Paula has been working for A Rocha Portugal for the last 21 years on environmental education and conservation. She’s a Biology and Geology Teacher with a Master’s on Conservation Biology and a PhD in Biology with the theme of Pollination Networks. She is married to Marcial Felgueiras and they have two children, Beatriz (25) and Zé (23).

30th April 2015 | Chris Naylor | 2 comments

Postcards from the Middle East by Chris Naylor: 3. Mission impossible

It was a transformed class that reconvened under the shade of the ash tree a couple of hours later. It was like conducting an orchestra to establish the learning objectives of the lesson; the wetland provided invaluable services to the human communities of the Bekaa, it contained rare and beautiful species and it needed protection. We didn’t stop there; questions tumbled from the class all the way back to the bus.

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