Rod and Bev Wilson are based in Vancouver where, until last year, Rod was President of Regent College, a position he held for 15 years. He is the author of 'Counseling and Community' and 'How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?' – both award-winning books – and the co-author of 'Exploring Your Anger' and 'Helping Angry People'. His upcoming book ‘Keeping Faith in Fundraising’, written with Peter Harris, will be released in 2016 (Eerdmans). ‘How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?’ has been translated into Chinese and German. Bev has been involved in various volunteering roles and specifically with Rod, through his years as President at Regent College in student care, travel and fundraising. She is an artist who purposefully blends the contemplative with her art in photography and acrylic abstract painting. Rod and Bev Wilson have joined A Rocha where they are working on two assignments: the philanthropy project with our founders Peter and Miranda Harris and the Shalom project.

27th March 2016 | Rod Wilson | 0 comments

Perspective: Easter Sunday

Can you imagine being a disciple that Sunday? You had not seen for yourself but the word was out. Jesus had risen! Now his promises made more sense. It was not only the temple being rebuilt. He was going to come back and walk among us. Darkness from Friday dissipated as Sunday’s light got stronger. […]

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26th March 2016 | Rod Wilson | 0 comments

Perspective: Easter Saturday

Can you imagine being a disciple that Saturday? The visual and the visceral impact of yesterday continue to be overwhelming. You recall stories that alluded to resurrection but your hope is dwindling as the day goes on. Confidence in what He said and who He was is now replaced by confusion as faith confronts facts. […]

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Perspective: Good Friday

Can you imagine being a disciple that Friday? In spite of all the allusions to death you had not understood what Jesus meant. Now He was on a cross, suffering in anguish at the hands of those who prized politics and power. After years of fruitfulness, wisdom, and authoritative teaching you watch Him die and […]

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