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The show is on!

If you are on Olympics overload and are hankering for a little talk show blather to break up all the skating, sliding and sledding, check out Context with Lorna Dueck’s God’s Gardeners episode. [see below]

Left to right: Lorna Dueck, Margaret Atwood, Leah and Markku Kostamo

Left to right: Lorna Dueck, Margaret Atwood, Leah and Markku Kostamo

Margaret Atwood claims the spotlight for most of the show, but then yours truly and my handsome husband Markku join Margaret and Lorna for the last third of the show.

It’s been online for a couple days now and I finally worked up the courage to watch it last night (in bed with my girls and Markku all piled in).

My verdict: I like it!

Lorna is warm and “present.” Margaret is articulate, funny and uber intelligent. Markku is very smiley. And I blink a lot and very slowly (odd, that).

Favourite sound bites:

Here’s the link again (in case you missed it the first two times :)):

Note: The original interview has been removed, but you may see an excerpt of the interview – along with Katharine Hayhoe – in the video: “C-Shift: Environment” below.

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