Jo Swinney is a writer, speaker and editor. She joined A Rocha International as Head of Communications on June 1st, 2020.

3rd August 2022 | Jo Swinney | 3 comments

A home in A Rocha

This is the first in a new series of blog posts from around the A Rocha family exploring how someone first found a home with A Rocha, their memories of […]

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1st November 2021 | Jo Swinney | 1 comments

The whole Christmas story

Those of us with inquisitive children in our lives face a bombardment of tricky questions around Christmas time, from ‘Is Santa Claus real?’ to how exactly God and Mary made a baby together, and did the baby Jesus actually “no crying make” (as the carol Away in a Manger says)? Some of these questions make us pause as we navigate exactly what answer we wish to give our inquisitor.

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