the news about the tragedy, it’s like a punch hitting right in my heart. Back in March this year, we (the A Rocha International Team) met for our annual team gathering at the Hookese (a.k.a. the John Stott’s Retreat) in Wales. When leaving, I said goodbye to Peter and Miranda, looking forward to seeing them again. And then on my way returning to London, I shared the ride with Chris, and visited his 16th Century-era home near Oxfordshire for tea. Susanna, whom I also met a couple of times before that, just arrived home from work too. I still remember vividly our great conversation, as they showed me one of the main beams of the house with markings of a ship from the Henry VIII era, his Neolithic stone tools collections, and their interesting stories while serving in the Middle East years back… Susanna, apparently knew about my works and the difficulties in East Asia, asked some very detailed questions about the churches and ethos in Asia.

    I could not believe that was my last time seeing and talking to them alive…

    There are lots more about the Naylors as I learned from Chris’ book Postcards from the Middle East earlier. Our former colleague Chris Walley also wrote a very moving account about the Naylors’ significant contributions in Lebanon, just quoting the concluding paragraph from that wonderfully written piece:

    “… It is tempting to think of what Chris and Susanna could have achieved had they been granted length of years. It is better perhaps to celebrate what they achieved in the time that was given them. Out of a sense of Christian calling, Chris and Susanna chose to bury themselves in one of the most difficult places in the Middle East. What they achieved there however is astonishing. It was not just the preservation of Aammiq – how many people get to save a Ramsar site? – but the way that they touched so many lives, encouraged so many individuals and demonstrated to all that there is a consistency with being a committed Christian and caring for the environment.

    Chris and Susanna’s lives were well lived for God and for his creation. What more – or better – could be said of any of us? “

    My prayers for the Naylors’ young adult children, Sam, Chloe and Josh, whom I never have the chance to meet but heard of often from Chris… May the Lord have mercy!

    In hope of the resurrection and New Creation to come…

    Official news from A Rocha International:


    Also in the broader world:

    On the media coverage of this tragedy, one of my colleagues Andy Lester at the A Rocha UK team wrote that “…Also amazed by the incredibly honest media response with 29 newspapers and publications, 12 radio stations, 3 TV stations plus Yahoo and You Tube providing sensitive and caring coverage.

    I was thinking about Chris Naylor this evening and imagined him smiling and saying ” if this is what it takes for people to wake up to the plight of the planet…then it has all been worth it.”

    In the darkness of these days, I do believe there will be unexpected breakthroughs as a result. But it doesn’t stop the tears and the pain. “



    The above is from my post on Facebook, with photos and video as mentioned. (https://www.facebook.com/samuel.y.chiu/posts/10157510112640132)

  166. Loren Balisky says:

    Dear Harris and Naylor Families,

    Know that, in this season of complete chaos, distress, collapse, and numbness, we hold on with you.

    Eternally under the bright wings, Loren

  167. Dean Hintz says:

    Our deepest condolences to the Harris and Naylor families. We were devastated to learn the terrible news. Peter and Miranda were always such an inspiration wherever we crossed paths, whether here in BC or in Europe. They have been incredible pioneers, living out practically the principles of creation stewardship. We also really appreciate Chris and Susanna’s work in Lebanon and their leadership with ARI.

    Our prayers are with you Peter, your family, the Naylors, and with the wider ARocha family around the world. We pray that God will carry you through these difficult days, and provide you with grace and strength. We also pray that you will experience God’s love anew through the care and encouragement of the community around you.

    With love, Dean & Anjela and the Hintz family.

  168. On behalf of the Witness Ministry of URCSA and the DRC Western Cape we express our deep sympathy with A Rocha International and the family members of Miranda, Chris and Susanna and we pray for the speedy recovery of Peter and the driver. May God bring healing and wholeness in and through the wounds inflicted by this tragic event.

    We call on all the congregations of URCSA and the DRC to please pray for A Rocha and the families involved.

  169. Anne et Mark Wallis says:

    Cher Peter,
    Une semaine après avoir appris cette tragédie, c’est encore difficile de trouver les mots pour exprimer ma tristesse et l’im compréhension. Nos condoléances a toi, vos enfants et a la famille Naylor. Je pense que toutes les personnes ayant rencontré Miranda en ont un souvenir rempli d’affection et d’amour. Les cieux se réjouissent d’elle, et avec elle. Dieu à encore besoin de toi sur Terre et le monde aussi.Nos pensées et nos prières sont avec toi pour ta restoration complète . Avec toute notre amitié.

  170. Edna & Edwyn Kiptinness says:

    Dear Harris family, We have learned about the loss of your wonderful mama in South Africa recently. We Edna and I do remember your mama very well when they stayed with us in Kenya several years ago and of course the many interactions, including living with them in Portugal and also last year. Your mama was a prayerful mama . She was a pillar not only in your family but to the rest of us in the Arocha family. We remember her with bond memories, especially some water fights in our home in Nairobi Kenya where your mama was good and while also taking photos of the water fights. She was a mama of the Word of God and a mamall as a family to remain united and a of fon ervent prayer. We encourage you to carry the legacy of your mama. Your dad was indeed a pillar in both your family and the Arocha family.We shall miss her, but we can only say the Lord is still the Throne and He will remember His own. we prayer for quick healing and restoration for your dad.We love you Edna and Edwyn Kiptinness Arocha Kenya.

  171. Rachel and Will Simonson says:

    Dearest Peter,

    the entire Simonson family (including Maureen 89) send our deepest sympathy to you. We cannot believe that your “immortal diamond” is no longer by your side, but that Miranda, together with Chris and Susanna are now with Christ in all His glory.

    Miranda shared so much of her dazzlingly beautiful self with us (you both did) and we are deeply grateful for the love and the words which were lavished upon us over many years, as well as for the opportunities you gave us to share in your lives, family and work. It has been one of the greatest joys and privileges of our lives and has impacted many more. Eg the already mentioned Matthew Henry commentary on Genesis 2 which Miranda crafted into a beautiful card for our wedding has been recycled and gifted many times over….and been such an inspiration and blessing.

    Our pain is palpable, how much greater is yours…we are trusting you, and Jo, Estie, Jem and Beth together with Sam, Chloe and Josh to the everlasting arms of our Heavenly Father and we pray for your comfort and healing. As you wrote to us once at a very sad time ” You know Him well, hold on tight”

    With our love and prayers, and to your chidren-in-law and grandkids too, as well as for the global A Rocha family, who are united in grief but also in hope, perhaps like never before…

    Will, Rachel Ben and Rosie

  172. Edna and Edwyn Kiptinness says:

    Dear the Naylor’s family, We have learned of the passing on of your beloved parents in South Africa recently.We remember your parents very during the many interactions within the Arocha family, especially time in Kenya and in Arochs family’s meetings. We would like to express our heart felt condolences to you. We pray that the Lord will undertake for you all at this time of pain, hurt, sorrow andwith many questions.We encourage you to fix your eyes heavenward and carry out your parents legacy to the next generations, since your parents were people of the Word of God and people prayer. Every Blessings at this difficult and challenging time. Praying for you all. Edna and Edna Kiptinness

  173. David and Betty Payne says:

    Our dearest brother and friend Peter

    We struggle to find words to express our sympathy, love and prayers for God’s healing for you at this time.

    The shock waves of the tragic accident in South Africa which has claimed the lives of the dearest people – Miranda, Chris and Susanna – are being felt in every corner of the world.

    We thirst for the comfort of God’s word for you and the whole family – yours, the Naylors and A Rocha. We know that God’s unquenchable, self-giving love is valid for all time. What is unshakeable will remain – the power and love of Jesus is the way of hope and resurrection life which they are now experiencing and is what God has prepared for those who love him. “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” So we pray that the suffering, so real and deeply felt, may somehow be taken up into God’s purposes and that his love might extend yet further and creation be healed.

    This accident has brought back so many memories of the joy and enormous privilege of being partners with you in A Rocha. We remember being so excited by the vision that inspired the work of A Rocha right from the beginning in 1983. We will always treasure the memories of Miranda – her beauty, creativity, passion for community life, her warm generous hospitality and imaginative ways of making someone feel special, her sense of humour, her language skills and her precious cards and letters (Betty has kept many.) They so often brought to life words from the Psalms.

    We have continued to follow the lives of Jo, Estie, Jem and Beth and their families and your wonderful grandchildren. We eagerly found news of them in Miranda’s Christmas letter. We have continued to pray for them all throughout the years and never more than now.

    Our thoughts and prayers are also full of anguish and yet of longing for God’s love and mercy to prevail for Sam, Chloe and Josh. We remember them as youngsters and were always deeply inspired by the way the whole Naylor family came through together in times of difficulty. We give thanks for the love they all shared for the country and people of Lebanon and for Chris’ wise, humble leadership of A Rocha. Not long ago we chanced to attend a service at Chris and Susanna’s home church in Burford, not realising that this was where they belonged. Their influence, Biblical understanding and respect for God’s creation was clearly visible all around us. We were amazed and delighted to meet them there. As we pray now for their bereaved family the tears come and yet we are completely sure that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Thanks be to God.

    With all our love, David and Betty

  174. Jessica & Adam Sweidan says:

    Like everyone, Adam and I are still processing this enormous tragedy.

    We are following Peter’s recovery, sending our love, blessings and strength to Peter and all the Harris & Naylor families.

    Miranda was a bright spark, and her flame will never be extinguished.

    Our hope for all involved – and for A Rocha – is that you allow yourselves time to recover. We are all here for you, and offer our support.

  175. Matthew McDade says:

    Christopher was my eldest brother and I will miss him and Susanna hugely. I have such happy memories of all the times we spent together for Christopher was a formative influence on me as a child and was instrumental in developing my love of nature. The world is a much poorer place without them.

  176. Steve Campbell says:

    I never met Peter and Miranda Harris but I knew of their groundbreaking work with A Rocha. In 1987, as I was exploring God’s calling on my life, an opportunity arose to join them in Portugal on short term mission. I didn’t go as I went instead to Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, India to join BCMS Crosslinks missionaries Chris and Liz Wright and Elizabeth Johnston. I was greatly shocked and saddened to learn of the fatal accident which took the lives of Miranda, Chris and Susanna. My prayers are with Peter and the driver as they recover, and the grieving families at this time. ‘Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.’ Matthew 5:4

  177. Robin Summerell says:

    From the family of St.James, Gerrards Cross and Fulmer.

    Dear Peter,

    We are all so shocked and saddened by the news of this tragic accident. Miranda and you are so much part of our family, whether that is because of your daughter Jo was part of the ministry here with her husband, Shawn, or because of our long and close ties with A Rocha over many years. Many of us have had contact with both of you through your London lunches, one of your many initiatives to engage people is this vital ministry. Miranda’s and your enthusiasm, love for people, but above all your love for God always shines.

    Please know that the whole church family is holding you, Jo and Shaun, the rest of your family, the family of Chris and Susanna, the driver Thando Kalipa, and the whole A Rocha family in our prayers both personally and corporately. If there is anything we can do, then please do ask.

    The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Ps 18:2)

  178. Sally Gray says:

    Dear Peter, my heart goes out to you and the family in your great loss. I well remember driving a loaned car to Heathrow Airport to meet you all after a trip away. I thought it was an awkward car to drive but you accepted it graciously and loaded it up with luggage and children. I watched you drive off praying for your safety and thinking of all the many journeys you take on A Rocha work, often with dear Miranda by your side. Now she is watching from above. As you recover physically, I pray for God to bring you comfort in the way only He can. May you and your children and grandchildren feel the embrace of the A Rocha worldwide family which you built up from the beginning. But more than that, may you know the tight embrace of God the Father, the gentle breath of the Holy Spirit and the strong love of Christ touching you as we hold you in our prayers.

  179. Chris, and the wider A Rocha family, have made a unique contribution to Birdfair for many years so it is with enormous sadness that we hear of the passing of Chris, Susanna and Miranda. They, their families, and everyone affected by their loss, are in our thoughts, as are Peter and the car driver, whom we wish the very best recoveries.

