Postcard from Kenya

Kenya has been in the news this month because of the massacre at Garissa University. Supporters have been asking about any impact here on the coast, where A Rocha has its field study centre, Mwamba. We feel perfectly safe here and are keen to welcome visitors. Continue reading

Postcards from the Middle East by Chris Naylor: 2. Bedouin hospitality

The tent was dark but warm inside, a simple wood stove providing a flickering light. The bitter, piping-hot coffee was in an elaborate brass pot. Most of the year they lived in Homs in Syria but each spring, and sometimes in the autumn, they would get the tent out of storage and make the trek to the Bekaa for extra work. Continue reading

Postcard from St Helena

St Helena is a sobering place to ecological eyes. In the early 17th century the Portuguese landed goats and in a hundred years they had reduced huge areas of lush landscape to bare rock. In the centuries that followed, we have made the world itself an island where the goats of hyper-individualism, corporate greed and short-term political ambition are roaming more or less unchecked. Continue reading

Integer leven in een gebroken wereld

In een gebroken wereld hebben we de neiging om een gefragmenteerde levensstijl te hebben, met overtuigingen, waarden en leefstijlkeuzes in verschillende hokjes. Dit kan leiden tot schuldgevoel. Maar schuldgevoel helpt niet. In plaats daarvan zijn hier een paar positieve suggesties… die ik net zo goed ook voor mezelf schrijf. Continue reading

Postcards from the Middle East by Chris Naylor: 1. Early exploration in Lebanon

After explaining that I was going to be the new science teacher at the large secondary school in the valley (which seemed to explain my weird views on animal life), I was escorted by a gaggle of boys and young men into the wetland proper, on the trail of Yusef. Continue reading

A murder in the creation care movement

Taking care of creation is sometimes more than mere words and issues. For some, it is a matter of life and death. Such was the case for Honduran preacher and community leader José Matilde Bonilla. Continue reading

How big is your Jesus?

After three years and 36 blogs, I’m taking a short break from writing for Planetwise, so it seems appropriate to conclude this series with Jesus. So let’s turn for a moment and ask who Jesus was and is in relation to the whole created order. Continue reading

Hopey New Year

The “reality” of the situation is grim. But, like a figure-ground image, what we first see isn’t all there is. Viewed with human eyes, the challenges facing the planet look insurmountable. The eyes of faith, however, see a different picture; they see more. Continue reading

Mary – Teenage revolutionary

The Magnificat is often associated with beautiful, traditional music, but this can conceal the passionate words of a young teenager who is full of radical hopes for a new world order (…) In his mercy, God will overthrow proud rulers, reject the wealthy and complacent and raise up the poor, rejected and marginalized. Continue reading

Bird by bird, person by person

Those familiar with A Rocha know that Peter, Pavel and Dave—with their better halves Miranda, Radka and Anne; countless volunteers; and a handful of dedicated staff—also built A Rocha International, Czech and UK, respectively. What struck me that day in the blind was how they did it. Continue reading