A fatwa for nature

The news that Indonesia’s senior Muslim clerical body has issued a fatwa against illegal hunting and the poaching of endangered species has caused considerable media interest. The story serves to illustrate that it is now mainstream for conservation organizations to understand that religious groups can play a central role in achieving conservation goals. Continue reading

Job – humbled and healed by nature

Job may seem a strange character to launch a new series of biblical eco-heroes. After all, his story is famously depressing: a tale of undeserved suffering, humiliation and the apparent absence of God. Yet the book of Job also contains the longest passage about non-human creation in the Bible. Continue reading

The show is on!

If you are on Olympics overload and are hankering for a little talk show blather, check out Context with Lorna Dueck’s “God’s Gardeners” episode. Margaret Atwood claims the spotlight for most of the show, but then yours truly and my handsome husband Markku join Margaret and Lorna for the last third of the show. Continue reading

Walking the talk: Living with integrity in a disintegrating world

In a disintegrating world we tend to live disintegrated lifestyles, with beliefs, values, and lifestyle choices in separate compartments. This can lead to a huge guilt trip. In ecological terms I know I’m hypocritical. But guilt doesn’t help. Instead, here are some positive suggestions… and I’m speaking to myself here. Continue reading

Mission Impossible?

I long for a transformed, honest food system in which there will be an end to economics characterized by ‘skimping the measure, boosting the price and cheating with dishonest scales’… Yet the supermarket mantra of ‘get big or get out’ certainly seems to be winning the war right now, and our mission here appears to be ‘impossible’. But is it? Continue reading

Out with the old, in with the new?

Today’s consumer culture takes a love of new starts to extremes. Fed up with your clothing, computer, phone or furniture? Chuck them out and buy something new. The New Testament is full of ‘new heaven’, ‘new earth’, ‘new Jerusalem’, ‘new creation’. As I grew up I assumed ‘new’ meant exactly what it means in the culture I’m surrounded by. Continue reading

A Rocha : 30 ans… …ou l’éternité ?

En 2013, nous avons célébré les trente ans d’A Rocha. Mais dans un monde d’habitats et d’espèces en voie de disparition, quelle est la pérennité de notre travail de conservation ? Si nous croyons que la nouvelle création de Dieu est un renouvellement de ce monde plutôt que son remplacement, le meilleur de notre travail perdurera-t-il jusque dans l’éternité ? Continue reading