  180. Chas Foulds says:

    Bon courage, dear Peter.
    All our love, always,
    Chas and Jon

  181. Alison Elliott says:

    have been thinking about what to say about lovely Miranda, and want to say this. I met Miranda about 1981, in Upton, Wirral, when Peter became a curate at St Mary’s Church. She and I were both mums with 3 young children, our number 4s were born later after the Harris family moved to Portugal. Our 4 year old daughters started school together. Miranda was passionate about people and community, and I remember her pushing her big prom up the road and greeting everyone she met with her beautiful smile and genuine, caring interest. She believed in people being real, and not putting on a facade, her home was open to visitors, whether expected or not, and all felt genuinely welcome, despite any piles of washing, toys covering the floor or crying children. Miranda lived her faith and showed the love of Jesus to everyone she met. She and Peter were inspirational in many ways, as seen in the birth and growth of A Rocha International which has at its heart the responsibility of proactively caring for God’s creation outworked through that passion for people and communities. She leaves a wonderful legacy to so many people around the world.

  182. Nicholas Warren says:

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    I am sorry not to be able to be with you this Friday. Like all of us I am grieving. I cry and I smile as I relive my memories of Peter, Miranda and Chris. I have many from our group meetings and my one-to-one conversations with each one of them. Precious. I look at our group photo, the one we took at the Hookses. I pause and reflect upon our loss, their place in Heaven and I wonder about the future. It remains tragic.

    Miranda, Peter and Chris are such special people. Their warmth, commitment, humbleness, cleverness, accomplishments, and faithfulness to Christ touched me profoundly.

    I unfortunately never got to meet Susanna. May she rest in peace.

    I realise that our organisation will never be the same again as it is so profoundly based upon its individuals and our relationships with each other. Yet its vision and our mission remain so profoundly unchanged that I hope to continue to try and make this world a better place through our inspiring conservation work.

    May God bless you All and may He continue to take care of us, Peter, the Harris and Naylor families as we deal with this tragedy.

    With you in thoughts and prayers.


  183. We would like to share our condolences with the Harris and Naylor families and with the whole A Rocha family for their – and our – great loss. We pray every day for the recovery of Peter Harris. When we heard the news we were in shock, disbelief and full of questions. Such a tragic accident in which the cofounders and supporting pillars of A Rocha are involved. Last week a lot of the Dutch A Rocha volunteers and members of the Dutch Christian and non-Christian community expressed their feelings and support to us. With these condolences we would forward them to you all.

    We will always remember Miranda Harris as a naturally committed, very warm person with a individual and spiritual word for all of us. Her inspired words made us light-hearted and willing to give. We will always remember Chris Naylor as a modest but strongly inspired and focused leader of the A Rocha organization. They, together with Peter, gave us all a solid ground for our work for ecological and social justice, by continuously pointing in the direction of Jesus as Redeemer of the whole Creation and Cornerstone of the Kingdom of God.

    Last year at the A Rocha Global Forum in Portugal, where all A Rocha family members were represented, we were thoroughly pleased with the great solidarity and strong cohesion that was present, under the leadership of Chris, Peter, Miranda and others. This resulted in clear and trustworthy agreements about the road to a new Governance Convenant. We pray for all people involved, the team of ARI, the Board of Trustees, the Working Group and others, that they find the strength in Christ to proceed with this important work despite these difficult times.

    We hope Peter that you will – in time – recover, physically and mentally. We hope you will find consolation in the words of Paul (Philippians 1:21): “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”. Regardless of whether the verdict of his case was life or death, Paul would remain faithful to God. He knew that life on this earth meant to live for Christ, but death would even be better because he would be in the presence of the Lord. That is our common ground, that it does not end with death. But we, humans and all living creatures, will meet again in the presence of our Lord.

    Embert Messelink, Albert de Jong, Age Fennema and Harm Schoten

  184. The Harris and Naylor families and colleagues at A Rocha are in my prayers. May the peace of Christ give you strength and comfort.

  185. Nicola Hoggard & ARANZ board says:

    The A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand Board and core supporters met last night (by zoom) for prayer for the Harris and Naylor families. A week after the tragedy we are still in tears, still stunned, still reeling from this loss. Their lives touched us all, and for some of us changed the course of our lives. We remembered Chris’s and Peter’s love of birds, and their delight at our strange New Zealand ones and we remembered Miranda’s love, the love of both families. We echoed Andy Gosler’s call that we turn this anger and sadness into a renewed passion for an earth in danger. We send our love and prayers to Peter and to the Naylor and Harris children, grandchildren and siblings.
    And for Miranda, Chris and Susanna

    May the angels lead you into paradise;
    May you rest in peace, and rise in glory

  186. Kathy and Rob Thomas says:

    Our times are in his hands’ Psalm 31:15 were Miranda’s closing words of her Christmas letter 2018 and now way too soon she has gone to be with her Lord. It is difficult for us to comprehend why such tragedies happen and our hearts go out to you Peter on the loss of your greatest friend and soul mate Miranda and dear friends and colleagues Chris and Susanna. May God bring you healing, strength and courage in the days to come and may he hold your dear children and grandchildren in His everlasting arms and bring comfort as you share memories and happy times together.

    A Rocha loses three beautiful people, full of love, grace, gentleness, wisdom and who are now Saints in heaven. We didn’t know Chris and Susanna well but felt that we got to know the whole family more through their remarkable story in Postcards from the Middle East. Sam, Chloe and Josh our thoughts and prayers are with you. My mum died when I was 21 and I was devastated and I cannot begin to understand what it is like to lose both parents so suddenly. We pray that God will be close to you all and bring his peace.

    With love
    Kathy and Rob Thomas

  187. Caroline Lennartsson says:

    Dearest Peter, we are so glad to read today’s update and hear of your increasing strength and progress. Thanks be to God. Since early last week when I heard of this immeasurable loss, I have caught my breath often and with sighs and tears, returned to prayer. Remembering my trips to colourful Cruzinha and the big heart of the beautiful Harris family, which just always opened up and let people come in. The beauty of that place, of the people, of those times; of all the children when they were young. I witnessed there the incredible combination and the holding together of Conservation, Creation wisdom, Mission, Family, Kindness, Fun and Generosity and very good food and company. Miranda and Peter have held all these things together within their vision and love for God and shared them all with everyone, generously. I still can’t wrap my head around it but I continue to pray for complete healing for Peter, for the children and grandchildren and about the loss of Miranda as a sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.
    I did not know the Naylors but I cannot fathom that these 3 wonderful people are now not here and that they are with Him, complete, whole and in Glory, surrounded by wonder. This is a profound thing.
    Heartfelt compassion will continue to flow out to all those who do not have their beloved ones here now and who will journey on together in a new reality.
    This comes with dearest love to the remarkable Harris, Naylor and ARocha families.
    Caroline Lennartsson, aka Baggy

  188. Olivia Harris says:

    Dearest Harris family & Naylor family,

    I’ve been thinking of writing this for a while but each time I try, the tears don’t stop – tears for each of you when I think of what you must be feeling, tears for the precious lives which have been lost, tears for us all who are left without them.

    Many of us testify to Miranda’s incredible gift of making you feel like you were the only person in her world when she spoke to you. Both Pete and Miranda had a profound impact on our family back in the days of St Mary’s and Miranda continued to affect me deeply through her wonderful letters throughout my teenage years and way beyond. I made the most of having this wonderful person as my Godmother, writing to ask her how to read the bible and how to pray. Needless to say, her answers have stayed with me well into my adult life and shaped my faith and who I am today. Her incredible legacy lives on in so many people around the world.

    Dearest Pete…there aren’t the words to say but I want you to know I’m praying, sending you so much love, thinking of you so much and watching the updates eagerly for news of how you are. The same for Jo, Estie, Jem and Beth – so much love and prayers to each of you and your families too.

    With all my love,

  189. Evelyn Labun says:

    I was at the Regent College book store in Vancouver BC Canada in the early 2000’s when I picked up Peter Harris’s first book. I read it with great interest and have been part of and following A Rocha ever since. That was before we had anything in Canada. What a blessing to find someone who shared my convictions of a Christian response to creation! Thank you for all you have done! Peace and recovery wishes. May God be with you! And your families.

  190. Pavel and Radka Svetlik says:

    Dear friends,

    We are shocked by the news of the departure of Miranda, Susan and Chris, and we pray for all of you not to lose your trust and faith in the loving Father in Heaven who behind everything is and leads us to His holy kingdom and a challenge us to find his face and presence here in the reality of the world….

    With love Pavel and Radka Svetlik and team A Rocha CZ

  191. Iain Prance says:

    My contribution to this is rather late as I was away in the field in Puerto Rico when the terrible accident happened. It quite ruined my time away as I thought of the implications to two of the finest Christian families and to A Rocha. I wept there in a field station, but as Jesus wept I think it was the appropriate reaction. The Naylors were lovely people and both Chris and Susana contributed so much to A Rocha in Lebanon and when they returned home to the UK. It is hard to think of A Rocha without them. Chris took over as the CEO of A Rocha International with little background in management of such a large organisation. I greatly admired the way he quickly developed the skills and was soon giving A Rocha International a firm and confident leadership. I fondly remember a trip into Amazonian Brazil with Chris and it was there I saw his knowledge and enthusiasm for birds as well as his skills with dealing with people. He was made for the job and we have lost both a friend and a leader. Susana, teacher, family mother and supporter was such a Christian example to all of us and I give praise for her alas too short life that encouraged us all.

    It is hard to imagine life without the lovely Miranda. Miranda the daughter if the helpful schoolteacher who taught me Latin. Miranda, pastor, mentor, counsellor, the mother to a wonderful Christian family, encourager to so many people was the finest example of how to live a Christian life. How we will miss Miranda, but we must thank and praise God for her life among us. I continue to pray for Peter’s recovery.

    My heartfelt sympathy to both families and to A Rocha, but 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18 “We do not grieve as others who have no hope. But we do grieve… with hope.”
    Iain Prance

  192. Fhilmar Raj J.M. says:

    The press statement e-mail received is heartbreaking and I join with all to share condolence. May He who made us would comfort all friends and families at this time.

    But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for he shall receive me. Selah.
    Psalms 49:15

    A rocha should stand towards the frontline with memorable conservation projects. May the founders memory be a blessing in lives of us.

    with prayers,

    Fhilmar Raj J.M.

  193. Paul Cook says:

    This was such a shock when I heard last week. My thoughts and prayers are very much with Peter, the driver and the Harris and Naylor families. What a sad day to lose such amazing advocates for Creation Care in the Church around the world. They all leave behind such an amazing legacy and a work that will continue to grow and flourish. I take hope in the resurrection and the knowledge that Christ is out working all things to His glory and the restoration of all. It has been a great honour for me to work with Chris especially, in various ways over the years through Tearfund and most recently through Renew Our World. All of us at Tearfund and Renew Our World have been deply shocked. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and A Rocha. I pray that through grief they will sense a nearness of God’s presence and will find the strength to walk through the valley one day at a time, one step at a time , leaning on God and drawing strength from Him. For A Rocha my prayers are that the ministry will not be overwhelmed by this, but that God will bring good from bad and draw more and more to the cause throughy this tragedy. I pray the amaxing minisrty of A Rocha will continue to grow and take the message to more and more Christians around the world. There can be no better legacy or way of honouring Miranda, Chris and Susanna than that. With all thoughts love and prayers from Paul, Tearfund and Renew Our World

  194. Donald & Gillian Cameron says:

    Words to convey our feelings to the Harris and Naylor families are difficult, perhaps these 2 verses from Ps116 express this better than we can;-
    v10 I believed in You so I said “I am deeply troubled, Lord”
    v15 The Lord cares deeply when his loved ones die

  195. Patricia Kuria says:

    My sincere condolences during this tough time. We continue to pray and entrust the families into the mercy and love of God. May God’s love bring comfort and healing in Jesus name.

