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Rachel is the Executive Assistant to Dave Bookless, a role she does one day a week. The rest of the time she works for Hope for the Future, supporting UK churches to build relationships with their MP and take political action on climate change. In the not too distant past she studied philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and is very interested in the philosophical causes of present environmental issues.

29th February 2020 | Rachel Mander | 0 comments

Facing the Future: Perspective

A friend this week asked me why I love the sky so much (‘I do mean that question genuinely’, they said). It gave me pause because I hadn’t considered my love of the sky to be overly notable. I also hadn’t actually ever given thought to the reasons why I do, in fact, love the sky.

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30th June 2014 | Dave Bookless | 6 comments

King David – eco-poet

David was a man of contrasts and often contradictions: shepherd boy and powerful King; mighty warrior and sensitive poet; saint, sinner and song-writer. One striking thing about the Psalms attributed to David is the nature writing they contain. Here are just a few.