Rod and Bev Wilson are based in Vancouver where, until last year, Rod was President of Regent College, a position he held for 15 years. He is the author of 'Counseling and Community' and 'How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?' – both award-winning books – and the co-author of 'Exploring Your Anger' and 'Helping Angry People'. His upcoming book ‘Keeping Faith in Fundraising’, written with Peter Harris, will be released in 2016 (Eerdmans). ‘How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?’ has been translated into Chinese and German. Bev has been involved in various volunteering roles and specifically with Rod, through his years as President at Regent College in student care, travel and fundraising. She is an artist who purposefully blends the contemplative with her art in photography and acrylic abstract painting. Rod and Bev Wilson have joined A Rocha where they are working on two assignments: the philanthropy project with our founders Peter and Miranda Harris and the Shalom project.

29th February 2016 | Dave Bookless | 8 comments

Nature, red in tooth and claw?

I was distracted from the documentary by the reactions of my two friends. Jack revelled in the power and skill of the predators, their mastery of timing and feather control, the elegance and efficiency with which they hunted. Jill was horrified by their bloodlust. How could such callous cruelty be part of God’s good creation?

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15th January 2016 | Peter Harris | 20 comments

Loving where we are

I hope to begin a discussion about how we talk about… for now let’s call it ‘caring for creation’. ‘Stewardship’ isn’t a biblical word, and although ‘creation care’ is now generally accepted, like all terms, it has its limitations. Could we start a debate about how we can best describe our task and be intentional about our language?

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31st December 2015 | Dave Bookless | 1 comments

A fair COP?

It was extraordinary to be in Paris during the COP negotiations. So, now the dust has settled, the marquees are dismantled, and the circus has left town, what are we to make of the COP21 Agreement, and where do we go from here?

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1st December 2015 | Dave Bookless | 8 comments

Climate theology

Climate change seems to polarize Christians. Why? Why do some believe it is a satanic plot whilst others see it as a crucial moral issue? Why do so many more simply ignore it as irrelevant to their faith and daily lives? In the end it’s about theology.

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