  196. Michael Pease says:

    We send our deepest sympathies to Peter and his wonderful family for their tragic loss . Our memories go back to A Rocha in 1988 when we first arrived in Portugal and were renting a small cottage close to A Rocha. Your family gave us such a wonderful welcome. We so enjoyed the bird ringing on the salt flats with Peter.
    We also send our condolences to the Naylor family at this sad time .
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers
    God bless.
    Jyll and Mike Pease

  197. Neal Dreyer says:

    dear Peter thinking of you and the family at this time Prayers love hugs from all at Smilepad Dental Surgery in Salisbury

  198. Paul Keiller says:

    Dear Peter,

    I was horrified to find out when reading the Times(Friday 1st Nov.) that you, Miranda, both the Naylors and the driver were involved in an accident at Port Elizabeth SOUTH AFRICA on Monday 28th Oct. Thankfully you and the driver have survived albeit with serious injuries but Miranda and the Naylors died.
    Thank you and Miranda for hosting me for two weeks at Cruszina near Lagos Algarve Portugal sometime during late spring 1984. I enjoyed my birdwatching and Miranda took me to a concert in Portimao. I dozed off to sleep and started snoring. Miranda hit me and woke me up and scolded me and I listened to the rest of the music performed and enjoyed the music.
    I am remembering you and the driver in my prayers praying for your complete recovery and for new opportunities in ministry. Romans 8v28.
    With love
    Paul Keiller

  199. Christina YM Chan says:

    You are now living in my memory. Goodbye Miranda

    I still remember when I had to leave Oxford and ready to went into the gate, how you look at me with warm and love eyesight and say goodbye to me. And you said you must buy me something for my journey. You treated me like your beloved daughter. I can’t believe that we never meet up again in the rest of life.

    Yes, I know you are with Jesus, but still I weep.

    Knowing that there is an organization in the world named ARocha and all of them are Christian in conservation in 2012 and you were one of the co-founder. Our first meet was in 12 April 2013 when you visited my ex-working place HoKoon nature education center cum Astronomical Centre. You and Peter were inspired by the big telescope.

    On that night you did said to me that you are definitely ARocha people!

    This year I decided to go back UK for holiday and It is a great chance for me to catch you and Peter up.
    I do remember on 11 June we met in Oxford when you saw me you gave me a big hug immediately. You showed how you love me, care of me, listen to me, heal me and pray for me. At that time, social movement started in HK. You and Peter shared my worries and my tears and prayed for HK with me.
    Though my English is not good enough, you were patient and listen to me with plenty of love.
    When I back to HK, you did keep email me comfort me with sharing Psalm and always prayed for me and HK. Two weeks ago, you visited Oxford again and you thought of me and sent me email to show how you care me and HK.

    It was worthy that I spent 6 hours train journey to meet you up as you are my mentor on Creation care and teach me how you love God’s handiwork. You are the best minister that I met in this Earth.

    I do promise you I will try my very best to disseminate what I learnt from you about Creation Care in the Chinese community.

    Knowing that your heart are always with Africa and you left this earth in Africa. May you now Rest In Peace with our Heavenly Father and see you again in heaven. Miss you Miranda.

    永別了Miranda ,妳永遠住在我心中
    仍然記得當我6月在Oxford 入閘準備上火車時,妳看著我離開時,那份溫暖又溫柔的眼神,妳還為著我要上火車一定要買啲嘢比我食,把我當女兒一樣愛錫。


    尤記得2012年知道有個國際基督徒保育組織叫ARocha 而妳是其中一個創辦人。2013.4.12 有幸和妳第一次見面,我還和Dickson帶領妳參觀我以前工作的可觀自然教育中心暨天文館,妳和Peter 對天文望遠鏡看到的星體很感興趣。記得這晚食飯,妳已對著我說 “You are definitely ARocha people”。

    今年買了機票回英度假,起初漏了預時間探妳和Peter,最後還可以夾到時間與您們在Oxford 見面。當我嚟到Oxford時見到妳,妳立即緊緊的抱著我。6月11日香港社會已經躁動不已,妳和Peter 聆聽我的憂心,並與我立即為香港祈禱。妳的聆聽、禱告是多麼有力量也治癒我憂傷的心,也讓我感受到妳有多愛我,把我當做女兒一樣的愛錫。縱然我英文不好,妳仍然滿懷著愛護之情細心耐心地聆聽我。
    回到香港,妳仍然記掛我,不時電郵與我分享經文安慰我憂傷的心靈,十月中妳又要到Oxford那個我們一齊祈禱的地方,妳記掛我和香港,又立即email 給我關心香港的情況。
    雖然為咗見您們坐了六個鐘火車來回York 和Oxford,但真的十分值得,能夠再見妳已是無悔。妳是我的Creation care mentor,教曉我保育上主的創造是每個信徒的使命,妳是我生命中遇見過最好的牧者。

    我應承妳我會將妳教我的creation care理念,盡我最大的努力在華人基督教群體傳揚開去。


  200. John and Susie Hodges says:

    Our dear Peter,

    We are devastated by this terrible news of the accident and the loss of Miranda and your associates. It is difficult to grasp that it actually happened. You and Miranda have been an inspiring couple whose lives and activities we have followed with thankfulness since we first met 25 years ago. We know Miranda is safe with the Lord Jesus. We also know that the Lord is with you, and we pray for your recovery. Much love – John and Susie Hodges

  201. Philip Seddon says:

    Our dearest Peter, friend and brother in Christ,

    Ten days on from a day of terrible destruction, we still reel in devastated incomprehension. You know how much you had both come to mean to us, but if the cloud of Miranda’s and the Naylors’ death continues to pour out grief on all of us, how much more on you, dearest Peter? Stunned, we turn the possible sequence of events over in our heads, and are baffled. How can a mere few seconds transport us out of life into death so irreversibly?

    I wrote to you on our WhatsApp group the day we heard the news, but I was so shocked I never thought that your mobile would be under water. I will show you the message some time.

    We read on the A Rocha web-site of deep caring and love – a kind of combined and unbroken prayer-hug around the hospital bed, of you sitting up in bed now and looking out of the window, being so much more yourself, and of ‘wonderful signs of recovery’. You have received the best medical care that this world can offer, to keep you in life; but no medical care could have saved Miranda, or Chris and Susanna. But now you are sustained by your family, and perhaps also by the more than 200 letters of condolence, all expressing a shared universal shock and grief that those few who brought so much to so many in their lives were now no longer here to play their part.

    In your last WhatsApp message on 14th October – after not meeting for quite a while for various reasons – you said: ‘… we head into a week of grace and sometimes grief. We send you much love ever, fully in the communion of saints.’ To which Miranda replied, in capital letters: AMEN!

    Which is where we are now: painfully divided and separated by sight but ‘undividable’ in the communion of the saints in glory, into which Miranda, Chris and Susanna were hurled on 28th October. We hold you and Miranda close in our ever-precious friendship of love, and commit ourselves to do whatever is necessary to help from ‘this’ side of the Plain. We love you, dearest Peter, and thank you for all you gave us personally, and the whole world corporately through A Rocha in calling people to look after God’s creation, and we weep and lament the harsh losses.

    ‘How fragile life is’, Miranda wrote after my heart attack in 2015. So now we write to you, caught and drained by death, yet held safe in God our Creator and Redeemer. We place you, Miranda and your family – with ourselves – in God’s merciful keeping, thanking God for Miranda’s witness as a true ‘God-bearer’, and praying that we may also in some way be able to follow her example.

    Debbie writes:

    I am missing Miranda in the day and in the night watches. It is hard to think that she will never again welcome us into your magical home, or bounce down our path with her gorgeous smile, open arms of acceptance and her lightness of being.

    She was a beautiful woman in every way: poetic, exquisitely dressed, grace-filled and alert to the practicalities, absurdities, joys and woes of this life. Like so many others, I have always been surprised, almost baffled, by the focussed attentive listening that you have both given to me and to us; and we treasure such a gift.

    Miranda delighted in the Lord, and every card we received from her quoted one Psalm or another, and I can imagine him calling to her last week: ‘Miranda, Come up higher!’ But this leaves the rest of us bearing the loss, though none so great as yours, Peter, and the family’s. We pray for you in your multiple pains, and as you try to make sense of being the one left behind.

    We send you both and all all our love

  202. Roger Jaensch says:

    Miranda, Chris and Susanna have been honoured by many tributes from those who knew them well and witnessed the depth of their commitment to God, to their families and to the created world. My prayers are for Peter and the extended families, that the peace of God which passes all human understanding will fill your hearts, and that you will be inspired by great memories to move forward in confidence, secure in His grace.

  203. John Barnett says:

    Discovering A Rocha enabled me to see that my concern for the natural world was not a distraction from my Christian life and ministry but an integral part of it. Reading about Peter and Miranda’s early work with A Rocha was a life changing inspiration to me, for which I shall always be grateful. My prayers are with Peter now for a good recovery from his physical injuries and with him and both families for peace, comfort, strength and the assurance of God’s presence and eternal love.

  204. Matthew Phan says:

    Peter – I first sent this to your phone on the 31st, when I first heard, before I knew this page existed. Am so glad to hear you are doing better, and so very sorry to hear about Miranda, and about Chris and Susanna. I am so glad Miranda and I talked a few weeks ago, and wanted to say also how much she and yourself meant to me, as the first people in my life I felt represented a truly loving, thoughtful and intelligent faith, and I wanted to say thank you to her and to you for that. I hope she liked the quote from Dag Hammarskjold on men and monsters, and am glad that was our last interaction, and that she had the chance to see me come back a little stronger. Steph also sends her comfort, and confusion at the loss. Would love to hear from you when you are ready. Matthew

  205. Júlio Reis says:

    I only met Susanna two or three times, but she seemed like a kind and strong person. It’s so humbling to read what people are saying of her, and how she touched her friends’ lives.

    I appreciated Chris’s leadership and how he was so nonplussed about whatever happened: no matter how hard the situation, he would be able to analyze things and make a wise decision. It’s ironic that we now need him all the more — precisely because he’s gone. Yet there was a depth of emotion about Chris, more evident particularly about the Middle East, which I so much enjoyed asking him about.

    And Miranda… I’m OK, except sometimes I see a picture of her, and I get overwhelmed again. Seeing her is immediately hearing her voice inside my head… Miranda could touch your inner self with just a sentence. I once told someone that being with Miranda was a spa for the soul, and it sounds so schmaltzy but so true. Miranda changed hundreds of people through her caring words and prayers.

    Miranda, Chris and Susanna, we will be together again in this land, but beyond death and suffering. For us who survived may Hebrews 12:1 serve as encouragement: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses [the saints of the past, now including Miranda, Chris and Susanna], let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” May the Kingdom come, may the Will be done, in our lives as it was in theirs.

  206. Haley Main-Lis says:

    Dearest Peter and A Rocha Family – it has surely been a shock and grievous trying to grapple with this new reality. While I have struggled for words these last many days, it has been such an inspiration to read the many updates filled with prayers and memories, an unbroken chain of love from around the world that surrounds you and your children and the Naylor family and loved ones. Meeting you, Peter, with Miranda, several years ago was truly as a breath of fresh air. Having the opportunity to work with you and to bird with you and Miranda in Central Park is something I have and will always treasure. Watching you chase birds with your camera, often detouring off paths into the brush, is pure delight. And one of my fondest memories was watching a family of raccoons with Miranda. The mother raccoon was on a seemingly hopeless task, retrieving her babies from climbing down the tree one at a time, placing them in her cubby hole, only to turn around and find them escaping over and over. We both watched amazed and entertained, giggling at these rambunctious babies putting on a show for us. And that is how Miranda will remain in my mind – eyes lit with joy and laughter, taking each moment to appreciate the gift of life in front of her, whether it be a person, a landscape, or a family of raccoons in the middle of a city. I thank God for each of you, and for the Naylor’s though I didn’t have the pleasure of spending time with them as I have with you. But I know you all have shared the same Spirit of the Lord pouring through you, blessing so many and bringing life and love to everyone and everyplace your feet have trodden. I join the A Rocha family in prayers for you daily, for healing, strength and comfort in every realm, and send my love to join the chorus that surrounds you. Much love – Haley

  207. Dafydd Russell-Jones says:

    So thankful to have met you Peter and Miranda when you came to speak at St Georges and All Saints Tufnell Park. I only had the pleasure of meeting you together once but I was immensly warmed by your joy and encouraging presence. We are praying for you Peter and the whole Harris family as you come to terms with this painful new reality. I pray the Holy Spirit comforts you in this time of shock and suffering. We know Miranda has gone home to be with our Maker and we look forward to being together again on that day of eternal feasting and celebration.

