Prarthi really loves amphibians and reptiles—being particularly passionate about frogs and snakes. Curiously, however, she currently serves with the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) Singapore as a campus staffworker. As she goes about life, she desires to seek right relationships, and invite others to do likewise, wherever God has called us. If not meeting with her students or staff, you would find Prarthi either buried in a book, taking a jog, or scouting for useful reduce-to-clear groceries.

1st November 2021 | Jo Swinney | 1 comments

The whole Christmas story

Those of us with inquisitive children in our lives face a bombardment of tricky questions around Christmas time, from ‘Is Santa Claus real?’ to how exactly God and Mary made a baby together, and did the baby Jesus actually “no crying make” (as the carol Away in a Manger says)? Some of these questions make us pause as we navigate exactly what answer we wish to give our inquisitor.

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31st August 2021 | Dave Bookless | 2 comments

‘Code red for humanity’: Can we, and the world, still flourish?

It is sobering to read in the IPCC report that we may reach 1.5°C temperature rise in ten years and, however fast we move to Net Zero carbon emissions, some changes, including melting ice caps and rising sea levels, will continue for thousands of years. So, how do we react, as Christians who believe God cares about creation?

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1st March 2021 | Darren Evans | 1 comments

Biodiversity Jenga

I have been playing “Biodiversity Jenga” for over a decade. Players take turns to remove bricks, providing me with the opportunity to talk about the ecological role of individual species, and whether they are threatened with extinction. And, as everyone knows, ultimately the whole thing will come crashing down.

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