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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – an agenda for the next 15 years?

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(Learn more about how A Rocha’s work supports the SDGs around the world)

On 25 September 2015, 193 nations gathered at the UN in New York to launch 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [1]. The SDGs build on a process that began with the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment and has continued via the 1992 Rio Earth Summit’s ‘Agenda 21’ and more recently the Millennium Development Goals which lasted from 2000-2015. The new SDGs will now set the global development, environmental and international political agenda for the next 15 years until 2030. The SDGs are wide-ranging and can be helpfully summarised under seven main headings [2]:

  1. Dignity and wellbeing for all: ending poverty and embracing equality for all.
  2. Life in all its fullness for all people: ensuring basic needs are met, enabling access to services, training and jobs, with a special emphasis on inclusion of all people.
  3. Just societies: enabling just and fair institutions and polices that promote justice for all.
  4. Peace: working towards sustainable peace while embracing diversity.
  5. Restoring and protecting our planet: living within planetary boundaries and ensuring recovery of ecosystems.
  6. Sustainable development: encouraging fair economic productivity within ecologically sound frameworks with a commitment towards renewable energy sources.
  7. Cooperation and partnerships: seeking the best for one another in which joint initiatives aim to enhance the common good for all in the realisation of all the SDGs.

In this blog there’s not the space to give a detailed analysis of each of the 17 goals, or of the 169 targets and 304 measurable indicators they contain! Rather, I want to suggest some pointers as Christian organizations and individuals engage with this important process.

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2 responses to “The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – an agenda for the next 15 years?”

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