  208. Dear Peter, dear Harris and Naylor families,
    we keep thinking about you daily in intercessory prayer and ask the Lord to sustain you in the hard test of your life that
    you are experiencing. May you not lose faith in the loving Father and Lord of your life. May God strengthen you in your
    grief and in any moments of doubts now and in the future. Peter, we are particularly praying for your healing so that
    you can continue to support your wonderful family, the Naylor family as well as the global family of AR´s that you have
    been by the grace of Christ leading for so long.
    After all, there is a big meeting ahead of us. As we are going to see our Lord face to face one day, we are to see your
    dear Miranda, Susanna, Chris, as well as Keith Morris, Karen Freeze and others who are already part of the celebrated
    and victorious church. We look forward to meeting you Peter again as a strong brother in Christ.
    Yours, Pavel and Radka Světlíks and the AR Czech´s team

    • Barbara Mearns says:

      Dear Pavel and Radka
      I have been thinking of you often since the terrible accident, knowing that you too would be weeping. I hope that you and yours are well. One of Miranda’s favourite memories was of the evening, at the ARI team meeting in Czech, when you cooked sausages for us round that huge bonfire! Happy times. Love Barbara & Rick

  209. Dear Peter,
    as I was struggling to accept the shocking news of your dear Miranda, Chris and Susanna´s death, I realised how present they still are in my life. I can still vividly recall the way Miranda would tell stories, I feel as if I still could hear Miranda´s soft voice and Chris´s full-size laughter. I can still recall what Miranda told me on the patio at the Forum in the Netherlands, I have the same clear recollection of Chris´s passionate way of explaining things. All those past moments seem to have taken place just a minute ago.
    As we are going to meet the Beloved (Ephesians 1:6), we will also meet our beloved ones in Him. It´s in Christ that we find salvation, joy and peace. It´s in Christ too that we find consolation when we face – temporary – loss of our beloved ones. In the meantime, we´re praising the Lord for having given us such precious sisters and brother as Miranda, Susanna and Chris.
    Petr Pokorný, AR Czech

  210. Rob Lavoie says:

    The here and now on this earth has been touched indelibly by the love, compassion, and care of these three saints in Christ – just as it was by Christ Himself. And the “not yet” has received this indelible touch of love for eternity. My tears and prayers are for those loved ones who knew these saints best and now live on in anticipation of being united with them again in the “not yet”. Amen.

  211. Laban Njoroge says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and the entire Arocha fraternity. May the departed souls rest in peace and may the injured get quick and full recovery. I may not have met the people involved in the accident but I have worked with Arocha Kenya based in Watamu at the Kenyan coast and therefore feel part of the fraternity.

  212. Bernard and Elisabeth Madden says:

    What utter sadness. We remain stunned and find it hard to take in. Miranda showed Christlikeness to us in so many ways. Both families visited our home in Deanshanger in the early A Rocha days – each with their huge graciousness, warmth and encouragement. Reaching for our precious letters file we find many of Miranda’s treasured letters – with her unique exquisite handwriting that reminded us instantly of all that she meant to us and the world of friends to whom she wrote. Always they were headed scripture, and the first we find is this: ‘Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall see fully, even as I am fully known.’ Our continuing prayers for Peter’s full recovery, for ALL the children, and their families and the full purposes of God. The saints are those who by their life and work make it plain and clear that God lives.
    Bernard and Elisabeth Madden

  213. Lynn Clayton says:

    Dearest Peter,

    With deepest love and many prayers for your continued recovery.

    Very biggest hugs to you and all the AR family.

    Lynn xxx

  214. Philip Seddon says:

    8th November

    Dearest Peter & Miranda, Chris & Susanna and all the members of your families,

    How could I have sent a message yesterday without including a verse from the Psalms you (P&M) studied every day? A Psalms verse and a 1 John verse.

    Ps 17:15: As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake I shall be satisfied, beholding your likeness.

    1 John 3:2: We shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

    With all our love in the indestructible infinity of Christ’s,

    Philip & Debbie [Seddon]

  215. Arne Mörnerud says:

    The 28th October will be a date we remember. Three such precious friends, leaders and examples leaving us together at the same time. Our dear friends have been called heroes and I agree, and in the best and deepest sense of the word, there is something kingly about their way of caring for creation, community and people.

    Strange coincident that I during that time was watching three majestic Golden eagles migrating closely together on their way to leave Falsterbo in Sweden to cross the see, I called out; don’t go, stay here.
    Arne Mörnerud, Sweden

  216. Sai says:

    I was shocked to find out that Susanna and her husband had passed away. I knew her from salsa class which her daughter would sometimes attend.

    It is difficult to comprehend that I received a message from her a month or so ago wishing me a speedy recovery from a cold – I was expecting to see her at salsa class… =(

    You are missed.

    Rest in peace.

  217. Michael Lidstone says:

    I remember meeting Peter and Miranda Harris at a day’s conference/field outing at a small village in the Chilterns maybe 10 years ago, though I’m not sure if the Naylors were there. The sudden and tragic death of Chris and Susanna Naylor, and Miranda Harris has cast a deep shadow on Arocha International. Their pioneering work will always be remembered. No doubt Arocha International will continue under new leadership.

  218. Leah Kostamo says:

    In the midst of my great grief I wrote a version of these words for our A Rocha Canada family. Markku and I are praying ardently for you, Peter, and share profoundly in the grief of loosing precious Miranda.

    “Grief is love’s souvenir.”

    I scribbled this quote in my journal on Oct. 27th, just the day before I got the news of the tragic accident. I had no way of knowing how experientially true these words would become just one day later.

    Our collective grief at the loss of Miranda is evidence not only of our love for her, but also her love for us. She was (and still IS, even more so!) a woman with the most tremendous capacity for big-hearted love. Colin Jackson, a surrogate son and founder of A Rocha Kenya, nicknamed her “MamaRocha” because of her astounding nurturing instincts that she showered on everyone she met. Like all good mothers she knew how to be particularly present to each person she encountered. To know Miranda was to be welcomed into a space of laughter and vulnerability and sometimes tears thanks to her own laughter and vulnerability and sometimes tears.

    And what joy. Miranda embraced life like few I’ve ever known. I remember back in 2000, my husband Markku and I were kayaking along Jericho beach in Vancouver when we unexpectedly spotted Peter and Miranda on the shore. (We had just spent the previous day with them, so Miranda’s ensuing enthusiasm was not motivated by seeing long lost friends; rather, by her own utter child-like embracing of LIFE.) Upon seeing us, Miranda hiked up her skirt and waded straight into the water, a huge smile plastered across her face. It was clear that she wasn’t risking an impromptu total immersion baptism just to give me a friendly kiss on the cheek (her hallmark greeting), but was intent on decamping me from my seat so she could jump into the kayak herself. I had no choice but to clamour out of the boat (and into the water!) and give her a boost in. She then proceeded to laugh with delight as she paddle around the bay, happy as … well, happy as an enchanted child in a sturdy boat on a beautiful day. Such unabashed delight was one of her most endearing and infectious qualities.

    The poet David Whyte writes that when we loose a loved one we fall toward something. It’s like falling in love, but it is falling in grief. In our grief, Whyte says, we are actually falling toward the foundation that that loved one held for us. Perhaps it was a foundation we didn’t even realize they were holding for us. For so many of us, Miranda held a foundation of faith in a good and merciful God. She held a foundation of beauty — noticing it, creating it, bringing it out in others. And she held a foundation of spacious hospitality as the surest way to authentic connection.

    It’s hard not to fall into an overuse of superlatives when speaking of Miranda. In more than one Facebook comment since her passing people have spoken of a great light going out in the world. Indeed, Miranda uniquely lit up a room. And if you were fortunate enough to be in that same room you were warmed and sustained by her glow.

    May the warmth of her legacy continue to sustain us. May we live our lives upon the foundation she held for us as we entrust her to the God she loved so much. And may we look forward to her beaming smile, when she, along with all the saints, welcomes us to eternity’s shore.

  219. Sue Barker says:

    Words are difficult to find to write this. I was so deeply shocked and saddened to hear of this accident and the death of Miranda and Chris and Susanna Naylor. I am holding Peter and all the Harris and Naylor families in my prayers constantly – for healing for Peter and for God’s strength and comfort and peace for him and all of the Harris and Naylor families. Miranda and Peter were my CYFA leaders at St Mary’s Upton a long time ago, but over the years I have followed the work of A Rocha and treasured the letters Miranda has written to me at significant times for me and my family. Her letters were so beautiful and I have kept many of them and have been re-reading them since hearing this tragic news. But in my grief I also am praising God for Peter and Miranda, and Chris and Susanna Naylor, for all that you have done to show God’s love for our physical world and for people; you have all truly been an inspiration. With my love and I will keep praying, Sue Barker (nee Parkman)

  220. Raewyn Pattemore says:

    To everyone who is missing and mourning for Miranda, Chris and Susanna, and to Peter:
    Their books and writings have meant so much to us. We enjoyed and appreciated visits from Peter and Chris here in New Zealand and missed meeting Miranda and Susanna. There are no words for the sense of loss bus we are constantly praying for Peter and for all of you, especially your precious families.
    From Raewyn and Stephen Pattemore (Auckland A Rocha)

  221. Raewyn Pattemore says:

    Psalm 23 as rendered by Leslie Brandt (Psalms Now Concordia reprinted 2002):
    The Lord is my constant companion.There is no need that He cannot fulfill. Whether His course for me points to the mountaintops of glorious joy or to the valleys of human suffering, He is by my side. He is ever present with me. He is close beside me when I tread the dark streets of danger, and even when I flirt with life itself, He will not leave me. When the pain is severe, 
    He is near to comfort. When the burden is heavy, He is there to lean upon. When depression darkens my soul, He touches me with eternal joy. When I feel empty and alone, He fills the aching vacuum with His power. My security is in His promise to be near me always and in the knowledge that He will never let me go.

    Raewyn and Stephen Pattemore Auckland NZ

  222. Petra Khashoggi says:

    Dearest Peter,

    I am deeply saddened to hear about Miranda and so very sorry for your loss. I extend my thoughts and prayers to your whole family and to all those who knew and loved her. She was such a kind, warm, and cheerful woman. She had the loveliest smile and her eyes were full of light, as was her spirit. I enjoyed meeting you both in France and spending quality time with her in New York. I was touched by how supportive and encouraging she was of me and my writing goals (I have read and reread her Amazon review of my first book many times!) and more importantly, my spiritual journey.

    I send you my heartfelt condolences and wish you a full and speedy recovery. It is a miracle you are still here. I know that God’s love and grace continues to be with you during this painful time. It would be wonderful to see you again when I am in the UK next year so that I can share Miranda’s impact on me with you in person.

    Miranda–I can’t say this to you in person but I still want to say Thank You–for blessing my life with your presence and prayers and for giving me hope of overcoming my fears. I shall never forget you.

    With great love,

  223. Margaret and Bob Pullan says:

    we have been friends of peter and Miranda since before A Rocha had a name or was even there at all. we have treasured memories of that first visit to the Algarve and it’s exciting developments. since then there has always been much joy every time we met or phoned .Miranda had the happy knack of talking to you as if you were the one person in the world that she wanted to see that dayHer hand written letters were so Miranda -newsy and interesting with post scripts all around the top, bottom and sides and sometimes going at right angles.up the middle she enriched so many people’s lives and we grieve for her.

  224. Jaap & Esther Gijsbertsen says:

    We are shocked by the loss of Chris, Susanna and Miranda. Their gentle spirits will be missed dearly. Their passioned vision, who made us become part of the A Rocha family, is a treasure we will guard. We thank God for their lives, their legacy and the way they have been a blessing. They will be in our hearts as we continue to live and care for God’s creation.

    Our sincere condolences to the Naylor and Harris families as well as our worldwide A Rocha family. May the God of peace comfort us in these difficult times.

    Dear Peter, we pray for your full recovery and hope to meet again.

    Jaap & Esther (A Rocha, The Netherlands)

  225. Julie Higginson says:

    Dear Peter, Jo, Esthie, Jem and Beth,

    Just to send our love and our prayers at this devastating time. Our hears are broken for you in the loss of beautiful shining Miranda and the Naylors. We just lift you to our Lord in his light and unfailing love. We pray that you will experience a real sense of His presence in the days that are to come. All our love Julie Higginson, Fionn, Alice, Toby and Julia Watts

  226. Naomi Bosch says:

    I have met Chris this summer only, while he was visiting our team of the Friends of A Rocha in Germany. And what an encouraging encounter this was! He was such a blessing to us, not only through his sermon at the Freakstock festival, but through his gentleness and wisdom, that could be felt immediately. We in Germany are grieving his departure, but are profoundly grateful for having met him & the message he delivered in Germany. Chris and Susanna leave a beautiful legacy behind, and it’s comforting to know that we will meet again, one day, in heaven.
    I have ‘met’ Peter and Miranda only through Peter’s books, but I was deeply saddened to hear of Miranda’s departure. I’m praying for the full recovery of Peter, and for the grieving Naylor and Harris families, as well as the future of A Rocha as a whole. May God send his peace upon us in these dark moments.

