Dave is Director of Theology for A Rocha International, where he works to embed creation care into international Christian organizations, theological institutions, and mission movements. His past roles with A Rocha include being an International Trustee and the co-founder of A Rocha UK (with his wife Anne). He has a PhD from Cambridge University on biblical theology and biodiversity conservation, and has contributed to many books and articles, including Planetwise, available in six languages. Born and raised in India, Dave has a love for Indian food, Indian culture and Indian Christianity. Dave is also a qualified bird-ringer and loves birding, islands, running and mountains.

31st August 2021 | Dave Bookless | 2 comments

‘Code red for humanity’: Can we, and the world, still flourish?

It is sobering to read in the IPCC report that we may reach 1.5°C temperature rise in ten years and, however fast we move to Net Zero carbon emissions, some changes, including melting ice caps and rising sea levels, will continue for thousands of years. So, how do we react, as Christians who believe God cares about creation?

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2nd August 2021 | Naomi Bosch | 4 comments

Snapshots of A Rocha: the kingdom of God is here!

‘The time has come! God’s kingdom is already here.’ (Mark 1:15) As a child growing up in church, I heard and read these words by Jesus countless times. God’s kingdom is ‘here’, it’s ‘close’, it’s ‘coming’. Yet, little did I know just how close that kingdom of God really is! Or that I would discover […]

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1st March 2021 | Darren Evans | 1 comments

Biodiversity Jenga

I have been playing “Biodiversity Jenga” for over a decade. Players take turns to remove bricks, providing me with the opportunity to talk about the ecological role of individual species, and whether they are threatened with extinction. And, as everyone knows, ultimately the whole thing will come crashing down.

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16th September 2020 | Dave Bookless | 4 comments

‘Extinction: The Facts’ – A Rocha responds in hope & action

David Attenborough’s latest BBC documentary, ‘Extinction: the facts’ makes shocking but deeply compulsive watching. Viewers have spoken of being so overwhelmed as to switch off and return later, and being moved to anger and sleeplessness. I wasn’t as depressed as many, and will come back to why.

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31st August 2020 | Dave Bookless | 0 comments

Jubilee for the Earth: new rhythms, new hopes

Between 1 September and 4 October, churches around the world will be participating in the Season of Creation. Our Director of Theology, Dave Bookless, has been on the global planning group for the past couple of years, and here he explains more about the concept and this year’s theme, ‘Jubilee for the Earth: new rhythms, new hopes.’

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