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Christie joined the A Rocha Canada team as Vice President, Advancement, in January 2016, but has been a friend of the organization since 2001 when she took a class at Regent College with Peter and Miranda Harris, founders of A Rocha. She has over ten years of experience in fundraising, mixed with a personal interest in food systems and a healthy dose of creation-care theology gained at Regent College. Christie lives in South Surrey with her filmmaker husband and their three little girls.

5th February 2014 | Dave Bookless | 9 comments

Walking the talk: Living with integrity in a disintegrating world

In a disintegrating world we tend to live disintegrated lifestyles, with beliefs, values, and lifestyle choices in separate compartments. This can lead to a huge guilt trip. In ecological terms I know I’m hypocritical. But guilt doesn’t help. Instead, here are some positive suggestions… and I’m speaking to myself here.

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