  227. Richard Mearns says:

    Dear Peter, Thoughts of you and Miranda follow us around day and night. Yesterday we were at Carsethorn in the sunshine for a wader count, remembering that other sunny day when the four of us went there and Miranda clinched the ID of the White-winged Black tern with her little camera because we had forgotten ours (still the only Dumfries and Galloway record, 13 November 1997). How we will miss her joy full, smiling presence, letters, postcards and so much more that is impossible to express. We especially remember at this terrible time the support and encouragement she provided (as you did too) before and after Barbara’s operation. We continue to pray for you, the Harris and Naylor families and look forward to the day when we can communicate directly. With love from us both, Rick

  228. Ginny Vroblesky says:

    Dear Peter and the Harris. So thankful for the privilege of knowing you over the years. You and Miranda have been transparent, winsome believers and have loved so many people well. Thank you for sharing your lives. May the God of Hope comfort your hearts, give you courage, healing and a restored spirit, in His time. Much love,
    Ginny Vroblesky

  229. Barbara Mearns says:

    Dear Sam, Chloe and Josh
    You won’t remember me, but I remember you, when you were little, at the A Rocha Leaders Forums at Eau Vive, Provence. (You loved being tossed into the swimming pool by Colin!). My husband, Rick, and I took a group of A Rocha members to Lebanon for 10 days in the spring of 2002, but saw you only briefly. We toured around, to the awesome caverns at Jeita, to Baalbeck, Tyre and Sidon and Aammiq of course, enjoying so much beauty and exciting food. Walking the streets of Beirut, obviously tourists, several times locals called to us, ‘Welcome to Lebanon’. Can’t imagine that happening here in the UK! So we had a little understanding of how hard it was for you to move to England.
    I never got to know your mother as well as I would have liked, but as ARI editor I often worked with your Dad, though sadly, it was usually at a distance, as Rick and I live in Scotland. It was just team meetings, birdfairs, and times when he came to speak at the church here – a rare opportunity to take him out to enjoy the Solway’s geese and swans. He was such a superb CEO, knowing when to give support and wise guidance, and when to leave us to just get on with our jobs. And such fun to be with. You are in our thoughts and prayers each day

  230. Mark Mariotti says:

    Dearest Peter and the Harris children-

    Since learning of the news of the accident we have been overwhelmed with shock and enormous grief.
    With the recent encouraging blog updates about Peter it has given me the courage to write to let you know we are here and have been with you each waking day.
    Marion, Luca, Chloe, Olivia and I have joined together as one in daily prayer for each of you (and the grandchildren) and the Naylor children.
    The warmth and love upon which we were welcomed into the A Rocha family (in particular by sweet Miranda) is never forgotten and this event has brought home afresh the love and care we have for you.

    We remain in prayer and thanksgiving for knowing you.

    The Mariottis

  231. Diane Gilpin says:

    Dear Peter,

    I am so desperately sorry for your terrible loss. I’m praying for you and your wonderful children and grandchildren, for Miranda’s sister, and all of her friends across the world, I pray for the Naylor’s family and friends for the wider A Rocha family.

    I am so very grateful to your children for posting updates on your recovery, it is some comfort to know how well you are cared for, and how well you progress.

    I am so honoured, so blessed that I was able to call Miranda a friend. That utterly invaluable support and mentoring that you and she give me is one of the most precious aspects of my life.

    Miranda lit up my life, was an inspiration and role model. The day before the accident I had the most marvellous email from a stranger in the US who had heard me in a radio interview. She wrote to tell me she was grateful for my work. My first thought was: I can’t wait to tell Miranda about this.
    Every time I think of her, of you all I use to re-double my commitment.
    with my love

  232. Marc Foggin says:

    Dearest Peter, and all family,

    It is with such heavy hearts that we write. We have been constantly remembering and praying for you. We cannot fathom the many levels of pain and sense of loss that you are now going through.

    We love you so much and wish that we could help alleviate these. May you know His enduring love and strength.

    Marc & Marion

  233. James Pearce-Higgins says:

    I was first introduced to A Rocha as a postgraduate student in the 1990s, firstly by someone in my church in Manchester who mentioned a Christian conservation organisation in Portugal, and then most powerfully by a non-Christian bird ringer who was really impacted by Peter and Miranda’s hospitality and attitude at Cruzinha, which he said set them apart from everyone else. As a professional in the environmental sector for over 20 years, and as a Christian, the organisation encapsulates my passions – nature conservation and Christian witness, and has also helped mould my thinking and understanding of what is means to be a Christian and a conservationist. I thank God for how He gave Peter and Miranda the vision for this work and enabled them, with others, to establish this organisation that has blessed me so much, and for how He continued to work through Chris and Suzanna as the organisation grew from strength to strength. From those early beginnings in Portugal, it has impacted so many around the world, and continues to shine as a light in the darkness for Christ.
    Thank you God for Peter, Miranda, Chris and Susanna, and for how you used them for your glory. Peter, may God bless and strengthen you as you recover from this horrific accident, and may God’s peace and courage to be on the children and wider families who have been so tragically left behind.
    ‘But we do see Jesus, who for a little while was made lower than the angels, so that through God’s grace he should die for everyone. We see him now crowned with glory and honour because of the death he suffered…in order to bring many children to share his glory. For Jesus is the one who leads them to salvation. Hebrews 2: 9-19

  234. Pastor Pierre & Jill Francis says:

    We heard with shock the news of the horrific accident in S Africa and subsequent death of Chris and Susanna. Please accept our deepest condolences, Sam, Chloe and Joshua. Be assured of our prayers that the Lord of all comfort will be all things to you at this devastating time.
    Our church in Sidon, Lebanon will be praying for you in the upcoming days and keep you as a family before the heavenly throne.
    Your parents left an enduring mark on environmental work in Lebanon but I imagine, speaking without knowing you personally, that much of who they were their sacrificial life of ministry and committed faith in Jesus Christ will have been communicated most eloquently to you and in you. May you be a comfort and encouragement to one another through this traumatic time, never holding back from God’s everlasting arms.
    God bless you
    Pastor Pierre, Jill and Bonnie Francis
    Mieh Mieh Sidon Lebanon

  235. George and Jan Reiss says:

    My first conversation with Miranda was at a time of deep stress for mutual friends. I remember how calmly and beautifully she handled it, as she put me at my ease at such a difficult time for us both. She made me feel that in the shared grief, we both had something to give, and that it involved love, respect, and not all that many words.
    When we visited Cruzinha in 1994, Jan and I were deeply moved by what the Harris family and colleagues had achieved – and loved the place. A few years on we were interviewed by Peter and Miranda for a role there: there are few job interviews where you feel emotionally secure enough to take your four month old baby, but we knew Peter and Miranda would know that babies and jobs at Cruzinha could go together, and so it proved.
    We knew Chris and Susanna much less well but we are deeply grateful for all they have given along with others to the worldwide A Rocha family. It has been so inspiring and life-giving, and the gratitude shines out in these posts. We pray for light and comfort to all who grieve.

  236. Kristel van Houte says:

    Thinking about you all each day – as we grieve and also pray for healing for Peter. Thinking of your families and close friends, colleagues and all those whose lives you touched. So many have been inspired, cared for and loved by you all.
    I am so grateful – for the inspiration you also gave me – for being there when I needed you – and most of all – for establishing and growing an organisation that brings a message of hope for our world, ecosystems and people, through which we can live out our calling/passion. Thank you for being people that embrace diversity and inclusiveness .. I grieve yet also want to celebrate and acknowledge all you inspired and have done – not a moment wasted.
    Arohanui from us all x

  237. Caroline Pomeroy says:

    Two days after the accident, I was at the annual meeting of Diocesan Environmental Officers. We gathered at Foxhill House near Chester, not far from where Peter and Miranda lived before they went to Portugal. Of the 50 or so people there, many of us knew Miranda, Chris and Susanna, some very well and others less so. There were tears and prayers and a huge awareness that, but for the influence of A Rocha, many of us wouldn’t have been there at all (that’s certainly true for me); the burgeoning environmental movement in the church has in no small part been due to the influence of Peter, Miranda and Chris. This year, unlike any other, there has been a real feeling of excitement that at last the UK church is beginning to understand the gospel calling and the urgency of creation care – it is hard to comprehend why at the same time have lost these key leaders and influencers. There was a real feeling that we – and many others like us – must step up and carry the torch of caring for God’s precious planet.
    In my meetings with Miranda, in her home and mine, at our church and in A Rocha gatherings, I was always struck by her wonderful enthusiasm for life, her love for everyone regardless of worldly status – often shown through tiny and unseen practical acts, her hospitality, her deep-rooted faith, and her loving support for Peter and her family. She had that remarkable gift of putting you at your ease and making you feel as though you were her best friend – which in some senses we all were.
    Chris was a wise, gentle leader, clear thinking and a great communicator, with an enormous heart and capacity for hard work to build A Rocha and all it stands for. It was good to see him and meet Susannah for the first time when we were at Kingham last summer for a Christian camp – it was lovely to see them together and learn a bit more about their journey from Lebanon to Oxfordshire.
    I am very sorry that I will not be at their funeral as I am involved in 6th form conference on climate change – praying that the next generation of leaders will be inspired to follow in Chris, Susannah and Miranda’s footsteps.
    To Peter and all of the children of these dear Christian brothers and sisters, I send you prayers for healing and comfort and a peace that passes all understanding.

  238. Interserve Family says:

    Condolences from the Interserve family

    Chris and Susanna Naylor, along with their children Sam, Chloe and Josh, first went to Jordan with Interserve in 1994, where they did Arabic language study before moving to Lebanon. It was during their time in Lebanon, and living in the Bekaa Valley that they saw the need to deal with the very real environmental challenges of that area. Joining hands with Lebanese Christians, they were instrumental in beginning A Rocha Lebanon. This partnership between the church in Lebanon, A Rocha and Interserve enabled the very practical work of reclaiming a wetland in the Bekaa Valley to be carried out, and demonstrated, across sectarian divides, the possibilities for transformation when communities acted together. That ministry continues to this day. Chris and Susanna provided vision, leadership and energy to both the Interserve team and to A Rocha and this project. Their deep love for this country was evident when they faced the challenging decision to return to the UK, leaving Interserve in 2009. We were delighted when their partnership with A Rocha went into new places as Chris became International Director.

    We have also appreciated the wider visionary work of A Rocha, and the instrumental part that the Harris and Naylor families have played in inspiring us in our responsibility and privilege of creation care. We have worked in partnership with A Rocha in various ways in the Lebanon, India, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and they have been a significant influence on us as we continue to explore both our own responsibility to creation care as whole-life disciples of Jesus, and also how creation care should be part of our making whole-life disciples in the different contexts where we serve.

    All of us in Interserve who shared life with the Naylor and Harris families (especially former team members of the Naylors from Lebanon), and have benefitted from their wisdom and leadership, share our shock and deep sadness at this tragic loss. Our prayers continue for Peter and his children, for Sam, Chloe and Josh.

  239. Philip and Susan Geddes says:

    Having read all the tributes above and with tears welling up, we can only say AMEN to the beautiful comments and observations shared by so many.
    Memories of pre ARocha days at St Mary’s Upton – bird watching on Hilbre Island, making hot air baloons at the Foxhill Parish weekend. Then came Peter and Miranda’s calling and obedience to The Lord’s plan. ARocha was born, Bernie and Jan churned out the Hoopoe emblem adorning sweatshirts and Cruzinha emerged in 1986. Our family have much to be thankful for; Mum and Dad loved their time in Portugal and despite her poor health, Sheila still follows A Rocha’s work closely. Sue and Phil will never forget the gentle encouragement and love given freely by Peter and Miranda during their time at St Mary’s. We grieve the loss of Miranda, Chris and Susanna and pray for you full recovery dear Peter.

  240. Nathalie Shanstrom says:

    Dear Harris family,

    One of my fondest memories is spending a summer session at Au Sable Institute with you in the 1990s, and painting with Jo and Ester : ) I will never forget how warm, compassionate, and authentic Miranda and all of you were! I still remember the evening you all had some of us over at your cabin for dinner. You all made us feel so welcome and at home that that evening stands out as one of the most enjoyable I ever had! I still have the recipe Miranda wrote out for me of the dinner we had. I am so very sorry for your loss and look forward to the day we can all be together with Miranda in Heaven again!

  241. Rev Barry & Valerie Harper says:

    Dear Peter and family; Valerievand I are so sad to hear the news of the terrible accident ; so too are abet hand Claire; you, and your whole family are very much in our prayers; may our Lord comfort you, touch you with healing, peace and strength; with our love, Barry and Valerie Harper.

  242. Debbie Knighton-Fitt says:

    Hi Peter,

    You do not know me, but my husband met you at Bean There Coffee Roastery the week before the accident.
    We spent 4 years in Vancouver (2010 – 2014), my husband studying at Regent College profoundly influenced studying under Loren Wilkinson and together, your idea of creation care. (Theran, my husband, had a picture taken with yourself and Miranda at Bean There which he has since, sent on to Loren).

    We returned to Cape Town after our season in Vancouver very changed (and challenged) in our thinking about creation, and how to encourage sustainability, care-taking of it and how to ultimately be priests of creation. (We even looked into trying to buy a farm in Noordhoek upon our return to take care of the endangered leopard toad). We have indirectly been very influenced by the work you have done through ARocha (thank you) and even without knowing you personally, we grieved the news of what happened in PE.

    Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you as you embark on a new journey from here, whatever God has in store. God be with you, brother.

    With love.

  243. David and Evelyn Stewart says:

    To the Harris Family
    We, at the Port St Mary SU Beach Mission (Isle of Man), have prayed for you and the work of A Rocha for many years, following your involvement with the Beach Mission, and we, personally, have great memories of your visits to PSM. Please be assured of our ongoing love and prayers in the coming weeks and months.

  244. Winifred Wilson says:

    Returning to Dumfries Baptist Church to meet a friend in the cafe yesterday, it struck me that I would forever associate the place with my special chat with Miranda, the first time I had met either of you, on Sunday 8 September this year. I wanted to tell you, Peter, how much ‘Under the bright wings’ influenced my life when it first came out, but many people were waiting to speak to you, so Barbara Mearns introduced me to Miranda, who said ‘you can talk to me!’ I said ‘of course I can’, and we then had a memorable conversation, leaving me with the feeling that I had always known her. On All Souls day, we sang ‘For all the saints’, and the lines pointed out by the preacher were ‘O blest communion! fellowship divine! We feebly struggle, they in glory shine’. Miranda shines in glory, as indeed she did on earth. My gratitude, love and prayers. Winifred

  245. John and Vicky Smiley says:

    We will miss you very special people so much. We are so grateful for the many wonderful years of friendship. The pain of parting is great, but we have the assurance that you will be in a better place. We have many many happy memories to hold on to in our grief.

  246. Jack & Patti Gullahorn says:

    Dearest Peter and the Harris Family,

    Our hearts have been so heavy after the terrible loss of Miranda – who is one of the most precious souls we have had the honor to know. Please know that all of you – her children & Grands and all who love her – remain in our prayers. Most especially, we lift up Peter daily. It is painful to consider how difficult this time has to be for you. Such a tremendous loss!

    We are the same age as Peter & Miranda, and enjoyed sharing stories of our families. Along with people around the globe, we instantly felt a loving connection to them, which says so very much about the two of them and how pure and powerful their love is. It is not possible to imagine one without the other. In fact – when we pray for you, Peter and your recovery – we see Miranda’s spirit right there with you, smiling that precious smile and loving you through this. We pray that you all can feel her presence as well.

    Just to give you a visual of the prayers that are flowing your way from all around the world, Miranda’s picture is in our parish church in Austin, Texas on a prayer altar honoring all of our loved ones who have gone on before us in celebration of All Soul’s day (month). When they stayed with us on our farm in Texas years ago, they gifted us with a pottery plate that now has it’s place on our own prayer table at home. It has the image of a beautiful angel on it – and has so much more meaning to us now. It reminds us to pray for Miranda on her journey, and for all of you. Trusting that you are surrounded by angels as you walk through this new reality.

    It was difficult to write to you, because words seem so empty. At the same time, it was impossible not to. Please accept our effort at expressing our love for Miranda and Peter, and our deep desire to send back to you the fruits of the love Miranda shared with so many. You will remain in our prayers.

    God bless you all!
    Jack & Patti Gullahorn
    Austin, Texas

  247. Ken & Mary Mort says:

    Our prayerful good wishes to Peter in the wake of the dreadful accident in S.Africa For us, the sad news has stirred many memories- we first met in the Isle of Man in the 1970s The ARocha seed was planted in Portugal and soon after Peter met up with Dave Bookless there was a U.K. base as well The project has grown- as it should after a God-inspired ‘birth’. God bless Peter.and ARocha with his mercy and grace just now. Mary joins me in praying for God’s comfort at this sad time
    Ken & Mary Mort

  248. Steve Tanner says:

    Dear Peter, dear families Harris and Naylor,

    This is with deep sadness that I write these few words to express, with many people of the swiss A Rocha team, my sympathy and compassion for you during these awful moments of separation.
    But this is also with thankfulness that I think at these so precious moments I had the privilege to share with Miranda and with Chris during these last 10 years of service with A Rocha.

    Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. (Romans 12:1)

    Miranda has been a so impressive source of inspiration for so many people, including me… The intensity and quality of the attention and listening she was giving to the others was a genuine image of God’s love for us. I can still hear the sound of her so special voice. She lived a life like a living sacrifice, for her beloved ones, but much beyond, for every person crossing her life. She has planted so many seeds of friendship, community, sense of belonging, family spirit. These seeds will grow and bear fruit.

    Peter, our prayers are with you, for your complete physical healing, and for your emotional recovery of this so violent trial. The journey is not over, yet, but you will need courage, strength to continue it. You have been God’s words and God’s inspiration for so many people who seek significance and coherence in their lives as Christians and stewardships of Creation. Our prayers are with you.

    I had the privilege to meet Chris several times during the ARI forums. I appreciated his profound honesty, his servant style of leadership, his quality of listening to others. I enjoyed so much discussing with him. He was truly an inspirational leader. I never had the opportunity to meet Susanna. This is with deep sadness and emotion I think of you, Sam, Chloe and Josh. Many people think daily of you, pray for you, that you may find strength and comfort to go through all this. We don’t have answers to so difficult questions… why them ? Why now ? You may never have these answers from God during this life… but you will find His peace and His Presence.

    With my profound sympathy and friendship, in the Hope of Christ, the resurrected

    Steve Tanner, A Rocha Switzerland

  249. Mike McNamara says:

    I served with Crosslinks UK in Tanzania in the 1980s, the same mission agency that Peter and Miranda served with. As a small agency fellow mission partners were so proud of what was being achieved in Portugal with A Rocha and how the care of God’s wonderful creation was being highlighted as a key expression of discipleship and stewardship.Peter and Miranda were pioneers and people came from all over the world to see first-hand what they were doing.

    Ruth Padilla DeBorst (a board member of A Rocha) is attending the ‘Justice Conference’ here in Melbourne, Australia, where I now live, and told me yesterday of the tragic news of the car accident two weeks ago. I am very saddened by the news of the loss of three remarkable people and the injuries and grief for Peter. My thoughts and prayers are with all their close family and friends. May they know the assurance of God’s love and comfort and of loved ones being the Lord’s safe keeping.

  250. Allen Goddard says:

    Peter and your family, and the Naylor family, I am sorry for your heart-stinging loss in the deaths of your dear ones, Miranda, Chris and Susanna. The enormity for you as they were so unexpectedly received by God into the New Creation, is a weight I know must be painful to bear. Please accept my heartfelt condolences at this time.

    In the hope that the outpouring of God’s love for you all, from around the world, may somehow strengthen you in this inestimable loss, I add a small tribute in memory of Miranda, whom I knew the best of the ARI leadership team. At Ferragudo, Portugal, in 2003, when A Rocha South Africa was received into the international A Rocha family, I got a ride with Miranda and David and Betty Payne to visit the famous Porches Pottery, during a recess in A Rocha business. As we returned to Ferragudo, Miranda beamed her inimitable smile and gave me a gift for my wife Joyann – a classic little pitcher from the pottery, with a rambling rose design. Its simplicity, gentle colours, and freewheeling flowers, symbolize for Joyann and me, Miranda’s playful, creative gentleness.

    The last extended time I had with Miranda, was when she was part of the morning devotional small group I was assigned to at Hengelo in the Netherlands, for our ARI gathering in 2012. As in her visit to South Africa in 2006, and in other enriching conversations with her in England and Kenya, I found her contributions during the Netherlands week to be always perceptive, thoughtful, kind and gentle. I think that St Paul – just as easily as having first century saints in mind – might have drawn on Miranda’s inspiring life, when he said to the Philippians, “Let you gentleness be evident to all.”

    This is what I celebrate about Miranda. She was often playful but never insincere or flippant, and was exceptionally kind in her creatively apt choices of words and images, in conversation. Miranda’s creative gentleness mediated God’s love to me on more than one occasion – that Love whose eternal wellsprings make all things new.

    This little pitcher now has a special place in our home, to remind us of Miranda’s outpouring, enduring and ever creative gentleness.

  251. Ben Niblett says:

    I’m keeping Peter and the families and the whole A Rocha network in my prayers. Such a horrible, tragic event.

    I’m grateful for the path these amazing people have led so many Christians along; they ran a good race, they fought a good fight, they left the world changed.

  252. John Rowland says:

    Jean and I met Peter and Miranda when they were still getting A Rocha started. At that time we worked with BCMS, now Crosslinks mission agency. I was struck by the things we shared in common, and felt an immediate connection. The loss of Miranda and the Naylors to A Rocha and conservation in general is hard to contemplate. We can only trust that in the plans God has for our world, there is a purpose even in these tragic losses, and that A Rocha will still go on to fulfil the vision God gave these lovely people. We pray for the families and close friends and colleagues involved, and for Peter’s complete and rapid recovery.

  253. Geoff and Patricia says:

    You have our sincere condolences and we groan with you as we await Our Lord Jesus’s return. Come Lord Jesus and make all things new !

  254. David & Valerie Norman (ex Cranham) says:

    It was with a deep sense of shock and profound sadness that we heard of the tragic deaths in South Africa of Chris and Susanna Naylor and Miranda Harris as well as Peter’s extensive injuries all causing such pain for both families and turmoil for the A Rocha community. We never had the opportunity to get to know Chris and Susanna but were privileged to have close contact with Miranda and Peter as they took tentative steps in Portugal and have always held them both in the highest esteem. At this time, conservation issues were not high on the agenda of many churches but Peter came with a cogent Biblical message of why we should be giving this a much higher priority and Miranda came with a passion for conveying this message through Christian community, a principle that has remained a core to A Rocha’s mission and message.

    Miranda had such warmth that meant those who talked with her felt they had always known her and in that conversation there was so often an encounter with God where those speaking with her benefitted from her wisdom and wealth of knowledge.

    From the time we heard of the awful accident we have been praying for all of the Naylor and Harris family members and especially for Peter’s recovery from these tragic events.

  255. Michael Pocock says:

    I thank Peter & Miranda and Chris & Susanna for their gift of A Rocha to all of us.
    Although I only met Chris a couple of times and Miranda only once, I saw them both at a meeting with many people from the international A Rocha family. During that meeting, I saw their commitment and love for others expressed through pastoring, care and wise counsel – they were clearly loved and respected by people from across the world.
    For me, the message of A Rocha, expressed across the diverse family, is so special – and for which I offer thanks to Miranda, in her founding and sustaining role, and Chris, in providing leadership internationally and, with Susanna, in their incredible work in Lebanon. In the UK, many of the Christian researchers in ecology that I’ve met have some connection to A Rocha, which has been important to them. As a researcher in ecology myself, it is wonderful to be able to share with other ecologists about the amazing place-based, science-informed conservation work that A Rocha leads across the world – and to discover how many people hold A Rocha’s work in high regard. The message of “conservation and hope” (A Rocha’s tagline) is such a crucial one for anyone involved in conservation science.
    I thank God for the gift of A Rocha and for Peter & Miranda and Chris & Susanna’s vital part in it. It’s not simply a charity or organisation, but it is a global family of workers, volunteers, supporters, donors and so on. We’re now a grieving family, but we remain a family together who have so much more to share and give.

  256. I’m sorry not to be with you all as you remember and celebrate the lives of Chris and Susanna. I only got to know Chris in the last few years as he crossed the road from his office in Marston St to come to the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford, to help us with our Muslim-Christian Summer Schools. As he facilitated workshops on the environment and creation care alongside Muslim presenters he exuded passion for God’s creation as well as interest in the students and the development of their thinking about global issues. As well as being immensely knowledgeable, he was unfailingly kind, gentle and warm in all his interactions with us and will be greatly missed.

  257. David Rees says:

    Dear Peter, I am just so sad to hear this tragic news, and remember all the wonderful times together at Quinta do Sobreiro and A Rocha. Singing under the cork oak, and learning more about God while the children played in the swimming pool. Your kindness to us at A Rocha when we were without a home.

  258. Carl & Betsy Armerding says:

    Dear Peter and family,,

    With others around the world, we were shocked and saddened by the tragedy in Port Elizabeth. With you, we lament the almost unbelievable losses, both in our dear Miranda’s death and the loss to family and A Rocha of the Naylors. Our daily prayer is best paraphrased by the old hymn, ‘strength for today, and (as elusive as it may appear) bright hope for tomorrow’. We don’t know how God will bring either of those blessings, but we trust his promise, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’.

    These weeks have also been flooded with old memories: times together at Schosss Mittersill in the early 90s as we shared your search for a new home for A Rocha. That set in motion a chain of events that changed all of our lives: sharing the house in Oxford, pooling cars across Europe, half-term meeting with our kids at Moncton Combe, and eventually the incredibly fruitful Regent College connection. Along the way, unforgettable incidents like Jeremy’s kayak in our Toyota, still bring chuckles.

    Now, with dear Miranda gone to glory, and the uncertainties all of you are facing, please know that we, like so many others, are holding up your arms daily. In the midst of the pain, and despite the unanswered (and unanswerable) questions, we choose to believe that ‘our Guardian’, the ‘Maker of Heaven and Earth’ is still watching over you as a family. We pray that he may be a refuge for all of you in the very stretching ddays ahead, a prayer we send up for the Naylors also. As we think of all God has been doing through A Rocha since those early days, and as we see the church across the world embracing a new commitment to care for God’s creation, our grief is mixed with thanksgiving.

    May God give you all ‘strength for today’. May you also have ‘hope for tomorrow’.

    With our love,

    Carl and Betsy Armerding
    Delta, B.C., Canada

  259. Ron Elsdon says:

    It’s taken me quite a while to bring myself to write anything after I heard this awful news and anything I write here seems very inadequate. I first met Peter and Miranda at A Rocha in 1987 while visiting Portugal on sabbatical leave. It was my privilege to be an A Rocha trustee in the 1990’s. I’ve rejoiced in their ministry and was blessed much by their fellowship, hospitality and love. How to pray for Peter and others in the future? Nick Baines, in his new Advent Book ‘Freedom is Coming’, writes about how even following a frightful tragedy, ‘joy has a habit of leaking through … we are held by the mercy of a God who loves us and does not abandon us to hopelessness, whatever our circumstances’. (p.80) Peter, may the Lord bless you richly in the days to come, and may you come to know something of the reality of what Nick Baines writes about here.

  260. Elizabeth McKitrick says:

    Dearest Peter,
    Our hearts go out to you in the loss of your soulmate, Miranda, and colleagues, Chris and Susanna. We are encouraged by the progress reports of your steady recuperation, and continue to pray for you, along with the Harris and Naylor families. I hold sweet memories which go back to the earliest days of A Rocha Canada, and meeting you and Miranda in the sunshine at a picnic table at the Boisclair-Joly’s Burnaby townhouse, hearing you both speak at Regent College, and then many years later, the privilege of serving for 5 years with the Canada national team (during which time I finally met Chris at the AR Forum at Les Courmettes). I have been profoundly impacted by A Rocha’s vision and your lives, and treasure the shared moments. I particularly recall a staff women’s retreat where we trundled onto the ferry to Bowen Island, and spent the most glorious time hiking, sharing meals and impactful personal times with Miranda. She had a remarkable gift for gently reading your heart and affirming all the good, and inspiring each one with her warmth, godly insight and kindness. She gave us each a small gift of fragrance and I have kept the tiny vial still as a remembrance of that special time where God touched me through her ministry. Through this little personal snippet, I can just extrapolate the countless lives Miranda has touched through her sunny, down-to-earth attitude, springing from her close relationship to our Creator God, her passion for life, and her desire to enrich others. We look forward to our future eternity in a new heaven and earth with no sadness and tears. But in the “not yet” we are inspired by you to continue to share A Rocha’s mission as God’s garden-keepers on earth. May God hold you in his fierce embrace, and give you courage and comfort under the bright wings in the weeks and months ahead.
    Sending you love and prayers,
    Elizabeth McKitrick

  261. Alastair Miatt says:

    Everyone at St Mary’s in Upton, UK, would like to express our love and prayers for Peter and our great sadness at Miranda’s passing in to glory. Peter and Miranda were at St Mary’s nearly forty years ago when Peter was curate and many in the congregation remember their time with us. It was at that time that they heard God’s inspirational call to community and conservation and the communication of God’s grace, a call that led to the work of A Rocha being born. They have remained good friends ever since and we have followed the work with thankfulness as we have seen it grow. A Rocha and the Harris’ have a special place in the heart of St Mary’s congregations and there has been an outpouring of grief and sadness at the loss to the organisation and to the many lives nurtured by their self giving and generous living out of their understanding of God’s love. Their humble and caring lifestyle, rooted in love for God and all that He has made, is an inspiration to us all. Miranda often talked of writing the gospel in to the landscape. She did that so well and by her loving example and influence also wrote us. We treasure the memories of their visits, their deep compassion and encouragement and their tremendous generosity in sharing their knowledge and gifts with us. We pray that God will grant comfort and healing to you Peter and also to the wider Harris and Naylor families. We look forward with you to the new heavens and new earth where all that is good now will be fully restored and complete.

  262. Robin Brady says:

    I am praying for your recovery, Peter, and for you and your family in every way. I am so devastated about the loss of Miranda and her dear friends Susanna and Chris. So many of the wonderful people I know in my life are due to you and Miranda. When I think of Miranda, the words forceful gentleness come to mind.
    I was reading Blaise Pascal that week and the section “Thoughts on Death” was the next section to read the day I heard the shocking news. These words spoke to me, and I pray I can follow them while thinking of Miranda.
    “But one of the most solid and useful charities toward the dead is to do the things that they would command were they still in the world, to practise the holy advice which they have given us, and put ourselves, for their sakes, in the condition in which they would wish us at present. By this practice, we shall in some sort revive them in ourselves, since their counsels are still living and acting within us.”
    love, Robin

  263. Mark Bagott says:

    Peter- we have only met you twice but your lives have impacted us in so many ways. When we have met we have revelled in sharing so much in common- languages, love of nature and love of God and humanity. We so appreciated our visit to Cruzinha, birthplace of A Rocha and have been further inspired by what you and Miranda started there. Now we enjoy being part of the same fellowship with Jo and Shawn and have also shared in the grief and sadness that has been overwhelming at times. However we also share in a common Hope for our world and for human kind. May God bless you and keep you in his loving arms. Mark and Lucia

  264. Rob Thomas says:

    Like many people, it has taken me some time to turn difficult emotions, memories and thoughts into words on a page, following the recent accident in South Africa that took Miranda, Susanna and Chris.

    I was fortunate enough to encounter Peter and Miranda in my early adult life, at a time when I was trying to make sense of my faith-life on one hand, and my life as a scientist and conservationist on the other hand. I had just graduated from Cambridge, and had just heard of a Christian environmental organisation in Portugal called “A Rocha”. I still have the hand-written letter-reply from Peter, with the old Cruzinha hoopoe/bluethroat letterhead, inviting me to visit as a voluntary warden (a “volwol”) for a couple of months. This was followed the next year by a longer visit to help with the 1994 Storm Petrel ringing season, which was followed in the next years by yet more visits, and I think I have visited Cruzinha in most years -for one reason or another- ever since. A Rocha in general, and in particular the faithful lives lived out by Peter and Miranda and other team members at Cruzinha in the mid-1990s, have provided the rationale and inspiration for my own life and career ever since. As I tell my university students, A Rocha is both the reason that I am still a Christian, and the reason that I am still a scientist.

    In those days, in 1993-4, there was a gang of young biologists based at Cruzinha -many of whom went on to careers in ecology and conservation (including future wardens and assistant wardens of A Rocha projects across the world) and others becoming committed A Rocha Supporters, inspired by the ethos of the community life that we were so privileged to share with the Harris family. It is a long list; Penny Marsh, Paul Wallis, Paula and Marcial Felgueiras, Bebe Soares, Rachel and Will Simondson, Colin Conroy, Joah Madden, Jeanette Hall, Peter and Anita Sturgess, Doug Radford, Darren Evans, Janice Weatherley.

    I vividly remember my first arrival at Cruzinha -being collected from Mexilhoeira station, bumping along the Quinta da Rocha track in the car, with Peter, Miranda and Violinda, the red earth and greenness of Cruzinha garden -and Miranda’s generous words; “welcome, come in and meet everyone”, as we pulled up in front of the house. The life we lived at Cruzinha was elemental, fiercely uncompromised, and sometimes brutally honest. Miranda was renowned in those days (and always) for asking direct questions, backed up with that direct, blue gaze, that gave you no option but to answer honestly. The unconditional friendship offered by the Harris children -Jo, Esther, Jem and Beth Harris was so important to many of us, at a time when so much seemed conditional. Indeed, Jo’s searingly honest account of that time in her life, in her book “Through the Dark Woods”, has been very important to me in understanding aspects of my own subsequent life. Peter and Miranda were not afraid of difficult conversations either – I remember very heated discussions over the regular Sunday barbecues in Cruzinha garden, of various outworkings of faith in the context of community life. It raised a few eyebrows among us students at the time, until we realised that these were exactly the questions that Peter and Miranda were working so had to live out in community, at great personal cost, on a daily basis.

    Moments of great kindness and inclusion remain almost painfully vivid to me, as if they happened yesterday; Peter and Miranda invited several of us to join the family on a weekend away in Milfontes, on the west coast of Portugal. Driving northwards from the Algarve in a car with three rows of seats, packed full of Harris children, pets, luggage and friends, Peter wound down the window. The Cistus-laden smell of the Alentejo filled the car. “Boa” boomed Peter -life was good. These are the times and contexts in which I will remember Miranda too -as my temporary mother, at a time when life was in flux. Like Peter, she was intellectual, always demanding to challenge our ideas. But she was also a compassionate and gentle soul; the harbour in the tempest that so many of us needed at that time.

    Looking back on those times since the accident, has been bittersweet. There are so many good memories. But those good memories can be hard to bear now. I think of- and pray for- Peter, and for the families of Peter and Miranda, Susanna and Chris, on a daily basis. I will remember them for ever. They are an inspiration and I thank them for inspiring me.

  265. Sylvia Knight says:

    As for so many others, the Naylors and Harris’ have had a massive impact on our lives, the way we view God’s world and the way we try to live our faith, and we shall miss those who have gone.
    However, for me personally, I shall most remember the words of encouragement Chris gave to us and our children the last time we saw him – at Greenbelt a couple of years ago. I am only just beginning to appreciate how important such encouragement is.
    With love and prayers to those who mourn, as well as our very best wishes for a continued recovery to Peter.

    (I posted something similar some weeks ago but it doesnt seem to have made it onto the blog – apologies if I have duplicated).

  266. Michael and Dawn Cuthbertson says:

    Dear Peter, Jo, Esther, Jeremy and Bethan,

    We were so very shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news of the road accident in which your very special mother Miranda died. We remember with great gratitude, Peter, your and Miranda’s visits to Monkton Combe School in the days when you came as parents. You always blessed us with your counter-cultural faith and your encouragement. Dawn also had a memorable meeting with Miranda at Lee Abbey a few years ago. Her gentle, vibrant and shining faith spoke so eloquently of Jesus.

    You have all been much in our prayers and will remain so.

    With our love.

    Michael and Dawn

  267. Bev says:

    Dear Pete,

    I was so sad to read about the terrible loss of Miranda!
    I used to ‘help’ her to keep your lovely family home clean.
    She was the kindest, loveliest person I had ever met she treated me just like a friend.
    Her family and faith was everything to her, such a loss to you all!
    I wish you a speedy recovery Pete and if there’s anything I can do just ask.
    Miranda I’ll miss your hugs!

  268. Sharon Jebb Smith says:

    George and I are so very, very sad to have heard this news. But we will keep you in our prayers, Peter, that God will draw near and strengthen you beyond imagining.

  269. Martyn Lings says:

    Dear Pete,

    Whilst I was only fortunate enough to meet you and Miranda on a few occasions, those times were such a blessing. Miranda had a heart of amazing kindness and warmth that made anyone who met her feel so valued no matter who they were. She was a shinning example of showing God’s love and light to others. That example left a great impression on my life then and will remain with me always.

    My prayers and love to you, Jo, Esther, Jem and Beth.

  270. My most sincere condolences
    Hamlet Jensen

  271. Lesley Smith says:

    Dear Peter
    I cannot believe that it is nearly a month since that tragic day. I sit here in my dining room where you and Miranda shared a meal with me and reflect on how much beauty both of you brought into this world just by being your beautiful selves. From those first days when we met in Cruzinha, then meeting over the years in different countries you have both had a deep special place in my heart. Your love for God and all of his creation, both human and non-human inspired me always. The pain that Miranda is no longer here to travel this journey with you and all of us cuts deeply. Asking ‘Him who knows all things’ to continue to hold you and your family in his steady embrace.


  272. Pedro Geraldes says:

    Dear Peter,
    I heard about your terrible accident together with some of your (many) Portuguese friends. It has been a while since we met in Cruzinha and you teached me how to ring, as well as a whole generation of Portuguese birdwatchers. I will always remember fondly the way that you and Miranda received me at your house, and the days that we spent there. It was with a lot of sadness that I eard that she is not with us any more.
    I send you a big hug and hope that you get better very soon. All the strength in the world to overcome the days ahead.
    Pedro Geraldes

  273. Rosemary Finlayson says:

    I was so shocked to hear the tragic news of the accident. My memories of Miranda go back to the days when Peter & Miranda were part of life at St Mary’s Upton, followed by the early days of A Rocha in Portugal and France where I was privileged to be able to visit. I shall always remember Miranda for her warm hospitality and her gracious, loving personality and her lovely smile. Her family and the wider A Rocha family are going to miss her presence so much, especially as a spiritual mother to many. I praise God for Miranda’s life and for the eternal hope that we share with her in Jesus. I’m praying for you Peter, your family and the Naylor family, as you grieve such a deep loss and wait on God for healing and all that lies ahead. May you know the everlasting arms undergirding you. With love and prayers. Our loss is heaven’s gain.

  274. Peter Ford says:

    Dear Peter

    May God be with you as you return to the UK. I will be praying for a complete recovery.
    I last met you when you were quite young. My father, Docco Ford, was a close friend of your father, and was an avid supporter of A Rocha in its early days.

    God Bless

    Pete Ford

  275. Daniel and Carol Cookman says:

    Dear Peter and all who are grieving, may the peace of the Lord take root in your precious hearts.
    I had never heard of A Rocha until this year when a friend of ours visited your site in France. Even then I did not give it much thought that is until I saw a clip on the BBC about 3 Brits killed in an accident in S Africa. Curious, as I am a Brit, I opened the link and read the story and discovered these were dear A Rocha folk.
    I decide to harvest as much info on A Rocha as possible. I discover Dave Bookless and his books and order “God does not do Waste”. Within days I hear that Dave is holding a seminar just down the road from us in Geneva. We promptly went to hear his story.

    This whole story has opened our eyes to something new to my wife and I. We never ever gave much scriptural thought to salvation encompassing the whole world and our responsibility and call to “go” and preach the whole gospel as well as starting to let it empower us into change. We are in our 60’s and have loved Jesus since our childhoods and have been involved in many denominations but have never been confronted with “God so loved the world….” in this context.
    We now have a dream to transform our garden into a small paradise for insects, butterflies, bees and birds.

    Had there not been that tragic accident we may have continued to be oblivious to this message of caring for the world we live in in a proactive way. God does not do mistakes.

    We will pass the message on; it has given us a new story to share with folks about Jesus death and resurrection.

    We embrace you with our tears and gratitude for lives lived out to their fullest for His Kingdom to come.

  276. Lucy Monk says:

    I was shocked and saddened to the core when I read of the tragic accident and the untimely loss of Miranda, Chris and Susanna, and my heart aches at the painful times that ensue for Peter, his family, and the Naylor family, especially now in the run up to Christmas… 

    I first heard of, and began to fall in love with, A Rocha on a holiday with a group of friends at Cruzinha in the late 1980s, followed by several other very enjoyable visits, primarily to see my good friend Penny Marsh (nee Jones) but during which I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Peter and Miranda – so began a valued friendship. 

    I still have, and will now treasure all the more, a bookmark that Miranda wrote on and welcomed me with on one of my return visits to Cruzinha, and have used it in recent weeks as I have picked up and read a couple of the small pile of books (two authored by daughter Jo and one by friend Graham) she had written in and left beside my bed when I stayed for a night with them in their home in Wiltshire in September 2012. On that occasion, Miranda also gave me a pair of shoes and a linen jacket that had belonged to her mother (presumably as stylish as Miranda) who had recently passed away – I have always been a happy recipient of quality second hand clothes and still have, occasionally wear and will now treasure, both these gifts. 

    Some years earlier I wrote to Peter, asking if A Rocha might consider starting some work in Afghanistan, when I have lived and worked for 20+ years – I knew that Peter, though maybe not Miranda, had a fondness for the country, and I enjoyed his recalling “I have my own memories of Afghanistan in 1971 – when beautiful countryside was all around and easy to wander through –  so personally I have no need to be enthused about AR working there. But it would seem a stretch at present even with your siren voices calling. I know however that Chris Naylor, our [new] CEO, is thinking of all kinds of ways of helping out in all kinds of places… I have heard him talk of Afghanistan enquiries too so maybe others are in touch?” 

    Sadly I never had the privilege of getting to know Chris and Susanna, although we’ve had numerous mutual friends, our paths crossed briefly a couple of times, and I had a brief correspondence with Chris about environmental education teaching materials that might be useful in a community development project in Afghanistan. Yesterday I watched the very moving Thanksgiving service for Chris and Susanna, from Burford church (recognisable to me having been there in summer 2018 for my godson’s wedding) and continue to think of, and pray for, Sam, Chloe and Josh.

    It has been encouraging to follow the updates on Peter’s physical recovery, and I continue to pray for him as this continues and also as he makes the mammoth adjustment to being back in the UK without his beloved Miranda. 

    Miranda was truly one of the most beautiful (inside and out) people I’ve known, and I can’t begin to imagine how much all her dear family must miss her, and yet rejoice in the wonderful paradox of knowing that she, together with Chris and Susanna, and so many others who have gone before us, often taken from us so suddenly and unexpectedly, is enjoying the New Creation and being in the immediate presence of our loving heavenly Father.

    I’m sorry I won’t be able to be at Miranda’s Thanksgiving in Oxford, but will be watching the live-stream from here, and will be with you in heart and spirit.  

  277. Simon Moolenaar says:

    Dear Peter, I was thinking about you in our church service this morning. The following song was just released by our worship team: “Een machtige Rots, onze Schuilplaats is God”
    (Dutch only).

    God is our Rock/Rocha:

    I cannot make it to the service next Saturday.
    Wishing you all love and strength,
    Simon & Anneke

  278. Patricia Seymour Williams says:

    It was a long time ago , and we were young , but memories of your friendship and smile are as fresh as ever.
    Your school friend, Patricia xxx

  279. Lisi Bouchard says:

    I had the privilege of knowing Miranda for 9 months in the South of France in 2006-7. I have wonderful memories of exquisite food, good conversation and continuous laughter around her table. Miranda deeply cared for all the volunteers at Les Tourades and really understood the joys and cares of living in community, its humbling challenges and our need for God in it. I remember her reflecting that every person would take their place in the community. Friendship were also very important to Miranda. I remember her New Year’s Resolution in 2007 was to treasure her friendships, and I am sure she did! Since 2007, when I have thought of Miranda, I have remembered her smile and her face radiant with God’s love like in Psalm 34 ‘those who look at him are radiant’. Most of all I would like to thank Miranda (and Peter) for showing me God’s love lived out through community at A Rocha and helping me to come to know Jesus.
    Thank you Miranda.

  280. Paul Vrolijk says:

    The church family of Holy Trinity Brussels shares in the shock and grief of the loss of Miranda, Chris and Susanna. Our hearts go out to their families and friends, and to the whole A Rocha family. We mourn with you. As a long standing mission partner of A Rocha we have been privileged to host first Peter and Chris, and subsequently Peter and Miranda, many times over the years, and they have become dear friends. We have marvelled at the Lord’s work as they patiently and faithfully held to their vision, watched and prayed as A Rocha grew from its early days at Cruzinha, and shared their joy and passion for caring for God’s wonderful creation. Miranda’s gentle grace, clear commitment and deep and genuine concern for all those she met has made a lasting impression on many of us. We pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen the Harris and Naylor families, and for Peter’s swift and full recovery. Whilst we do not understand what has happened, yet we trust in the love, mercy and grace of our unfailing Heavenly Father, and seek consolation from our sure hope that Chris, Susanna and Miranda have been welcomed into heaven and are now enjoying the fullness of salvation promised through Christ.

    On behalf of the whole church family at Holy Trinity Brussels,

    The Venerable Dr Paul Vrolijk
    Senior Chaplain and Canon Chancellor
    Archdeacon of North West Europe

  281. Sarah Wylie says:

    I met Peter and Miranda at Arocha in Portugal, taken by my father, Peter Harvey a keen birdwatcher. I went not knowing what to expect about these “Christian conservation/bird people” and came away profoundly touched by them, and the Lord.

    Miranda’s warmth, welcome, loving understanding, gentle humour, generosity and realism was deeply attractive to me as I struggled with a sick husband and young children. This was many years ago and I can still remember the peace of my time with her.

    My heart goes out to all the family, the Arocha community and to Peter – whilst knowing that Miranda is with her Lord, I pray that that same Lord will bring comfort and relief to you all in this most painful of times.

  282. Alison Nichols says:

    In the weeks since we heard of the tragic loss of dearest Miranda, I have been trying to find the words to convey how much she meant to me. When Miranda and Peter moved into our road in Upton when Peter was curate at St Mary’s they immediately became so special to us and to my family. From the time Miranda invited me to join a Bible Study in her home, I knew there was something so different about her, her gentle nature, her radiant smile, her Christ-like qualities, making me feel as though I was the most important person in the room, I didn’t know Jesus then and I thank God that Miranda led me to faith and nurtured me in those early days. Our families spent many happy times together. Whenever we met over the years she made time in her busy schedule to spend time with me to find out how me and my family were doing. We were so blessed to be involved in those early days of Arocha when my husband Nick did all the printing and we enjoyed so much our visit to Cruzhina. We pray now for dear Peter and the children and grandchildren in the days ahead.

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  284. […] the impact of our changing climate continue to be raised. The A Rocha family is moving through a time of unexpected grief and loss. How do we, this weary world, find hope and […]

  285. Susan Drake Emmerich says:

    No words can adequately reflect my condolences to the Harris and Naylor families. The loss of Miranda, Chris and Susanna, is a loss to their families, to the international environmental community and to the world. When one part of the body hurts, truly, the whole body hurts as reflected in all the above comments. I know, without a doubt, though, that God will continue to grow A Rocha’s influence in the world, and all the seeds that Miranda, Chris and Susanna planted will continue to bear fruit. My prayers are with you all.

  286. […] isso, no site oficial da A Rocha Internacional, aqueles que quiserem, podem deixar nos comentários memórias, condolências ou outras […]

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